White and Christian Nations Produce Liberty

Hey White Christian men and women, I’ve been quiet for a while — that life stuff never stops. My musings on “liberty” and “freedom” comes down to this:
Who are you?

You are not liberty and you are not freedom.
You are a White and Christian.
That is your primary identity, blood and faith.

That is what we build on, that is who we are.
Liberty and freedom are byproducts of that.

We are ill-advised to make the byproducts of our identity the focus of our efforts.
Build strong White and Christians nations, and the liberty in Christ will be there.


Q: Can Black Christians build a nation of liberty? Can Asian Christians build a nation of liberty? What about multi-cultural Christian nationalism? Does that work?

A: The order of the Creator was to separate the races geographically and allow them to seek the Saviour of mankind.  God hates multi-cultural empires and thus he destroyed Babel,  This is the story of Genesis 11 and Genesis 12.   We are ill advised to build multicultural empires when the Almighty worked to destroy them. His Nation was racially/ethnically homogenous and left the Egyptian empire to form their own Christian Ethno-Nation in their own land with contiguous borders. That is the model. I cannot advise anything different.

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