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Against Judeo-Christianity

As the world abandoned the Light and Life of the Word of God, Jesus Christ, it has descended into darkness and insanity. No where is this more apparent that in American public schools where child abuse is institutionalized — the unspeakable horror of training children to accept homosexuality and the changing of sex and gender is cruelty against our most innocent.  Why should this nation continue? 

How did we get here? We  abandoned the  Scriptures. We thought were were smarter than God. We didn’t like what God said in His Word, so we took it, twisted it, and invented our own precepts and traditions.  

Yes, this is what the Jews did.  They were given the Law of God and yet chose to reject it.  Ditto for Europeans — they were Christendom.  And they accepted the leaven of the Pharisees, subverting the truth.  We have lies, now, for doctrine, just as the Jews replaced the light of the prophets with the darkness of their man-made traditions.

The European “Christians” who led us down the path of poison are long dead, now.  They will face their judgement.   Those of us remaining must recognize the wrong imposed upon us and return to the faith of our Fathers — we must return to the Truth.

That begins with History. Continue reading