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The Enemy, The Jew

 The enemies of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in the Bible, are the Jews. Modern “Christians” have inverted what the Bible teaches and falsely proclaim Jews as God’s chosen people.  This is the opposite of what the … Continue reading

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Who Must Change?

My goal, my mission, is to convince Evangelicals that something is amiss in their theology. In a very real sense, Evangelicals have invented a new religion that is at odds with the Jesus Christ of the Holy Scriptures. I have … Continue reading

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State of the World (Part 2) and The Rock

State of the World: Drive toward and international bureaucracy that controls the world “for our own good.” Suppression of ideas by government agencies and the Tech Giants. Government invented crimes in order to demonize large sections of society. U.S. police … Continue reading

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Message to Preachers and the Rest of Us

There is is something inside of you that wants to come out. Stop fighting it. Now is the greatest opportunity you will ever have in your life to open up and say those things burning in your heart.

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Sunday Sermon: Acts 14-18

Acts 14 through Acts 18. Paul spreads the good news and the Jews undermine the Gospel.

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Interview: “Fritz, Are You a Nazi?”

Q: Why are you picking on the Jews? A (Fritz Berggren): I’m not — I’m picking on the Christians.  Christians have a very fervent dogma about the Jews that contradicts what Jesus says in the Gospels.  As you’ve read on … Continue reading

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John 15-19. Jesus as Monarch Over Every Nation

Fritz Berggren, PhD 21 January 2021

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Why European Man Must Care

I’ve note here and here  how most people, most of the time, are perfectly content to live under a totalitarian system, being told what to do, what to say, what not to say, burdened, at best, with a system of … Continue reading

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