When I Warned You . . .

. . . that they were coming after the Church, I wasn’t joking.

Read this Breitbart article and click to the original in the NYTimes.

The NYT is building the case against Christians.  Or at least Christians who think like me.

I’m not sure how to make this any clearer.

They Are Coming For You, Church

Wake Up, Christian!

And if you are a believer that “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” then this isn’t a bad thing.  But that’s if you are determined to fight.  And you can’t fight if you don’t believe the cause is worth your life, because that is what it will cost you.

Remember that whole Cross thing that Jesus talked about?

The good news — and I say this with a smile on my face — is that judgement is here.  It’s a bitter smile because it’s going to hurt, for all of us.  No one is exempt.  No good man stands outside of God’s judgement — he goes through it with God’s people.  He may save his skin, but not much else.  Consider Jeremiah.

You owe yourself a big smile.  But pull your shorts on tight.  It will be a heck of a ride. Not for the weak. Not for the doubting. Not for the timid or fearful.

It is not coming. It is here. Christians are deciding which side of the fence they fall off of.   Plenty on both sides.   And if we perish — and some of us will — we but gain our souls. Hebrews 11.

Bad things happen to good people. Know that, even if you are on the right side of things. It’s OK. Bad things happened to Jesus and Peter and Paul and Jeremiah and the saints in Hebrews 11.

It’s OK.  Live or die.  Only in this life do you have the privilege of living by faith. Not even the angels have that. That is what makes this life so precious.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
28 March 2020

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I Have Sworn

I Have Sworn on the Altar of God.
I have Sworn on the Altar of Man.

I have sworn on All that I am.
I have sworn. I shall never repent.

My God. My King. To you I sing.
I may be wrong.
But I shall never repent.

I have sworn, you are my King.
Never shall I repent.

You are my King. Forever.
I shall never repent.


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No Christianity Without Christian Nations

It is apparent that there can be no Christianity without Christian
Nations.  The Gospel Jesus Christ is incapable of existing as a co-equal “religion” with other “religions,” including the religion that now dominates the secular West, which is very much a religion (faith, philosophy, worldview) with its own priestly and prophetic caste (the University Professors) along they their evangelists (the mass media) and teachers (public school indoctrinators). It is a religious as any other religion, yet so dominant people don’t even see it as a religion.  

In 1300, no European was aware that he was a “Roman Catholic,” he was just a man that lived in those times — so to say that he was a Christian was not a distinguishing factor in those times. All were.  Unfortunately secularism has become just as dominant in the West today.

Christianity can expand.  And Christianity can contract.  But it cannot exist steady state as a co-equal among lies such as Islam,  Judaism, or Secularism.  Continue reading

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The End Is Nigh. Hopefully.

We may finally have reached the natural limits of absurdity in the world.  There an old saying: “if something can’t go on forever, it won’t.”   And I think the Corona is just a part of the natural reordering of Mankind.   

I won’t be surprised if Corona is  just the first of a cascading set of disasters coming.  What more could possible go wrong?  Famine normally follows disease.  Rising food prices.  Economic Depression.  And then . . .  war?  Not out of the range of possibilities.

It’s already obvious that disease is attacking an already hospiced financial system.  The false economy propped up by imaginary money looks to finally implode. Which is good — that economy served to enrich the top .1% globally while those at the middle and bottom did worse.  We created millions of homeless and a few multi-billionaires whom the ignorant hold in awe.  The shrinking middle class is ever deeper in debt.  “Affordable” homes are not because we are forced to borrow more money than a we can afford.  The money spigot inflates the prices way beyond the ability of our wages to keep up.  Governments love this since it increases tax revenue. Banks love this because it increase profit flows.  Business love it because people are forced to spent way more money than they otherwise would.

And the poor and the middle class are enslaved to debt.

My father bought a home for one year’s wages.  Today, it is three or four times one’s average annual salary to purchase a home.  My father bought a new station wagon for 10% of his annual salary — my new Honda Pilot was 40% of my annual wage.     People use credit cards to buy food.

This monetary fraud originates with the bankers and their allies in the government.  They enrich the few and enslave the rest.  It is another evil of our age.  Freedom isn’t debt.  Freedom is a lack of debt.  But like sexuality, they have inverted good for evil and have trapped us all it in.    

But they have no plans to bail us out.  They’ll send us an air kiss and token of money.  Then they will bail out the mega-businesses.  Again.  And we’ll still be saddled with mortgages and every other kind of debt. 

Because to free of us our debt would be to truly free us.  And they can’t have that. 

I hope we have hit peak globalism — perhaps the modern Tower of Babel is about to collapse.  That’s wishful thinking on my part. The perpetrators of our global enslavement are far too determined to give up — they will use this crisis to consolidate control if they can. 

They must be resisted.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
23 March 2020


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Bill or Rights or Human Rights?

Somewhere along the line Americans stopped talking about the Bill of Rights and started talking about “human rights.”  This was not a positive development.

