CW2 and You

In this thought-provoking episode, Fritz Bergen from, opens up about the seemingly disintegrated relationship between the federal government and the citizens of the United States. He expounds on the theory that a second U.S. Civil War began with the involvement of BLM and Antifa and the politicians who allowed violent protests to go unchecked. His claim is that the alliance between citizens and their government, which is the basis of democracy, has been broken.

Fritz tackles the ongoing national issues concerning illegal immigration, which he views not as a humanitarian crisis, but a political and military invasion initiated by the Biden administration. He critiques the government’s dismissive attitude towards the people’s consent and challenges the legitimacy of a government that disregards the Constitution—the blueprint of modern American democracy.

Fritz focuses particularly on the role of Texas Governor, Abbott, in standing against the federal government. Drawing parallels between Abbott and the biblical figure of Joseph of Arimathea, Berggren provides a glimmer of hope in this bleak political scenario—the rise of those who value honor, truth, and the true essence of democracy.

In an impassioned conclusion, Fritz calls the American people, especially pastors and churches, to step up, voice out, and force positive change. He highlights the urgent need for definitive decisions rather than remaining grey bystanders. He stresses that the Constitution and federal agreements can only hold if all parties involved respect and adhere to them.

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