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Homosexuality and Civil War

Homosexuality and Civil War

Worthless homosexual men sought to rape a good man, reveals Judges 19. Instead they raped and murdered his young lady.

The man sought justice and got none.  His kin demanded justice and the Tribe of Benjamin ignored them.

What did Benjamin say? Perhaps, “it’s under investigation,” “it is a local matter,” “the Authorities are handling it,” “we will let you know if we find anything,” “we cannot comment regarding ongoing investigations.”

The other tribes had a choice — submission to lies, or, deal with the corruption in their midst.

Had the rest of Israel not gone to war against Benjamin, that sodomy would have infected all the tribes.  They made the right choice.

Americans are facing a hard choice now and, so far,  the righteous have chosen to cower “let the Authorities handle it.” We choose the easy choice — we’d rather “switch than fight,” to twist a line from an old cigarette commercial.

The end result of tolerating homosexuality has been discovered: An America in which little children are groomed to be homosexuals and trannies in government schools at their parents expense.  In Sodom, the young and old alike sought to rape the innocent.  This is the end state.

America, to this day, refuses to grant justice to the girls (and boys) who were kidnapped and raped by the Jews and their wealthy and powerful clients on Epstein Island.   

All of us will be punished, like Sodom and Gomorrah, because even the pulpits remain silent.  This does not go away.  There is no easy solution.

The future is a destruction like Sodom’s, or a Civil War.  In America’s case, I suspect we will have the worst of both.

We have only difficult choices.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
7 Novermbrer 2023

Faggotry and Judgment

Faggotry and Judgment

They call us “transphobic.” They call us “homophobic.”
We gave them respect.
We deferred to their proclivities by being politely quiet and adopting their preferred nomenclature — “gay” — because we don’t like conflict and want to get along. Live and let live.

What did that get us? Hatred; and now they are after our children. They demand complete acceptance of trannies and homos as perfectly normal, just as normal as water is wet.

There are generations of children whose lives will be destroyed if we don’t stand up and say yell out loud — “you are a bunch of disgusting perverts who want to destroy innocent children and we are going to stand in your way.”

There has to be a reaction. The children of this generation have a right to expect the older generation to protect them, not prey on them, not rape them, not sexually and psychologically destroy them.

Our obsequiousness in the face of evil has allowed children to be destroyed. We have cloaked our coward in nice sounding words like “tolerance,” and “differences.” Because we gave in, now the fight is harder.

Everyone refers to the appeasement of Hitler by British Prime Minister Chamberlin in the 1930s as a root cause of the Second World War. That appeasement more recently was used to justify an aggressive war against Sadam Hussain.

The church has been the biggest appeasers of all. Allowing faggotry to grow destroyed millions of truly innocent children — all because of our silence and cowardice. And there is no going back for those children. We were not there to protect them.

Now we must face the fact the faggotry, sodomy and cross-dressing are not a personal sins, they are social sin that the entire society is either guilty of permitting, or righteous by its suppression. The Almighty God fire-bombed Sodom for Sodomy. The entire society was wiped out — every man, woman, and child with no exceptions.

Normalizing sodomy coupled with the horror of live child sacrifice (to Satan) in ritualized abortions has made the United State a very very evil nation. There is no excuse and there is no way out of it. It makes the “sin” of slavery a very light thing indeed over which there is too much hand wringing when in fact yesterday’s chattel slavery has been replaced by life-long irredeemable debt slavery and the suppression of wages.

The church must stop respecting the depraved. It must stop cloaking its own cowardice in Christian-sounding concepts like “respecting the differences of others.” Faggotry and trannies are not just “personal sins,” they are society sins when allowed. “A little bit is OK” did not work; our appeasement of faggotry has resulted in the children being destroyed. We just didn’t want to deal with it back them. We thought we’d be better Christians than Christ, raise a token opposition, and then go back to hoping in a Rapture while the next generation aborted the next generation, came home from college as faggots, and now are  teaching children to be trannies. Shame on us.

I do not know what kind of judgment the Almighty will deposit upon America but it will not be gentle. If fire-storm from heaven was appropriate for Sodom, what is in store now? And the evil and the good will all suffer together because there was not found in Sodom even ten who were righteous.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
April 25, 2023