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Review of Bible Project Podcast on Adam & Eve

Someone recommended I listen to a podcast by the “Bible Project” on the topic of evolution, and so I did.

The hosts of the Bible Project interviewed a credentialed scientist — a scholar with a PhD — who wrote a book that reconciled (in the Author’s mind) “science” and the “Bible,” specifically the part about Adam and Eve. Essentially, he argued, there is no conflict between “science,” which he presumes is the truth, and the Bible. And he succeeded demonstrating that it is entirely plausible that all humans on earth today had two common ancestors who the Bible calls Adam and Eve.

His approach had to do with DNA and genetics. They inserted the presupposition that after Adam and Eve left the garden, they inter-bred with other already existing humans and their (Adam and Eve’s) genes are present in all of us to some extent, even if in very small quantities.

Left at that, I think the scientist/guest succeeded in demonstrating his proposition — that two people (Adam and Eve) could possibly have provided the some genetic material to all current humans.


However, it seems to me that this approach created more problems than it solved. Continue reading