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Flat Earth, Moon Landing, Deception, and Fear

Flat Earth, Moon Landing, Deception, and Fear

The truth is, people don’t reject the “flat earth,” or the “moon landing hoax” because the arguments are unreasonable; rather, they are afraid.  They are afraid of being shunned. They are afraid of being called a fool or ignorant.  They fear rejection from their peers. It has NOTHING to do with lack of evidence, and everything to do with ignorance, indoctrination, deception and, when faced with evidence, fear of rejection.

And yet there is one other explanation: once people “go there,” it becomes impossible to reject a Creator, and men are then forced to consider accountability to their Maker and that is just something man refuses to do. Therefore, they choose to believe the lie.


Satan is the Deceiver. He deceives nations.

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Flat Earth? Things That Make You Go, “Huh.”

Flat Earth? Things That Make You Go, “Huh.”

This is a little different, but I’m enjoying it. Call it intellectual curiosity.

Am I a “flat earther?”  Not yet, but I’m smart enough to know that I can’t just trust what the religious leaders (University Professors) of the Global Cult tell me.

I do not believe in evolution; evolution is not natural selection.  Evolution means that entropy works in reverse, and that life comes from non-life.  Neither are tenable positions, IMO.

Furthermore, the evidence —  what we call can see and touch and feel — fits into a creation scenario combined with a global flood.  Same evidence the “evolutionist” sees, but interpreted in different ways.

For example, were the layers laid down in the Grand Canyon the result of millions of years of slow accumulation?  Or did it happen quickly in a global catastrophic flood?  Did a tiny (relative to, say, the Columbia or Nile) river gradually carve out the valley over millions of years?  Or was there a geological catastrophe where the North American continent suddenly thrust up (or the ocean basins dropped) and thousands of cubic miles of water rushed off in a geological instant, thus carving the canyon?  Same evidence, different interpretations.

How does a tree grow through millions of years of sediment?

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