Unlike the Bill of Rights, which is written out in our Constitution, ‘human rights’ seem to mean whatever anyone wants them to mean at any given moment.  Once in a while they will reference the UN Charter on Human Rights, but I have zero loyalty to an organization that is trying so hard to rebuild Babel, undermine the Bill of Rights, and replace goodness (male/female marriage) with evil (sodomy).

That this statement shocks some is evidence of how successful they have been in moving their agenda forward. When I was in high-school, there was just a rumor of a homosexual, and I didn’t believe it.   But the last time I want to a local junior hight, there are signs on the walls promoting child abuse ( homosexuality and trans-sexuality)  to 7th and 8th grade kids.     

And they expect me to be quiet?  (Sorry, you got the wrong guy)

“Human Rights” have become the means by which the social justice warriors, the new Pharisees, impose their narrow minded morality upon others.  They will claim that people have a “right” not be be offended, which is patently ridiculous.  What they really mean is that their own morality is not to be offended and that others (like me) have a duty to submit to their narrow minded morality.

The demand that I not write against the “racism racket,” or that I not write against institutionalized child abuse (transgender activism in public schools), or that I not point out that Jesus truly despised the Pharisees and Saducess who, like our modern day SJWs, created their own “precepts of men,” that are elevated above the Hebrew and Greek scriptures. 

I will write. I will speak. If it offends the modern day Pharisees and Saducees, well, that’s jut to bad.  I have no respect for them nor their invented “rights” and moralities.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
23 March 2020

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Is God a “Racist?”

Good meaning people scrunch up their face and wonder why I attack the “racism” racket.  They wonder why it matters.

But it does matter – here  is why:

On the Judgement Day, God there are two kinds of blood:
1) the Blood of Jesus Christ
2) the blood of corruption, the seed of the serpent.

God prefers his own bloodline, through His Son.

The ultimate aim of the racism racket is to accuse God of a false sin.   This is why Satan and his children (the seed of the serpent) cannot  give up this argument.  Satan knows that God discriminates based on blood and the devil wants to make that a sin.  And this is why Christians absolutely must reject “racism” as a legitimate term.

To believe that “we are all one” is to reject Genesis 3:15 and Matthew 23:33 where God divides us based upon bloodlines.   If we are all one, then why preach the Gospel at all?  And that is were many Christians find themselves.

Fighting the racism racket does not win points from anyone I know,   especially in a Church that is so eager to avoid the Accuser’s wrath.   

Is God a “racist?”  You want to accuse God?  Careful, now.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
20 March 2020

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Magic Words

The term “racist” is a magic word.
It is a word that people cannot define.
Because if it was definable, it would almost never be used.

The next time someone flings the word “racist” around, ask them to say the same thing using other words. If they use “discrimination,” ask them to eschew that term as well, because there is nothing wrong with “discrimination.”

My employer discriminates when they hire — some people make the cut, others don’t. Same with friends — some don’t make the cut. Same with a potential spouse — you darn well better “discriminate” on who will be your life partner.

“Discriminate” is from two words: Di, for two. And Scrim, for line. Think “scrimmage” line in football. Two teams positioned, one on one side of the line, and one on the other. That is “di-scrimm-ination.”

People are ignorant — they don’t know what they are talking about — so they throw out magic words as placeholders for thought. Calling someone “racist,” or denouncing “discrimination” without a qualifier is an appeal to a falsely placed moral authority; it is a foisting of guilt upon the ignorant, largely by ignorant people. When professors — who know what they are doing — lay these guilt trips on people they are liars and hypocrites, the kind John the Baptist and Jesus Christ railed against.

I don’t respect the use of magic words, nor the people who use them. And that is an appropriate decision to place their thoughts beyond the line of what is worthy of me — it is a form of discrimination.

You should be OK with that.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
20 March 2020

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First Video: How I Think About Things

The link below is to a video that very simply explains how I think about things.  In other words, what assumptions do I have going into my thinking about my opinions?  Yes, it is philosophical.  But my goal is to build Christian Nations.  And for that, they cannot be built on an atheistic philosophy which the world has and, unfortunately, much of the Church:



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El Salvador

I never gave much though to the name of El Salvador, where I lived for two years, until the kids attended school there. And I learned that the full, proper and historical name for the country is:

Provincia De Nuestro Señor Jesucristo El Salvador Del Mundo”

(“Province of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Savior Of The World”)

When I talk about building Christian Nation-States, El Salvador starts with a lot going for it. They declare as a matter of national identity who their Lord is — Jesus Christ; and his role in the world — the Saviour. It is explicit and baked into their national identity. Their schools teach this — if not, they should.

A Christian nation must not skirt the issue of who is Lord. It must be the guiding principle for that nation. So when Jews (meaning those who would elevate their precepts and traditions above the Word of God) raise their demands for “diversity,” and “tolerance,” as a way to destroying the Christian foundation of that country, you can well and truly tell them to go to hell.

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Marine Le Pen Defends France from Muslim Invasion

Marine Le Pen — Modern Day Joan of Arc
Defends France from Muslim Invasion

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