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History & Miscalculation

Wars may begin by miscalculation and misunderstanding. Civil wars, too. Wars of religion did not end centuries ago — our secular world is highly religious and all the more so because their faith is so great that they do not … Continue reading

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Covid, Genocide, and Preparing for What’s Coming

 Covid and the Jab Genocide is real — from the French Revolution to PolPot, Stalin, Mao and coming soon for the “irredeemables,” “deplorables,” “facists,” “antivaxxers,” “white supremecists,” etc. What they call you signals what they intend to do with … Continue reading

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Podcast: Prepping, Civil Discord, War with China For five years I’ve privately shared my fears of a Civil War and Global War. It’s 2021 and the trend toward both continues. Examples of the civil discord. Prepping — it’s all about the mind. And War with China … Continue reading

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War, Confusion, Infrastructure and Trends

Reflections on the resilience (or fragility) of our system. Nuclear War and International Trends Critical infrastructure not so easy to hide these days. Overwhelming people with panic so they stop wanting to know anything.

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