Reform the Church

The only hope for this world lies within the Church, but only if it reforms.   Neither “Conservative values,” nor a “return to the Constitution” will save us from our indolence.  And our indolence is no defense from assertive Marxism, which has been running the table in most of the world since the 1960s, and that Marxism will be no resistance from an assertive Islam.

Marxism has already won in the West.  We don’t call it Marxism in every day life, but it is the idea that male and female are interchangeable, that private property is really on loan from “society” or the state, that God is a drug to make people happy, that scientific materialism is the foundation of truth (thus we are “evolving” from imperfection toward beauty), that males ought not to rule over their female, that marriage ought not to be at all, that children should rebel against their parents, that distinctions in blood lines are evil.  Read Marx’s classic — the Communist Manifesto and Engel’s treatise on marriage and the family. 

In a nutshell, that which is evil is now called good and that which God said is good is now called evil.  In the United States, the Ten Commandments are illegal, the Church renounces them,  and sodomy is heralded as a human right even in much of the Church.   Please, wise man, explain to me why the Church should not be wiped out and started afresh. Continue reading “Reform the Church”

Explaining the Alt-Right

There’s bee a lot of talk lately about the “alt” right.  Originally that “alt” in alt-right came from the idea that there had to be an alternative to the GOP which, really, is not right-wing at all.  It had become the “loyal opposition” to the Democrat party with the emphasis on the “loyal.”  It became painfully obvious that it was not effective in creating an alternative discourse or fundamentally new ideas.  There was nothing Alt about it, even in comparison to the Democrat party.

The Republican Party was intellectual barren. It had ceded the discourse to the Left, which includes not just the Democrat party but also the academic world, the press, and Hollywood.  Continue reading “Explaining the Alt-Right”

The Cross

The Christian Cross is not a symbol of defeat.
It is not a symbol of a pathetic man.
It is not a symbol of  humiliation.

The Cross is a symbol of defiance.
It says, “bring it.”
It says, we mock your tortures.
We defy your threats.
We treat your punishment as weakness.

What you meant for shame we hold in mockery — bring it!

We will overcome you because greater is He who is within us that he who is in the world.

The Cross will defeat atheism because we have something worth dying for.

Modern society has nothing  — it just distracts from a soul-less and empty existence.

It is not atheism that will rescue us from the Moslem because the secularist has nothing worth dying for.

We Christians will fight because this lamp of the Gospel shall not be extinguished from now until eternity.   We will fight for it.

This is the whole Gospel — not just personal salvation but Christian nations within which Christianity can flourish, missionaries sent forth, and the light of an example for the nations to emulate.   Entire nations/blood lines will be converted.  Jesus Christ is Lord over all — not just a man’s inner conscience.  He has a plan for nations based upon His Law.

“And many peoples shall go and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths. For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and Jehovah’s word from Jerusalem.”  (Isaiah 2:3)

We are not at the end of history. The best is yet to come.

Fritz W. Berggren

The Book of Judges and Christian Nations

The book of Judges illustrates the infeasibility of mixing a Christian world order and a pagan faith.  Every time, the pagans win and the Christians are oppressed.   This is America today.  And the Middle East.

The good news is that this condition does not need to be  permanent.   Brave men and women (Deborah) willing to c fight their enemies can re-establish Christian nations.

How ironic that individual Christians today are willing to fight in pagan wars to advance pagan ideas on behalf of a secular state and yet are not willing to fight to establish a Christian state.

That will change.
It will change when people believe we can do this.
And it will change as this current order collapses into either complete anarchy or a totalitarianism and a poverty so oppressive  that we are compelled to act or die.

Because if we don’t, Christianity will cease to exist in any meaningful way — which is the condition of the Church in most of the world today.  It’s flash and no bang, noise and no rain.  Thunder and lightning but no refreshing rains, no growth, no real salt to preserve society.  It’s largely worthless.

Why is Christianity important?   What is important is Truth.   And God is Truth.  And that Son of God, Jesus Christ, is the Way, The Truth and the Life.  This isn’t a “religious” idea — it is what is real.  He is the King. He is the Creator. He is the Ruler of Every Nation.  We need to live like it and honor him with not just our “personal” beliefs, but in building Christian nations.

As the Pilgrims so well understood — it takes a Christian nation-state to preserve and advance Christianity.  That is the way of the future.


Criminalization of Christianity

I’ve said this before.
I’ll say it again.

Christianity requires a Christian state.  There is no such things as a religiously “neutral” state, or school, or government, or laws.

See below:

“The systematic criminalization of Christianity is not coming to us merely by Supreme Court cases or cleverly crafted pieces of congressional legislation. It is coming to us by seemingly small nuances, changes and alterations of the ordinances and laws in our cities, townships, counties and states.”


Christianity in Iraq Destroyed

The days of living peacefully are gone. Continue reading “Criminalization of Christianity”

It’s More Than Just the Guns

It’s my opinion — crazy as it is — that school districts should be local school districts — completely controlled by the tax paying parents living there.

Right now, we have little control — I just learned that they are moving “low income” students from outside our SD into our schools. Why? To makes some Leftist’s view of how thing “ought to be” exist. I never got a vote in that. I never got a chance to voice my opinion on that. It wasn’t even a public debate — leftist bureaucrats who are saving the world made that decision for me. In the mean time, my kids are going to attend school with kids who don’t live in the district and don’t belong there. How does that build community? It undermines community. And we’ll get the gangs and the fights and more division.

About those guns: Continue reading “It’s More Than Just the Guns”

Billy Graham

Kathie Lee Gifford reacts to death of Rev. Billy Graham

“My whole family came to Jesus through the Billy Graham organization.”Kathie Lee Gifford shares her personal journey and relationship with Rev. Billy Graham on Megyn Kelly TODAY.

Posted by Washington Free Beacon on Wednesday, February 21, 2018


No Christianity Without Christian Nations

The Necessity of A Christian State

Summary:  There can be no Christianity without a Christian State.

The Pilgrims and Puritans came to North America and established Christian forms of government — explicitly Christian.

Fast forward to 1789 with the adoption of the US constitution which, though compatible with Christianity, was influenced by non-Christian ideas.

As atheism grew in our churches and universities and became the established religion — what is taught by professors (those who profess) is the established, tax funded religion/world view.     Thus it is illegal to pray in schools.  It is illegal to have the Ten Commandments in public places, including schools.  It is illegal in much of Europe, Canada and the US to criticize sin (including homosexuality) or Islam. Continue reading “No Christianity Without Christian Nations”

Mass Shootings

Been there done that.

I’ve lived in countries and cultures with Zero Tolerance for weapons. Any weapons. Pistols, revolvers, shotguns, single shots, bolt action, semi-automatic.

I lived on the front lines of Mexico’s border zone.  It was and remains 100% illegal for a Mexican citizen to own a firearm of any kind in his own country.

But the narcos have access to rifles, “assault” rifles, grenade launchers, revolvers, .50 caliber machine guns and everything else out there.  The average Mexican is just a potential victim. Continue reading “Mass Shootings”