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What Happens Next? This Does. And the Sooner the Better.

What Happens Next? This Does. And the Sooner the Better.

Eventually enough Americans will turn against the evil filth that is flooding this country. Eventually they will consciously accept that fact that we no longer have a government that is responsive to its citizenry — that we are in fact treated as serfs and slaves and subjects. Eventually we will realize that we have been lied to — there is nothing “democratic” about the regime that runs America. “Democracy” is a talisman used to deceive Americans into submitting to the control regime. It is all a lie. We the people have no say in our government or the laws we live under. NO ONE voted Tranny-ism into the mainstream.

This consolidation of conscious thought — disgust for the destruction of our culture, our borders, our identity as Whites and Christians, the hatred sponsored by the powerful towards whites and those with traditional morality, the targeting of the same as “enemies of democracy,” the realization that “democracy” as practiced in America has nothing to do with the people having a say in how they are governed — as these ideas coalesce, an anger, uncontrolled, will emerge.

As a beaten spouse eventually wakes up and realizes that all her sacrifices for the good of the family were just a lie as they mock her for her steady dedication to the cause — she will realize she was never loved. And she will fight back.

So to the whites and Christians of America will wake up. And they will realize their many enemies, few of whom will be the blacks. Rather they are the rats in the white race who rode their backs for money, and the Jews behind the scenes — like the Wizard of Oz — who have never considered themselves anything but Jews and worked for the benefit of themselves and their Master, the devil.

At some point — and this point needs to be hastened — we will realize that we are the only ones playing by the rules. The Jews don’t. The blacks don’t. The political parties don’t. The universities don’t. They are all the hypocrites that Jesus Christ warned against. And when the whites and Christians stop abiding by the rules that their enemies have imposed upon them — rules they don’t abide by — that will be the beginning of our liberation.

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