Podcast: “Born Again” as a Victory for the People

  • Nicodemus means “victory of the people.”
  • The Pharisees thought the common man to be accursed.
  • Jesus brought salvation to even the uneducated.
  • Nicodemus should have know what “born again” meant, according to Jesus. It is explained in Jeremiah 31 and Ezekiel 36.
  • Nicodemus as a man of honor who stood with Jesu in His death.
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Podcast: Sunday Sermon, Matthew 21, New Pharisees Set Word Traps

Jesus Christ answers questions they way he wants to answer questions, not the way his accusers wanted him to.  The New Pharisees are the same as the old Pharisees — trying to trap people in their words.

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Christians Have No Right to Submit: “You Shall Have No Gods Before Me”

A Nation is a bloodline from a common Patriarch.
A State is the mechanism a bloodline/nation can use as a tool to facilitate its governance.

The State is supposed to serve the bloodline — the Bloodline, that Nations, is primary.

Today that is completely reversed: bloodlines have been deracinated, made powerless, denied, outlawed and renounced.

The state demands obedience decracinated individuals with no ties to blood, gender, language, land.  The components that made them whole and human and strong and independent have been stripped from them, making them perfect vassals of the “State.”

This is why the elites hate “nationalism.”  Nationalism empowers people and gives them a bulkwork against the ever growing monolithic State what would crush all human resistance.

This is why they want Open borders — to undermine once proud bloodlines, and to strip the land away from Americans.    The Sate and the elites  hate tradition Americans because we are the last obstacle to Complete Power by the Overlords — the corporate billionaires, the foreign powers, and the politicians who greedily take their money as they betray us.

It is time to reverse this.

Blood is primary.
It is the first identity.
It is the first governing body — your father, his fathers, and your ancestors before.
You are the government of your children and family.  This is the Fifth Commandment.

No human is alive separate from land.
No human finds fulfillment in the autonomy of urban chaos.
That is why those urban “seekers” yearn for authenticity in ancient Mayan communities.
They created their own “spirit quests” in the wilderness to find a meaning that urban cities cannot provide.

Built into each one of us is the understanding that the deracinated urban life, working for a “corporation,” is fundamentally inhuman.

Our God.

We must resist the forces driving us toward urban control, endless debt, and “universal” human rights and rule of law.  These are lies — lies from the Father of Lies who would rebuild Babel with all mankind helpless before the God of the State.  They hide their totalitarian nature behind sweet words like “law,” and “rights.”  They have the law and all the rights and they demand us be silent and submit, believing we are fools.

Seek out your Ancestors.
Seek out your Fathers.
Seek out your true nation — your blood — your tribe — your God.

Do not apologize, ever, for renouncing the deracinating platititudes of the global cult who lie through their “human rights” and “rule of law” propaganda.

Like the old Pharisees, they have one rule to subject the people, and another set of rules for themselves.  “Do not murder!,” they proclaim, while they murdered the Messiah.  

The New Pharisees  burden people with moral, legal, and financial loads they refuse to share.  “Obey the law!” they demand, while they egg on the burners of cities, molesters our children, the invaders, all while soliciting bribes  from the highest bidders. “Pay your bills,” they demand, while they heap upon themselves endless bailouts and “rescue” packages.  They buy land by the square mile for their own “safe spaces” while the American — the Traditional American — is driven off the land into the urban chaos saddled with debt and ever bidding down their own labor rates to compete with the illegal aliens ushered into the country by the Rulers at the top who wouldn’t know a chisel from a dyke.

Oh, it’s nigh time for a revolution.  But not the kind they want.

They  have bribed the urban youth (lost in the chaos) to overturn the last of the Traditional Americans while we are ordered to hang our heads and cover our mouths in silence.

Yes, that is what they seek. 

That we would willingly cover our mouths in silent obedience.

No. Time for the children to return to their Fathers and the Fathers to their Children as we re-build once again tribe and nation, land and language, God law and self-rule.

Christian Nations isn’t about building a competing State, it is vastly more powerful.  It is about re-racinating mankind in the very things that made us human in the first place — blood, family, land, language, God, ownership.   

We deny the Rulers and their Pharisaical rules that never apply to themselves.
We will own the land — not you.
We will protect our families — not you.
We will resist the invader — not you.
We will borrow from each other — not from you.

