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Fritz Berggren: A Personal Journey

How did Fritz Berggren arrive at the place he is today? Fritz Berggren, not a brave man. The evangelical church and irreversible commitments. Does the church even like Jesus Christ? Fritz Berggren, PhD www.bloodandfaith.com

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Who Must Change?

My goal, my mission, is to convince Evangelicals that something is amiss in their theology. In a very real sense, Evangelicals have invented a new religion that is at odds with the Jesus Christ of the Holy Scriptures. I have … Continue reading

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Evangelical Christians Made A Pact with Satan’s Synagogue

Recording of a live feed. It is time to question everything. Proverbs should be read aloud at the beginning of every day in our public school classrooms. When children are targeted with LGBTQ, the end is nigh (reference Gen 19:4-5). … Continue reading

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Against Judeo-Christianity

As the world abandoned the Light and Life of the Word of God, Jesus Christ, it has descended into darkness and insanity. No where is this more apparent that in American public schools where child abuse is institutionalized — the … Continue reading

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