Kyle Rittenhouse – The Truth in 11 Minutes – Fightback

Kyle Rittenhouse – The Truth in 11 Minutes – fightback

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If you are interested in Foreign Policy, this is a great article. Kind of backs up my opinion that we will see a war with Russia.

Will Russia Further Lower Its Nuclear Weapons Use Threshold?

A couple of points:

1) Russia is just doing what the U.S. has done — threaten overwhelming force against bad people doing bad things to their/our interests. Except that Russia will use nukes.

2) The U.S. decided soon after WW2 that it could not afford (financially or politically) to maintain million man armies to deter the Soviets. So we built out a huge nuclear war system. Russian now (post 2008) has made the same decision. They can’t afford a conventional deterence, so they have built up a huge nuclear war machine.

3) It is my opinion that a nuclear war is not the end of the world. It wasn’t in WW2. The conventional bombings we imposed upon Tokyo and Germany’s major cities were not less horrific than the nukes dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was not the end of either country.

4) The US was not facing an existential crisis when we used nukes on Japan. Our threshold was low — the author of the article is concerned about Russia’s low threshold for using nukes. It’s a good concern, but in the broad stroke is history it is hardly something to moralize over. It is just a fact of where we are today.

5) I’d love to comment on the US outcome of waging a war today while we are in the early throws of a civil war . . . but that would be a long think piece. Hmm. Sounds like a challenge!

Dangerous talk, I know. Most Americans will never read this stuff. I used to read this stuff as a teenager in USNews, but that was before the internet was invented 🙂

Fritz Berggren, PhD
19 September 2020

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What Must We Do — Join the Resistance !

Rightful government is the Father of a family who provides, protects, and guides. It has been the atheistic states’ agenda to strip Fathers of the ability and right to guide, protect, and provide. They took our land with industrial agriculture and the usury of banks and global markets. The took our ability to protect when they created police forces that have a monopoly on force. They took our ability to guide when they forced our children into schools over which we have zero influence and no control. No one asked our permission when they made Prayer and the Ten Commandments illegal in the very schools we paid for.

Without Fathers, all else does not matter. It has been the Atheistic state’s agenda in the West to eliminate all competition for power and there is no more potent force than a Patriarch. It is bands of Patriarchs that form government for communities. And so on up to larger group of Fathers until there is nothing in common for which to band together.

There is nothing in common between White Christian Fathers and Somali Muslims in Detroit. That is not a nation. Allegiance to a name (the United States) is not a foundation for united people. A Nations is, literally, a blood line. Nation shares the same root word as pre-Natal and Post-Natal. It is about blood and a common past (a Father) and a common faith.

There are too many ideas of what American ought to be and it has become impossible to unify them naturally. So force is to be imposed to coerce us into something unnatural, an abomination.

I am a Christian White Man. I have nothing in common with an atheistic man-hating lesbian. I having nothing in common with a Black Man convinced that I am the source of the misery in his life. I have nothing in common with Marxist professors or their acolytes insisting that I raise a fist to denounce my own ancestors. I have nothing in common with recent immigrants from Asia who worship Satan disguised as “Allah” and who respect the writings of Mohammed.

That is not a nation. That is an empire of disparate nations over which a government — a tyranny — seeks to rule. It is no less than the erection of a new Babylon where king Nebuchadnezzar demands that all would bow down and worship a false icon in the name of creating mass obedience to The Tyrant. Continue reading

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The State of the Resistance (that would be us)

  • The state of the resistance (us).
  • Anti-Fa/BLM is not the resistance — they are the establishment.
  • The resistance could be White men and Christians if we man up to it.
  • Bottom line, we are unhealthy — too many have prostituted themselves to get people to like them.
  • The necessity of Christian nations.
  • Time to figure out what is real to us. Blood and Faith.
  • I have a King. His name is Jesus Christ.
  • Never apologize for your ancestors — be proud of them.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
11 Sept 2020

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Repentance: Undoing Eve’s Arrogance

Bottom line, repentance is undoing what Eve did. Eve placed herself in a position to judge God. She rejected the Word from her husband Adam, was “evangelized” by Lucifer, and decided she could make the decision herself.

Repentance is undoing what Eve did — it is an intellectual humbling where you acknowledge that you can’t figure this out, that you must accept by faith the Word of God.

Also, all men have “scriptures” from which they derive their ideas. The atheist has his Scripture just as much as the Christian. They have their televagenlists, too.  It is folly to think that you are not a man of faith just because you are an atheist.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
9 Sept 2020

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Critical Race Theory

(I’m on vacation. Enjoy)

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The Head of Every Man is Christ

I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ

and the head of the woman is man

and the head of Christ is God. 

. . .

 A man ought not to cover his head,

since he is the imageand glory of God;

1 Corinthians 11

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Anti-White Racism is Real

(On Vacation . . .  enjoy!)

These people (following) are the real haters — these are real people who hate people because of their race. Everything you’ve been indoctrinated into is the opposite of the truth. You want to to know who would eliminate your people? See below:

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The Cult: Your Holy Books and Prophets v. My Holy Books and Prophets

More about the cult you are in. It is a religious system. It has its priests and prophets and scriptures. Compare and contrasts the holy scriptures of your system and mine. In both, faith is inescapable.

The centrality of language — Gramscii and Foucault talked about things that Saint John explained two thousand years ago.

Long Term — what is it all worth?

Fritz Berggren, PhD
22 August 2020

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