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Why Do Christians Seek Approval From Anti-Christs?

  • Presuppositions — we ALL argue from faith, and bodies of literature; mine are the Hebrew and Greek writings.
  • The cult promotes institutional child abuse.
  • The mantra of the current global cult is “Diversity is Our Strength.”
  • Matthew 1o: Jesus —  not a good little Judeo-Christian
  • Why do Christians yearn for approval from the anti-Christs?
  • Jesus: “Do not think I came to bring peace on the earth.”

Fritz Berggren, PhD
14 November 2020

The Demon-God of Diversity

There was a belief, once, that like people ought rule themselves.  But we abandoned that idea to worship the god of diversity.  Supposedly newly arrived Somalians are supposedly as “American” as a  New Mexican family whose ancestry is traced back to Christian Spaniards arriving  in the 1500s.  Ditto for the descendants of the Mayflower or those whose ancestor fought on either side of the first Civil War.

Have we learned nothing from the problem of importing entirely foreign peoples into European Christian lands?  Four hundred years of Blacks and Whites in North America and there exists an industry, not the heal the rift, to make  permanent the guilt. They serve the God of Diversity who really is nothing more than a god of chaos, war, anger and enmity.

We abandoned, over the generations, the belief that our ancestors were good.  Their Christian faith is banned from the public sphere and our education institutions deride the colonists.  Their cherished values that have been inverted into modern social sins (racist, sexist, homophobic, queer phobic, transphobic, xenophobic, Islamo-phobic, intolerant, divisive and anti-Semitic).     

There is no longer a universal “us.”  The acquisition citizenship does not create a mystical bond of fraternity that healthy nations require.  We are a hodgepodge of nations  largely guided by heritage Christians of European descent who joined a cult of self debasement.  These heritage Christians, European, address their “sins” by hating their own bloodline as they worship at the altar of “Diversity. ”  

No one owes another man self-abasement.  This new demon-god called Diversity demands that European man alone renounce his ancestors, his Savior, and his land  and his identity. Continue reading