Our government begins with the Commandments to resist the State:

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me” — the State demands endless submission — this we cannot give — this is a violation of our most sacred duty to have no other God before Jesus Christ. 

We will rest on a Sunday — you will no longer drive us into perpetual labor as we seek everything last penny to pay the endless interests on debts that cannot be repaid.  That Sabbath rest includes the Abolition of Debt on We the People, our mortgages, our loans, everything.  The Sabbath means ceasing forever to be under the burden of your debt.

We will Honor our Ancestors — the first government — our Fathers — the Fifth Commandment.

Will will not take our pay in worthless paper and “low interest” loans.
We will return to the land.
We will own our homes.
We will raise our crops and cattle and ply our trades.
We do not answer to “the State,” — we have a better Ruler, Jesus Christ.

Our God did not give us permission to submit to you.

We renounce you.
We resist you in the Name of Rebel Leader One
We will win in the name of our Ancestors, our Land, our God and our Children.

The State shall not be a god before our Lord Jesus Christ.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
May 2, Anno Dominii  2021
Pikes Peak

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Christians Were Given No Right To Surrender America

Drove across Eastern America.
Lush, green, fertile.
A thing awoke in me.

God did not make this land for moon worshippers.
God did not make this land for star people.
This land does not belong to child abusers, queers, mockers, corrupt.

God make this land for those who honor His Son.

Open, our eyes do.
We reject the Accuser’s guilt.
Fearsome grows the anger of our bellies.

We owe no apologies, except to the Owner, the Maker.
We renounce the burden of accommodating the haters His Rule.
We rally to our Sovereign.

We were given no right to surrender this land to moon people and star worshippers.
We repent for cowardice and unbelief to our God alone.
We have no permission to accommodate those who hate our blood, our King.

We have no permission to choose the easy path.

We awaken.
Blood boils.
Steel forms.

You erred, seed of the Serpent.
Arise, we do, and mock you.
We live again.

Your end comes.
His people are known by a new name: Christian.
Your name will be a curse to the nations.

America is a Christian land.
Made for a Christian bloodline.
We have no permission from our King to give way.

By blood and faith we oath our lives to give
To regain for Christian posterity
The land for us gave He to live

Fritz Berggren, PhD
End of April, A.D. 2021


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Podcast: Deuteronomy 28 and The Ten Commandments

What is a Christian Nation? It is a nation that takes the Ten Commandments as the foundation for its public policy and Laws.  The First Commandment (Thou shall have no other God’s before Me) means that Jesus Christ is publicly and openly honored as our Monarch, our Sovereign, Our Lord, our Saviour, our God: “He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father.”

Fritz Berggren
Pike Peak Region
26 April, Anno Domini 2021

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Podcast: Sunday Sermon: Matthew 19-22

The deception of “equality,” the Kingdom of God is not about “equality.” Divorce.    Judgement Day.  Violating children provokes God’s wrath.  The Cursed Fig Tree.   The vineyard taken away from the Jews and given to a different ethnic group.


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Podcast: Judgment on the Nations

Judgement is NOT just for individuals, it is for entire nations — ethnic groups.  A nation IS an ethnic group.  A nation is not defined by those existing inside a map drawing — Judgement Daythey have a common ancestor.  God created Nations.  Prophets — God always sends prophets and they may not be who you expect. The Covenant for the Nations is the Ten Commandments.  Nations are judged in Time through History, AND on the Judgement Day.  Examples.  What can you do to created Christian Nations?  Spread this message.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
Pikes Peak Region
23 April 2021

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Who, Who, Are You?

Come on, Christian. Come on, European. Who are you?

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Just follow me.  gab.com/cybertext

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Why America Does Not Work Any More

Part 1 of 3

There once was a stock of European Christians whose identity defined America and whose allegiance to their God, Jesus Christ, caused the Almighty’s blessings to flow upon this land.

However, this people turned away from their God, served foreign gods, invited in foreign peoples and learned the ways of pagan nations.

Now we are invaded, corrupted, bankrupted, and our young are consumed by immorality, abortion, homosexuality, debt, poverty, physical violence, and the bloodshed from ceaseless wars.

And our elite persist in a lie that “everything is fine” at best, and at worse, “the European Christians” are the greatest threat to domestic peace and tranquility.

This doesn’t work. Making White Christians “domestic enemies” will only further subvert this country and hurry its journey to destruction.

Part 2 of 3 Continue reading

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