Podcast: What is the Catalyst? When is the Tipping Point?

Describing our current situation — the rule of the New Pharisees.
Most people are comfortable in a totalitarian world.
The Church is responsible to wake up and realize our condition.
And then preach the Word boldly.

What is the Catalyst? When is enough enough?
How to do we go from getting strangled to fighting back?
Some thoughts — Rebel Leader One knows.

Domestic conflict.
War with Russia?

Fritz Berggren, PhD
9 April 2021

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Love Your People

We used to be proud and Christian.
Now we are ashamed and unbelieving.

Love your people.
Honor the God who made us.

No apologies.
Rally, brothers.

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Russia’s Relationship with Western Europe — Two Centuries of War

U.S. Troops Guard Russian Prisoners

U.S. Troops Guard Russian Prisoners

(Written in early 2019)

Russia’s Relationship with Western Europe — Two Centuries of War
Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
21 March 2017

1. Summary: This paper frames the West’s historical relationship with Russia, speculates on the rationality of a general war, and possible outcomes of such a war. This perspective aims create a strategic and historical framing of Russia’s relationship with the West and offers a scenario of how Russia may justify a strategic attack on the United States. It begins with some history, and ends with a worst case scenario that has been rationally (even if wrongly) justified.

US Troops in Russia 1918

US Troops in Russia 1918

2. In 1783, Russian annexed Crimea after a war with the Turkish/Ottoman(Muslim) forces in the 1770s. This ended two centuries of Islamic slaving sorties with removed and estimated 2 million people from the Ukraine and Russia. Sevastopol, on the Crimean Peninsula, became the base for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. From 1783 to 1954, Crimea was Russian. (In 1954, at the pinnacle of the Soviet era, the Soviet Presidium granted Crimean to the Ukraine recognizing their geographic proximity and “indissoluble friendship.” Some perceive that this transfer was engineered by Nikita Khrushchev in order to consolidate his hold on power. Continue reading

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Eastern Sunday Morning Sermon

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Andrew Torba: Christian Economy


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Podcast: Building Christian Nations IS the Great Commission

  • Government’s justify oppression by claiming it is for “the good of” the oppressed.
  • The Church is not required to submit to tyranny.
  •  Christian Nations till the soil for the Gospel so that it yields a hundred fold.
  • The Covenant for Nations is the Ten Commandments.
  • God built a nation out of the sons of Jacob/Israel.  He told them to slaughter the Canaanites and take their land.  God is not constricted by the morality of the New Pharisees.  Did not God also wipe out all  of humanity (except for eight) in the Great Flood?
  • Pick up a sword — the Word of God — and go on the offensive — we build Christian Nations.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
2 April 2021

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Video: Judgement Day

Google/Youtube decided a a video on the Judgement Day violated some rule they had.
So I reposted it to Gab TV.  Click here.

This is about the Judgement Day — for you and I.
The Judgement Day is not mysterious.
There will be no surprises.
All of human life is built to make obvious a Judgement Day . . .
. . . and our willing participation in it.

Perhaps this is the most important video I have made.

Fritz Berggren, PhD.
September 2020
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

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Don’t Be Afraid of the New Pharisees . . .

. . . same as the old Pharisees.

Yes! Christian Nation-States!
From Politico.com : 

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Podcast: Who Is Jesus Christ? Attacking the Constitution. Hypocrisy.

  • Who is Jesus Christ? From Paul’s letter to the Colossians.
  • Members of Congress actively undermining the Constitution and demanding that so-called private companies censor speech (like at bloodandfaith.com)
  • Thoughts on Hypocrisy — there is personal hypocrisy and institutional hypocrisy. How the Creator dealt with both.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
30 March 2021


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Podcast: The Corruption of the Christian Church

  • New Voices in Media
  • Suborning the Christian Church
  • Only Light Drives Out Darkness: The Importance of Theology
  • Truth=Jesus Christ
  • Why I Talk About the Jews (It is a Bible Word, So I Talk About It)
  • Foreign Intelligence Activities in the US: If US Politicians are so easily corrupted by American business interests, does anyone have any doubt that foreign governments also corrupt them? Why won’t the Press cover these stories? Or, are “journalists” just as compromised as politicians?
  • Corrupt Christian Leaders: Would it make sense for foreign governments to influence  American evangelical leaders in order to get them to support that foreign government? How come that is not a story? (Or, is it inconceivable, to you, that a foreign governments would try to influence Christian leaders in America?) Time to  stop being naive.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
27 March 2021

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