Race Realism After the Veneer of Civilization is Stripped Away

I normally don’t share other people’s post on this site, but occasionally I make exceptions.

Here is one.  If you can’t listen to it all skip to about 1/3 in and listen to “Officer Mac” talk about the race reality of prison.

Every one of us — at least that are White — have been conditioned to be color blind.  And that’s a cool idea.  But when the veneer of civilization is stripped away, it ain’t so.


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Special: War!

I generally eschew foreign policy and current events but I’m making an exception.

Japan’s history with the U.S. in the late 1930s and early 1940s bears striking similarities to that between Russia and the U.S. today. Both Japan and Russia were involved in their own “near abroad.” The U.S. expressed it’s disapproval through economic sanctions.  Japan, of course, decided to strike rather than cower.

I suppose Russian leadership must be making the same risk/reward calculations — I suppose every adversary of the U.S. must be — that’s what national leadership should be doing.

You may not want war — but war wants you.  I think you will enjoy this.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
8 August 2020

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The Unity of Islam, Judaism, and the Pope

“Judeo-Christian” is a non-sequitur — it a contradiction.
Saying “Judeo-Christian” is the equivalent of saying “Anti-Christ Christian.”

Judaism was a rejection of the Law and the Prophets — let us be clear about this. Christianity was not an outgrowth of Judaism — claims to that effect are attempts to undermine Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, and John the Baptist before him, rejected Judaism and the Jewish elders and leaders.   Jesus came to seek and save the lost Jews — and when they, as a nation, rejected him, the Gospel went the the Europeans.

Hell was taught by Jesus Christ when he was speaking to the Jewish leaders.  It was the Jews who murdered Jesus Christ.  It was the Jews who totally rejected not only Jesus Christ, but all the prophets that came before him. Continue reading

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Podcast: The Real Haters Are Those Telling You Who to Hate

Two Systems of Government: one for the Democrats, and one for the law abiding “normal” people who want to uphold the constitution.

Who are the real haters? The real haters are the people telling you who to hate.  Organizations who call people “fascist,” and “Nazi,” and “racist,” and “hater” — they are the real haters.  And they don’t stop at words — they are violent and deadly.

Free thyself: Only you can stop your own enslavement.  Mock them when they try to use their “magic” words.

The failure of Christians to stand against the “precepts of men,” and “traditions of the elders.”  This is all a false morality that people like to wear like a badge on their sleeve to show how pious they are — just like the Pharisee who prays around in front of people.

Why are Christians turning to Judaism? (Judaism is Anti-Christ man made morality).

Fritz Berggren, PhD
1 August 2020

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This Was Obvious: “Crime Explosion Forces Residents to Form Militias”

It is a return to the natural order.
It will be simply one facet of self-segregation.
We will seek out those we trust and those we don’t trust.
And some of that will just break down based on race.
And it has always been that way.
Human nature doesn’t change just because a Marxist professor says it should.



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Harvard Founded to Train Christian Ministers of the Gospel

Harvard University was founded in 1636 with the intention of establishing a school to train Christian ministers. In accordance with that vision, Harvard’s “Rules and Precepts,” adopted in 1646, stated (original spelling and Scriptural references retained):

“2. Let every Student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the maine end of his life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life (John 17:3) and therefore to lay Christ in the bottome, as the only foundation of all soundknowledge and Learning. And seeing the Lord only giveth wisedome, Let every one seriously set himself by prayer in secret to seeke it of him (Prov. 2:3).

3. Every one shall so exercise himselfe in reading the Scriptures twice a day, that he shall be ready to give such an account of his proficiency therein, both in Theoreticall observations of Language and Logick, and in practical and spiritual truths, as his Tutor shall require, according to his ability; seeing the entrance of the word giveth light, it giveth understanding to the simple (Psalm 119:130).”

The motto of the University adopted in 1692 was “Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae” which translated from Latin means “Truth for Christ and the Church.” This phrase was embedded on a shield as shown to the right, and can be found on many buildings around campus including the Widener library, Memorial Church, and various dorms in Harvard Yard. Interestingly, the top two books on the shield are face up while the bottom book is face down. This symbolizes the limits of reason, and the need for God’s revelation. With the secularization of the school, the current shield now contains only the word “Veritas” with three open books.

From: http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~gsascf/shield-and-veritas-history/


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White Shame and the Protestant Reformation

  • White guilt, segregation and moral manipulation.
  • How “woke” white guilt is a reflection of medieval Catholicism; people seem to enjoy being guilty.
  • The Protestant Reformation was a rejection of public shame and guilt.
  • This generation owes an apology to the Puritans — the public shaming the White’s endure is an order of magnitude above any burden the Puritians tried to impose.
  • Christianity seems to have rejected Luther’s principle of salvation by faith alone.
  • The unlikelihood of a peaceful resolution to this race war.
  • The Left desmands race war — everything is about White guilt and they would win by any means necessary.
  • The Biblical basis for dividing the races: Babel and Daniel

Fritz Berggren, PhD
25 January 2020

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Whites Manipulated by Death Cult: Guilt, Self-denial, and Suicide

  • How the Left will kill you — one at a time — you can neither buy nor sell.
  • It’s already happening and the Church can’t see what’s in front of them.
  • Dedicated to Henrik and Lana who have more courage than most.
  • Whites are in a death cult — they have been abused and beaten and burdened with endless guilt by their cult leaders.
  • Guilt manipulation works — white people need to wake up.
  • The Church is guilty — they are mostly cowards.
  • Christian Cowards beaten into submission and are trying to gain acceptance into the cult by groveling and accepting shame and guilt.
  • It’s a sick cult — a suicide cult.
  • The Church is responsible for setting people free from guilt manipulation and the burden of sin — but the Church does just the opposite — it lays an even greater burden on the backs of people.  And that is evil.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
24 July 2020

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History Happens, Borders Change

This is a reminder to people that history actually happens.  What is today will not be tomorrow.  What was yesterday vanished.   We would do well the remember that, and hold dear that which made us great.

Thirty-four new countries emerged since 1990.

One ought to remember that North America was not always just Canada and the United States. It was ruled by Russia, England, Spain, France, thirteen sovereign and independent states loosely organized under the Articles of Confederations, The Republic of Texas,  the California Republic, The Confederates States of America, Mexico, and that doesn’t include those who preceded the Europeans, (or the Conch Republic).

There is no reason to believe it will remain divided simply between the U.S. and Canada — that is untenable in the long run.  Unlimited immigration (into both countries) is destabilizing. People don’t just “melt together,” and the idea of a “patchwork” simply leads to division and war — look at the history of the Balkans. Look at the history of Europe. Continue reading

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Podcast: Nations and States, Philosophy and Religion, Collapse of the Current Order

The unitary nature of philosophy, theology, language, religion, politics, morality and worldview. They are not differences — they all flow together. In the West we have simply replaced one religion (Christianity) for another (Atheism) with all the trappings of any other religion; the university professors are the priests and prophets of this religion.

Of Nations and States: A nation is the organism, a state is the mechanism. The aim of the deluder is to destroy the organism and replace it with a mechanism. Strong nations (bloodlines) are the natural anti-dote to strong mechanisms (totalitarian governments). Men will naturally organize themselves without artificial structures.

The collapse of the current order: The Marxists are winning. No one else is even on the battlefield. This isn’t about voting Republican — this has to be rebuilt from the ground up by Christian men organically raising Christian families and protecting their own land/territory from invaders. Christian men have zero obligation to welcoming Muslim “refugees” into their own territory.

The fight is hard — the grace of God comes when Christian men show up.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
22 July 2020

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