Philosophical Foundation for Christian Nationalism


This short Essay is broken down into Two parts, the first is philosophical, laying a foundation of logic. The second part is about Christian nationalism. They are related in that, in Marxist terms, the superstructure (philosophy) is required to understand the base (the biological reality). Marxist (or atheist or post-modern) philosophy is utterly unable to resist Christian philosophy when we simply turn their own weapons upon them while adhering to Biblical theology.

There is no religiously neutral path to a free and prosperous society, one we imagine existed in earlier times in America. Moral or political neutrality simply does not exist. The discussion of “Christian nationalism” is critical in this context.


One cannot fight “communism”or whatever conception of evil you prefer, with neutrality. They — the antichrists — have succeeded because they have forced so-called conservatives to seek a “neutral ground” to fight from. That is immediately a losing position for “conservative” thinkers — they have a very shallow intellectual ability to resist. This is a fact proven by the condition of our post-Christian societies.

The “conservative” position of resisting multi-culturalism, resisting communism, resisting moral depravity (homosexuality), and the destruction of the family, breaks down without an intellectual superstructure based upon Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Because “conservatives” have rejected and explicitly Christin order, they have rejected their one intellectual tool to resist evil. Once one adopts Jesus Christ and His Word, we cease to be “conservative” and become, rather, explicitly Christian evangelists. This is the way.

Neutrality, at its core, is the explicit rejection of Jesus Christ. This extends to the Word of God; a rejection of the Word of God destroys the foundation of resistance to the antichrists. There are no communists, no Jews, no atheists, no homosexuals: there are only Christians and antichrists. This is the foundation of understanding our predicament, one that the Church itself has rejected in its yearning to be “friends with the world.” We have, in fact, joined the vast fraternity of Judas Iscariot, who took the name of Christ in vain.

While modern secularists claim to be more enlightened than, say, Aztecs who enslaved and sacrificed their neighbors, our society embraces human sacrifice through Abortion. We are equally wicked. The grooming of children into sexual destruction (like occurred in Sodom) is as odious as any human activity in history.

Promoting homosexulity is the rape of the mind.

Promoting homosexuality is the rape of the mind.

Tolerance of homosexuality in a society is the tolerance of child sexual abuse. Sodomy spreads by direct physical rape or the raping of the mind. In a Christian society, sex is a requirement within marriage between one man and one woman who have oathed themselves to each other publicly (Marriage); children as the product, the base of human society. This biological base must be supplemented with a superstructure of Biblical literacy.

The rejection of the Holy Scriptures is not a leap toward liberty, for all societies have a superstructure. AntiChrist societies simply adopt a different (non-Biblical) body of literature which will be authoritative in that country. That body of literature may be disguised as “knowledge,” but one ought immediately respond that the Bible, too, is “knowledge.”

“Secularists” may insists that their literature is “just theories,” but what is the difference if they are, in fact, the underlying truth’s that policy makers and citizens base their decisions upon? There is no difference — it is the guiding literature (superstructure) of their social organization.

Modern secularists refuse to commit “truth” because, at the core, the existence of a transcendental “truth” IS the ultimate authority. This obviously is why Jesus Christ is described as The Word of God, and Truth Incarnate in the Bible. Jesus Christ is both Truth and Authority.

Stating that “truth” exists is stating that authority exists. We are all responsibly to that truth/authority if it exists. This is why modern antichrist man rejects claims of universal “truth,” and yet ambitiosly claims a local truth (such as “antisemitism is bad”) in order to manipulate others. They are liars and deceiver like their father, the devil.

The logically self-destructive position of rejecting Universal Truth is apparent: A man who stamps his feet and shouts “there is no truth!” is in that very moment stating a truth; this method is intellectual suicide, and the rejection of logic and rationality without which one ceases to intellectually exist.

Language itself (these words) compels logic and rationality — for the thinking man there is no alternative to language — and hence to logic and rationality.

For the antichrist thinker, it is all about power and self aggrandizement at any expense to others. They are excellent rhetoricians, but shallow intellectuals. They, like the Pharisees and Scribes, merely manipulate words to their benefit. This is the heart of satanism — this is his way.

Christian Nationalism:

Christian Nationalism is composed of two parts, blood and faith.

The Christian portion — the faith — is the acceptance of a body of literature (the Bible) as that “superstructure” which should guide one’s morality, public policy, laws and philosophical inquiry, including fields such as biology. Specifically, the Ten Commandments become the bedrock of law and morality — the superstructure.


The Nationalism portion — the blood — is a people of common biological descent with a common language, history and customs (superstructure) in a geographical contiguous area not shared with foreign nations. This is the biological base.

Nationalism is the model laid out in Genesis 10 — ethnically homogenous nations. Empires — the inverse of nations — are ethnically and culturally “diverse,” or non-homogenous. They tend toward tyranny and are, per Genesis 11, anti-Christ. All Christians are required to oppose that which God Himself destroyed (Babel, Genesis 11).

Those rejecting Christian Ethno-nationalism are in fact advocating another Babel which explicitly rejects Jesus Christ is Lord. No “Christian” can take this position unless he, like Judas Iscariot, is a traitor. Friendship with the world of Babel is enmity toward God (James 4:4).


This is the crisis we face — the destruction of a previously (more-or-less) homogenous White, Christian and English speaking people by the invasion of non-Christians, non-Whites, and non-English speaking people. This process IS the re-establishment of a new Babel, be it in North America or Europe (or its children).

The reason the European population alone is targeted for genocide is precisely its Christian nature. Satan (and his children) will always target the Christian, whether they be in the villages of Africa, the universities of China, or the civilization of Christendom.

First they target the superstructure of Christendom — the Bible. the Bible is the literary foundation (superstructure) of society. Then they target the biological base of Christianity — the White race. The destruction they seek is total.

Christian nations: superstructure and base, blood and faith. This is the way.

The preservation of the White race is the preservation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this world. It was through the White race alone that loyalty to Christ has spreads. With the destruction of the White race and there shall be no ultimate defender of the Kingdom of God that can resist Satan’s evil children — this is their goal, however slightly hidden this agenda may be.

Every Christian must resist Satan’s invasions by rebuilding Christian Ethno-nations, base and supertructure. There is no other way.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
4 January 2023

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