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2 Thessalonians

To whom are the Epistle’s sent? Europeans. For whom is peace prayed? Not that dusty city. What is the proof of our Christianity? Suffering for His Name’s sake. What is the great delusion? Listen and find out. Who is this … Continue reading

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Mexican Cartels and AWOL Preachers

Mexican cartels coming north. Invasion is on purpose. Government’s side with Cartels to hold or take power. AI and CBDCs will crush all dissent; analog Preachers are the response.  But where are they? They have surrendered to the Beast, the … Continue reading

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Man of Lawlessness

Looking at 2 Thessalonians 2:1:12, the man and spirit of lawlessness, the great falling away, the antichrist, the 666.  Are we not living in this age?  Rebellious and arrogant man has set himself up against the Almighty.  If we can’t … Continue reading

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Ten Commandments are for Nation-States Today

Comment on Putin’s interview — history matters. Satan’s long term plan to remove the Scriptures from society has paid him rich dividends. The Ten Commandments as eternal. They were given to a specific nation and that nation (as a whole … Continue reading

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How To Die A Happy Man

The exceedingly great lies being told today. The nature of multi-cultural empires and their natural rulers. The Unforgivable Sin. Why the White Man has left Jesus Christ. How to die a happy man. Fritz Berggren, PHD

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What Kind of Country Do You Want?

 What kind of country do you want for your grandchildren? The current illegitimate government in Washington, DC. The duty to rebel agains domestic enemies of the Constitution. The current Beast and Antichrist: the absolute duty to rebel. How to … Continue reading

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Aftershow: Race War

Part Two of Ethno-Nationalism, focus on the White race, the Christian race. King David had ruddy skin and beautiful eyes — He was White. Jesus Christ as the Son of David. The first public act of Moses was to engage … Continue reading

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Christian Duty To Embrace Ethno-Nationalism

Explaining the Christian duty to resist globalization and embrace racial loyalty. Reviewing Genesis 10 and 11. Comparing the old Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-8) with Babylon the Great (Revelation 18) Ethno-nationalism is the natural anti-body to global tyranny.

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The Meaning of Blood & Faith

(My Summary): The Meaning of Blood and Faith in contrast with secular assumptions of that misguide the Church.  Bonus: Contrast between Iceland and Haiti. (AI’s Summary:) In this illuminating episode, Fritz Berggren from directs attention towards the widely ignored … Continue reading

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Crossing the Rubicon

My description: How Pastors can find peace. The AI’s description: In this gripping episode, Fritz Bergen audaciously rattles the cages of conventional Christian ideologies. Taking a sledgehammer to topics frequently swept under the ecclesiastic carpet, Bergen invites a dialogue previously … Continue reading

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