Democracy? Do What Satan Hates

President Biden takes Saul Alinsky’s (the Jew) “Rules For Radicals” and applies them to his speeches: accuse Trump supporters of doing what he himself is doing — undermining Democracy.

If democracy has any meaning at all, it has to mean that “we the people” determine our laws, our policies, and our rules of life. Nothing could be further from the truth in America today. Below are a few policies Americans have had no say in:

1) Removing the Ten Commandments from our public schools.
2) Outlawing prayer “in the Name of Jesus Christ.”
3) Homosexual marriage.
4) Open border — mass invasion
5) “DEI” policies, which are essentially anti-White.
6) War in the Ukraine
7) Agenda 2030
8) Mandatory COVID vaccines
9) Usury — which is illegal in the Bible.

The idea that “we the people” have any meaningful say in our own government is ludicrous and the Church has surrendered to this reality.

The Christian Church has either wholesale abandoned Jesus Christ — churches flying the Homosexual Flag — or it is well down that path. The “Evangelical” church has largely ceded all claims that “Jesus Christ is Lord” other that in some theoretical “inner life.” This, too, is treason against the claims of the Lord of every nation. Our job is to bring discipline to the nations, not act as a junior partner in handing over society to the antichrists.

The church plays to Satan as the Republican Party plays to the Democrats — both offering token resistance that justifies the “system.” Winning means accepting defeat while waving a little flag or Cross. That’s the Church — and we are proud of it. So sad.

Jews hate White Christians.

One can hope that the abysmal state of our White and Christian nations ought  be enough to wake up Whites and the wake up the Church. It is not happening fast enough. They (the antichrists) are going for the kill — outlawing speech and anyone who dares raise their head against their lies until all vestiges for orthodoxy and the White race are eliminated.

If you or your church has not been kicked off Twitter, banned from Youtube, excoriated in the press at Antisemitic, condemned as racist xenophobes, or spit upon as “homophobic propagators of hate,” then you’ve accepted your place as a supplicant to the Beast and the antichrist.

An anti-christ society (which American now is) does not produce a good yield of souls. Young men and women have their innocence destroyed at a time when they should be open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But when our government schools ridicule the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Word, when evil (homosexuality) is called good  and Good (the Bible) is called racist and sexist and antisemitic the field is indeed rocky, barren and desolate.

When the youth are sent to schools (by their parents) told that they are mere by-products of time and chance, who will they believe? Thje preacher on Sunday mornings, if their parents even go do church? Or the teachers in the schools they attend five days a week?

The church has failed to care for the field. Why? Because it is “too hard” — they might call us dirty names and we can’t handle that.

In a Christian nation, the children are taught that the were created in the image of God, that the Ten Commandments are God’s eternal law, that marriage and raising children is the perfect goal of mankind (with no shortcuts in the process). Then our societies flourish and it is a very natural process to lead our youth to Salvation in Jesus Christ.

But because the Church has abandoned the field to the birds of the air, there is no harvest.

It is a heavy lift — to repent of our surrender is to utterly reject the antichrists’s moral demands up on us. His morality (the antichrist is a corporate entity — not a handsome devil in a nice suit with a couple of horns) says don’t be “racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, intolerant, divisive, Islamophobic or antisemitic.” With this as the accepted code of morality, there is nothing they cannot force upon us including Tranny story hour in gradeshchool and genocide for Whites. This is reality in America today and the church remains frozen in fear (at best)  or truly have become friends of the world (James 4:4)

Evangelism does not mean engaging in activities approved by the anti-christ. Resistance means opening our mouths and defying the antichrists to their face, even at the cost of our lives. This is the minimum standard for Christians.

If the antichrist Jews are not howling for your destruction, then you have surrendered.

There is no easy road back to a whole and healthy church or White nation. It is a road of hatred from the antichrists every step of the way.

Our mission: Explicitly Christian (the Ten Commandments) ethno-nations around the world. My specific mission field is for my own White race. I love the White race (Romans 9:3).

White and Christian identities are what Satan fears the most, and that is why his children (the Jews — John 8:44) and his synagogue (Rev 3:9) are laser focused on the corruption of Christian theology and the destruction of the Children of Christendom. The White race has been, for the last two thousand years, the keepers of the Vineyard (Matthew 21:43). I intend to keep it that way.

In blood and faith,

Fritz Berggren, PhD
January 5, Anno Domini 2023

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