Three Percenters and Civil War

Three Percenters and Civil War

  • Part One: Will the pronoun-confused, blue-haird tri-sexuals be pushovers in a Civil War? I think not.
  • The Fact of a post-Constitutional regime ruling over America: where are those who swore the oath to protect from domestic enemies?
  • The invasion of the United States, aided and abetted byby Biden and his Cabinet, and brought more invaders into this country than the population of seventeen of our states.
  • Where is the resistance?
  • Part Two: The AWOL forces in the current civil war.  The Christians and the Pastors are AWOL.

    Black Robed Regiment of the Revolutionary War
  • Revelation 3:16.
  • No rapture — you are not escaping what is coming — it’s for our own good (and gold).

LTC Steven Murray with Matt Bracken and others, as referred to in this podcast.


Fritz Berggren, PhD

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