Epistemology is the study of knowledge — how do we know what we think we know?

It’s a pretty philosophical question. In fact, it is the ultimate philosophical question.
Does truth exist?
If so, can we know it?
If so, how?
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God is Right Wing

God does not believe in equality; God is no one’s equal.

God created Man first, and Woman from Man.

Man was to obey God, and the woman to listen to and obey the man, and in turn the children are to obey the parents.

God gave a female as companionship to the male — that was the perfect fit. Homosexuality is the undermining of God’s perfect order for companionship.

God’s first command was to reproduce; homosexuality prevents reproduction.

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Great Question — Neutrality?

Is so-called “religious” neutrality possible?


There is no such thing as neutrality.
There is no philosophical space in which nothing exists — and that is the purported (but deceptive) goal of the so-called secularists.

A lack of what some call “religion” is merely the substitution of another philosophy and morality; all of which are matters of conscience, thought, assumptions, and philosophy. “Religion” is but a sub-set of those — and those against the Christian faith call Christianity “religious” in order to place it in a ghetto — to circumscribe it, contain it, imprison it, and limit its influence.
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Esther: Resistance to the Empire

I read the book of Esther this morning. It has two themes. First, women should submit to and obey their husbands. If they don’t the consequences are bad. If they do, they wield enormous influence — vastly more than “independent” women who claim equal authority to their man.

But it is the second story that I wish to focus on — racial identity.

The story of Esther does not mention God once, even though Esther part of the Bible. This is a Holy Spirit inspired story about racial identity and the necessity to understand one’s self as a member of a family — a blood line — a race. (The root word of nation is the same root word as birth and to be born. It is a blood line.) Continue reading

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Why I Am Not a Conservative

There are those who want to build a society friendly to Christianity but not offensive to non-Christians. I used to be one of them; I thought there was a way to do this. The goal was to build a society that is “conservative,” has “family values,” honors one’s history and is “constitutional” but not explicitly Christian. It was considered that coalition building was practical; that survival — getting that safe space — trumped other considerations.

I thought, “that kind of society works — an anti-Marxist society.” But it does not work. “Conservatism” is another false religion — it is a political philosophy that rejects the explicit acknowledgement that Jesus is Lord. Continue reading

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Christian Nation-States

A Christian Nation/State

God has a plan for nations, states, governments, and countries. It’s called the Ten Commandments. It’s really simple. The Ten Commandments are not personal moral goal for individuals — they are the legal and moral code for entire nations. The Ten Commandments are the foundation for law, philosophy, morality and government for nation/states.

If that nation endorses that Law, propagates that Law, takes seriously that law, and comports itself in accordance with that Law, that nation/state shall be blessed.

If that nation forsakes that law, out of ignorance, fear, backsliding, or rebellion, that nation will be cursed.
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Christian Immigration

It is frequently said by Christian churches in America that is “Christian” to accept the foreigner into America; many Christian denominations and individuals maintain that promoting broad immigration privileges to non-Americans is the only defensible Christian position on immigration.

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The People Don’t Control Our Country

Scary. This is from Robert Reich, a long time Clinton Democrat and former Secretary of Labor:

“In his 2013 novel A Delicate Truth, John le Carré describes the “deep state” as a moneyed élite—“non-governmental insiders from banking, industry, and commerce” who rule in secret.

America already may be close to that sort of deep state. As Princeton professor Martin Gilens and Professor Benjamin Page of Northwestern University found after analyzing 1,799 policy issues that came before Congress, “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a miniscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.

Instead, Gilens and Page concluded, lawmakers respond to the policy demands of wealthy individuals and moneyed business interests.”

The Constitution begins with “We The People;” but this has been abandoned. Only way to get it back is to fight for it.

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Interview with Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.

Q:  What is my passion?

My passion is Christian Nations.   I believe the whole good news is for entire nations — blood lines — to be converted to Jesus Christ.  This is a corporate expression of fealty to God.  It happens when an entire people vow allegiance and obey God’s Law, which is the Ten Commandments.  The Ten Commandments were given to a nation — Israel — and their relationship with God — as a nation — was determined by their obedience to this Ten Commandments.   The foundation of their law was the Ten Commandments.   It was the foundation of their social order. Continue reading

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Reform the Church

The only hope for this world lies within the Church, but only if it reforms.   Neither “Conservative values,” nor a “return to the Constitution” will save us from our indolence.  And our indolence is no defense from assertive Marxism, which has been running the table in most of the world since the 1960s, and that Marxism will be no resistance from an assertive Islam.

Marxism has already won in the West.  We don’t call it Marxism in every day life, but it is the idea that male and female are interchangeable, that private property is really on loan from “society” or the state, that God is a drug to make people happy, that scientific materialism is the foundation of truth (thus we are “evolving” from imperfection toward beauty), that males ought not to rule over their female, that marriage ought not to be at all, that children should rebel against their parents, that distinctions in blood lines are evil.  Read Marx’s classic — the Communist Manifesto and Engel’s treatise on marriage and the family. 

In a nutshell, that which is evil is now called good and that which God said is good is now called evil.  In the United States, the Ten Commandments are illegal, the Church renounces them,  and sodomy is heralded as a human right even in much of the Church.   Please, wise man, explain to me why the Church should not be wiped out and started afresh. Continue reading

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