Crossing the Rubicon

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How Pastors can find peace.

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In this gripping episode, Fritz Bergen audaciously rattles the cages of conventional Christian ideologies. Taking a sledgehammer to topics frequently swept under the ecclesiastic carpet, Bergen invites a dialogue previously deemed too controversial for mainstream Christianity.

With a foundation grounded in scripture, Bergen critiques the shackles placed upon Christian speech including a prevalence of political disengagement and a reticence to discuss the dynamic between Christians and Jews. Referencing the original provocateurs of the faith, Jesus Christ and the apostles, he highlights their defiance of such restrictive norms.

Reexamining the multi-faceted role of Jesus Christ, Berggren calls Him the “monarch” and “lawgiver”, emphasizing the relevant facets of adherence to the Ten Commandments within an increasingly dismissive society.

Not one to shy away from controversy, Berggren directly confronts the Church for its silence on White genocide, and pinpoints fears of the rising Antichrist. Unsettling yet thought-provoking, this episode beckons listeners to reevaluate possibly misguided narratives within Christianity that have gone unquestioned and unchallenged for too long.

Delving further into contentious biblical references, Berggren draws significant attention to topics of race and politics. He warns of remaining silent on issues that Jesus Christ himself deemed important enough to address.

Highlighting the pervasiveness of political correctness within the Church, Berggren encourages Christian leaders to veer away from this path, underlining the value in stirring dialogues around controversial scriptures over silent acquiescence. Despite societal pressures or fluctuating political landscapes, he calls upon Christians to uphold biblical truths. This profound sermon serves as an impactful critique of the Church’s contemporary societal role, and a compelling call to action for believers.

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Fritz Berggren


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