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The Nature and Character of Jesus Christ

If “no man has seen the Father,” to whom did Moses and the Patriarchs and the prophets see? The nature and character of Jesus Christ (from the Gospel of Saint Luke).

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Spiderman: The Mixing of Kinds

The Global cult uses “entertainment” as evangelists, and the movie, Spiderman, advances their false salvation through the “mixing of kinds,” which the Holy Scripture forbids.

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The Demon-God of Diversity

There was a belief, once, that like people ought rule themselves.  But we abandoned that idea to worship the god of diversity.  Supposedly newly arrived Somalians are supposedly as “American” as a  New Mexican family whose ancestry is traced back … Continue reading

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People are Content in Slavery

People are content in slavery. They are told what to do. They are provided for. They have an excuse for their condition and lack of ambition. Slavery remains a condition of the world.  The current “slavery” racket has nothing to … Continue reading

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