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What is Abortion?

Abortion is the sacrifice of woman’s first born child to Satan. There is no difference between modern abortion and the ancient practice of burning children alive to Molech/Satan.

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SCOTUS/Abortion: The Wisest Possible Course

The leaked SCOTUS decision is the wisest possible course given the fractious nature of our society. It does not make abortion illegal; it turns the decision back to the States where it lay before Roe V. Wade in 1973. We … Continue reading

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Splitting the Baby

Leaked Supreme Court paper on Abortion. This does not make abortion illegal, it sends the decision to the States. This is the wisest possible decision given the fractious nature of our society. The decision may apply to homosexual marriage, the … Continue reading

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Podcast: Honor Jesus Christ

Updates on bloodandfaith.com Abortion and making the devil mad. How do you know when the devil is mad? When seed are mad. The first commandment is to honor Jesus Christ!

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Abortion: The Sacrifice of the First Born Child to Satan

Abortion: — a religious rite, a holocaust, an offering by fire — the sacrifice of the first-born child to Satan. This National religious rite (held in common between America and China) is the sacrifice of the first born child to … Continue reading

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