Traitors, Trannies, and Jews

Satan’s #1 power is deception, including over God’s people.
People, like Eve, are deceived because there is something in the deception they covet.
But, like Eve, they have no excuse for deception: Eve could have trusted what Adam told her and the Church today could trust what the Scriptures say.

Just because someone calls themselves a Jew does not mean they are the biological descendants of Jacob/Israel.  (Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9) How is it that the Church can recognize the lies of the trannies, but accepts the lies of anyone who calls themselves a Jew?

Origin of the hatred against Christendom (the White Race)
Seed of the Woman (the Church in Jesus Christ) and the Seed of the Serpent (the devil’s children, the Jews, John 8:44)

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