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What Kind of Country Do You Want?

 What kind of country do you want for your grandchildren? The current illegitimate government in Washington, DC. The duty to rebel agains domestic enemies of the Constitution. The current Beast and Antichrist: the absolute duty to rebel. How to … Continue reading

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Fire Your Congregation!

Continuing on the theme of Rebellion. The illegitimacy of a rogue governments and our duty to defy them. Pastors caught between two sets of laws — God’s Laws and Satan’s Laws.  They try to keep both and as a result … Continue reading

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Call For Rebellion

We need a slave rebellion. FACT: We are tax and debt slaves with no say in our laws or policies. Tolerant, Diverse, and multicultural societies do not exist except as a marketing ploy. The upside is huge, if we are … Continue reading

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Join the Rebellion

This is a recruiting drive for the rebellion — I am a recruiter on behalf of Rebel Leader One. I don’t offer you an easy path — it is dangerous. What I offer is of greater glory that the French … Continue reading

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Message from Rebel Leader One

Message from Rebel Leader One. He has dealt with these Totalitarians before. Rebel Leader One has give us our marching orders. It is time to move out. Fritz Berggren, PhD Bloodandfaith.com Christmas Eve 2020

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