Time for Blood

Rage. Anger. It’s time for street justice for Jeff Epstein and everyone who raped those girls, and the prosecutors, judges and lawyers who protected him. Hundreds of girls. Hundreds. No more excuses and hiding behind the illusion of a “rule of law.”

Raped at 15.

Deep State Cover up?

If you’ve ever mocked the pseudo-men of Europe who failed to protect their daughters from the raping Muslims, it’s time to set the example and get Epstein’s blood. The “system” doesn’t protect our daughters — it protects it’s own.

In rage,

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.

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Theology 2: Adam, then Eve.

This will cause riot in the minds of the brainwashed: God created Adam first in time and first in place.  

From the dust of the ground God breathed  life into Adam to make him a living soul.   It was not good for Adam to be alone.   The other creatures (the animals) were not his match — not his mate.   

Instead of creating Eve sui generis, like he created Adam, God put Adam to sleep, took a rib and then fashioned a helper for him.   God presented this gift to Adam.  Then Adam named Eve, just like Adam name all the animals.  Eve did not receive a name from God, but from her lord, Adam.

Adam is primary.  Eve’s place was to be his helper.  They are not equal.  This is a foundational story.  All the scriptures that follow this story must accept the premised truths of Genesis.  

But why stop here?  There’s more. Continue reading

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Theology 1: The Writings

I’ve criticized the Church for having bad theology.  So if I know something they don’t what am I doing to fix the problem?  I’m going to write about theology, of course.

First, it is useful to understand the Bible as a collection of writings by different men in two different languages, Hebrew and Greek.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit?  Yes.  It is our intellectual link between the Eternal and Infinite and the mortal and ignorant.   Continue reading

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Building Christian Nation-States

A long long time ago I had a history professor lecture on the difference between a nation and a state.  And it was utterly lost on me.  I never got it, until I understood the Word of God (Theo-logy) better.

Nation is from the same root word as Natal.  As in pre-natal and post-natal. It is founded upon the idea of birth, or a blood line form a common ancestor.  Thus, the nation/bloodline of Israel is, literally, those birthed from the loins of Jacob, renamed Israel.

A state, on the the other hand, is a governing mechanism which a bloodline (nation) may use to protect itself and organize it’s affairs. It’s laws and organization.

A Nation-State is bounded by borders and time: Acts 17:26, and the boundaries laid out in the Hebrew Scriptures. Continue reading

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Only the Churches Can Turn Back the Tide

It’s obvious to informed observers that the Left has taken over the key institutions of the United States, and that it is only a matter of time that they consolidate power and suppress any and all dissent.   Dissent, to the Left, will mean any Christian or Church that dares proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and as the ONLY means of salvation.  I’ve written elsewhere about this.

What key institutions does the Satanist Left own? Continue reading

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The Proof of Truth Is Inherent in Language

My goal in writing is two fold: 

1) That I understand the Truth.
2) That others understand the Truth.

Writing is a mental process that forces a rigor of logic upon thought.  Thought without writing is less rigorous, less logical, less thorough and less self-critical.  Writing provides an immediate feedback loop regarding  precision of ideas and logical concepts.

I’ve written elsewhere that logic is non-existent without language and that the different languages provide a different filter of reality, logic and limitations to thought.  Here’s the link.

Truth is a conveyed belief that, in total, extends beyond one’s ability to independently ascertain.  By this I mean that I am not God — I don’t sit outside all of Creation in a position from which to judge what is true.

That I speak a language conveys the principle that Truth exists and that I am able to approach it in a meaningful way.  It doesn’t mean I can be omniscient, or even fully know that I am correct, but the very use of language is predicated upon it’s utility.  Continue reading

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An Establishment of Religion

A “religion,” is not just the notion of “God” or a Creator.  A religion is a world view,  systemic understand of our place in the Cosmos, where we came from and where we are going.   A religion has a set of core beliefs, and a priesthood to propagate and protect the beliefs. The major religions have have a core set of written texts that provide the intellectual foundation for that religions.

These are obvious in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and even Buddhism . They have priests, holy writings, ceremonies, and easily identified leaders and formal structures.

But there is one religion that stands over all the religions in this age, and it the one religion that does not call itself a religion.  It is the religion that has, with subtlety, reduced all other religions beneath itself by taking upon itself the presumption that it stands outside and above religions.  It imposes, almost unconsciously, on the world the idea that it cannot be questioned (as religions MUST not be questioned, for questioning the faith is to be anathema.  This Not Religion is, after all , a faith.  If one choses not to believe, they are not off the faith, not of the faithful, and not of the truth).

Continue reading

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Inversion, Truth, and Genesis

On a long drive this morning I listened to Vox Day and Black Pigeon.   Vox Day talked about “inversion,” which is the act of, essentially, lying on a civilizational scale.

Calling biological males a “female,” and expecting the entire culture to go along with it is an act of “inversion.”  Convincing people that entropy works in reverse (the theory of Evolution) is inversion.   Calling evil (like homosexuality) good and good (male/female marriage) evil is inversion.

The most important Scripture in the whole Bible in Genesis 1:1 — “In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”   From this position flows all other truths.

The big inversion imposed is that man created God to explain the inexplicable. This is inversion.  This is the Big Lie. Continue reading

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Mixing the Nations

The ongoing project of mixing White European nations appears, at first glance, to be a natural flow of people moving to a better life.  Perhaps that’s how it’s designed to be viewed —  the cult of “fairness” demands people accept this.

Upon deeper inspection it appears to be a migration driven by hidden and not so hidden actors.  From our wars, to George Soros, to the Pope, to Pueblo Sin Fronteras, legal help groups, the Democrat Party (who wants the votes), the Republican Party (who wants cheap labor) to the already embedded foreign peoples in Europe supporting the Leftist political parties, to virtually every university whose project it has been for a couple generations now (at least since the 1960s) to completely “de-construct” Western Civilization.

It’s working.

Continue reading

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Recommendation: “It Could Happen Here”

A recurring theme I ponder is where, how, and if Right and Left can meet and I seem to have found some overlap in a Podcast called “It Could Happen Here.

But first let me tell you about  a colleague who proudly proclaims to be an international socialist and yet we agree on so much.

I,  despite having spent almost all off my academic years imbibing in the Marxism of Latin American history, am profoundly reactionary (if you consider what I’ve written elsewhere on this blog).

Nevertheless, Mr. Socialist International and I, when projecting far enough into the future have some common conclusions.  In a nutshell, civilizational reset, which comes through wars and other disasters.   Not good news,  but not unexpected from thinkers who embrace the reality of history and don’t pretend that we are ever coming closer to an earthly nirvana or heaven on earth.   Continue reading

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