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Man of Lawlessness

Looking at 2 Thessalonians 2:1:12, the man and spirit of lawlessness, the great falling away, the antichrist, the 666.  Are we not living in this age?  Rebellious and arrogant man has set himself up against the Almighty.  If we can’t … Continue reading

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What Kind of Country Do You Want?

 What kind of country do you want for your grandchildren? The current illegitimate government in Washington, DC. The duty to rebel agains domestic enemies of the Constitution. The current Beast and Antichrist: the absolute duty to rebel. How to … Continue reading

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Grovelling Before the Antichrist

Groveling Before the Antichrist; how the Christian church became the “Judeo-Christian” church. Replacing scripture with “precepts.” https://www.brighteon.com/5692607c-1518-4648-b195-763a41a4ff0d

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Fire Your Pastor!

It is time to create a rebellion — a rebellion against church leaders who grovel before the Jew. Jews are hostile to all mankind (1 Thes 2:15), Jews are the children of the devil (John 8:44), Jews are identity theives … Continue reading

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How To Know When The Church Gets Serious

Enemy of the State. They mock your weakness. How come we don’t have 10,000 Pastors in prison already? Pretending that the Antichrist does not already rule. The Star of the god Rompha: Acts 7:43.

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The Apostasy

The Apostasy in Christendom (Europe) is virtually complete, having begun with the French and English “Enlightenment.”  This is a call to burn down the works of the devil and resurrect distinct and explicitly Christian ethno-states. Recognize the “Man of Lawlessness” … Continue reading

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Simple Truths

Jews are the synagogue of Satan and the devil’s children according to Jesus Christ (John 8:44, Rev 3:9, Rev 2:9). Jews are the murderers of the prophets, murdered the Messiah, prevent men from hearing the Gospel and getting saved, and … Continue reading

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The Beast

 Daniel and Revelation talk about beasts. Beasts are not animals crawling up out of a lake, they are powerful geopolitical entities — empires. https://www.brighteon.com/6f9227bb-0fc8-4515-aa14-2fa11d5a1ba0 https://rumble.com/v3eps6h-beasts.html

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 Antichrist; a discussion based on 1 John and 2 John. https://rumble.com/v3ejye1-antichrist.html https://www.brighteon.com/54986e33-fe6c-4fdf-b092-49d9ca9f98f1

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Worshipping on the Plain of Dura

 Worshipping on the Plain of Dura. Who is the liar? Are we “all Americans?” The beast and the controller of the beast. https://www.brighteon.com/ae487751-aa9e-4542-8aed-c539677711ca https://rumble.com/v33mj5j-worshipping-on-the-plain-of-dura.html

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