Podcast: After Show — CW2

This is the “after-show,” which means after the Sunday Sermon. I’m going to make this a regular feature, and talk less theologically. Today, speculations about CW2.
Currently the “Right” has “suspended disbelief” of the irredeemable corruption of our government and institutions. Will this summer be the end of that? In other words, will the Right come to an irrefutable conclusion that the situation cannot be corrected with in the system? If they do come to that conclusion, will they just give up? Or what?

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Sunday Sermon: Mark 4-5

  • Parables as the obvious in creation.  This creation was designed to make Truth plain every day of our lives. Luke, Chapters 3 through 6.
  • The Kingdom of God is growing now — the Mustard seed took root 2000 years ago when it was planted in the ground.   Daniel, Chapter 2.
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Video: First Two Laws Hitler Implemented . . .

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Podcast: Become an Anti-Babylonian!

  • The origins of the current Globalization project began all the way back at Babel (Genesis 11).   The good news is that the courageous voices fighting the darkness are not willing to be silenced — dissent is emerging from all sides, including a Jewish Female Democrat.
  • A little on the Great Flood.
  • The Current Global Cult and their Priests,  Prophets and Scriptures.
  • The utter idiocy of accepting the “trans” narrative.
  • Why worship at the altar of “economic efficiency?”
  • Global Debt Capitalism is not our friend — how about a Global Jubilee? A universal debt cancellation would destroy the current system — and they don’t want that.  If they don’t want that, then maybe we should want it. 🙂
  • Globalization has its origins at Babel (Genesis 11). Fighting the new Babel means rejecting “market efficiency” as the organizing principle.



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Podcast: Tyranny — from Acts to Today’s Defense Department

  • The Greek Scriptures are as political as they are “religious.”
  • Luke 20 — Jesus tells Jewish leadership that they will be destroyed, and that the vineyard would be given to others.
  • Acts 13 — Paul turns away from the Jews and evangelizes the Europeans.
  • The response to tyranny: “speak boldly.” (They hate that!)
  • The Sec Def’s (and Biden’s) hypocritical war campaign against half of America.
  • DOD now targeting American people and traditional ideas.

— Secretary of Defenses’s Declaration of War Against Traditional America people and their ideas.
DARPA’s (Dept of Defense) brief on fighting half of America.

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Cambria Will Not Yield — Back Up!

Back up! Cambriawillnotyield.com

We are missing a friend in the fight and people have contacted me asking what happened to Cambriawillnotyield.com.  I do not know what happened and I do not know the author but I have highlighted his work in other posts.  If the author is out there I would like to relay that his content is missed by several people.

Here is the pre-2012 CWNY site: https://cambriawillnotyield.blogspot.com


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Borders and Boundaries

I looked up “border” in the Concordance at the end of my Bible and it did not have a single reference. Yet on the same page it referenced Bethphage, Bezalel, Bithnyia, boil, and borrow. Such is the condition of the church today — boil is more importance that borders and boundaries.

Exiled from Eden

First armed Border Patrol established by God at Eden’s edge.

That needs to change. Boundaries emerge organically from the whole body of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures — it as a fundamental idea — as fundamental as the Creator and Creation, heaven and earth, male and female, and life and death.

From the very beginning God established geographic boundaries and borders. He caused there to be an expanse between the waters, to separate them. Then he caused the dry land to appear, so there was another separation. Continue reading

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Psalm 119

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Podcast: Mark 1-3. Discontinuity

Discontinuity is the theme.

  • Galilee v. Judea
  • Fisherman v. Shepherds
  • Sinners v. Jewish Leadership
  • Son of God v. Seed of the Serpent
  • Unforgivable Sin committed by Jewish Leadership
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Podcast: The Cult, and How to Get out of It

Abandon the Cult of Guilt and Shame.  How to reject the slavery them impose upon you.  Truth, and how the Truth sets your mind and soul free.  All liberty flows from Truth.

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