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Covid, Genocide, and Preparing for What’s Coming

 Covid and the Jab Genocide is real — from the French Revolution to PolPot, Stalin, Mao and coming soon for the “irredeemables,” “deplorables,” “facists,” “antivaxxers,” “white supremecists,” etc. What they call you signals what they intend to do with … Continue reading

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Religious Exemption to Covid “Vaccination”

The following is from the religious accommodation request I submitted to my employer: 1. Please describe the nature of your objection to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement. I have a fundamental religious objection to any person or entity demanding that I … Continue reading

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Covid Vax Requirement Means . . . What?

What, exactly, is the “vaccine requirement?” The observable truth is that it changes every month. One jab. Two jabs. Now with a booster shot. Vax loses effect after six months. Boosters every six months? Will Covid change (yes)? So the … Continue reading

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Left and Right Unite: Defeat Vaccine Passports

Over the years I have explored what the Left and Right have in common — there is more that one would think, at first glance.  Here is a perfect example: Jewish, Female, Feminist, Democrat Naomi Wolf excoriates the case for … Continue reading

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