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Podcast: Justice Has Become Political Tyranny

US Justice system transformed into political tyranny. The alternative is the Resurrection of Christian Civilization.

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Video: Jesus Christ Only Leads From the Front

For too long the Church has tried to hide The Sovereign Monarch in a closet so we don’t scare the anti-Christs. Look where that got us — complete submission to the Enemy. Jesus Christ only leads from the front — … Continue reading

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Coercing Americans Into Submission and Silence

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It’s Ramping Up

There are many God-fearing, Red-blooded, Patriotic Americans warning of the tyranny now upon us. I saw a man in Colorado not long ago “demonstrating” on a street corner. He had his AR-15 (slung, muzzle down), and a US flag flying … Continue reading

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Podcast: Tyranny — from Acts to Today’s Defense Department

The Greek Scriptures are as political as they are “religious.” Luke 20 — Jesus tells Jewish leadership that they will be destroyed, and that the vineyard would be given to others. Acts 13 — Paul turns away from the Jews … Continue reading

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