A Candid Discussion on Genocide Against White Christian Races

In the latest episode of our podcast, our speaker Fritz Berggren unfolds a compelling narrative about what he outlines as an unaddressed crisis – a genocide against white Christian races. Through a vivid exploration of historical events, Berggren suggests a systematic plot to wipe out white Christians from their homeland, which he believes started with the Muslim and African invasions in Southern Europe around 700 AD.

He delves into mob politics, demystifying what he identifies as a coterie of powerful bodies manipulating global systems while playing the victim card. Berger criticizes governments for their alleged role in supporting this inequity and labels significant political figures within America and Europe as ‘traitors’ to their nations.

The Bible and history forms the bedrock of Berggren discourse. Drawing upon the Scriptures, he seeks to elucidate his interpretations about the modern Jews – a notion that they are impostors and part of an anti-Christian alliance supportive of an alleged genocidal agenda.

By injecting strong emotions amid the charged racial tensions, Berggren administers a rallying cry to the White Christian community for vigilance and action. He dares to cross controversial lines, particularly involving his denunciation of Jewish Christians, whom he challenges to align with his scriptural perspectives.

The final tone of the episode is a passionate call to arms. Berggren, foreseeing a state of civil war, insists on defending and repossessing the Christian heritage and values against what he believes is a massive onslaught against European Christians.

(PS: The above was 99% written by AI after listening to the podcast.  Very interesting!)

Fritz Berggren, PHD

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