It’s More Than Just the Guns

It’s my opinion — crazy as it is — that school districts should be local school districts — completely controlled by the tax paying parents living there.

Right now, we have little control — I just learned that they are moving “low income” students from outside our SD into our schools. Why? To makes some Leftist’s view of how thing “ought to be” exist. I never got a vote in that. I never got a chance to voice my opinion on that. It wasn’t even a public debate — leftist bureaucrats who are saving the world made that decision for me. In the mean time, my kids are going to attend school with kids who don’t live in the district and don’t belong there. How does that build community? It undermines community. And we’ll get the gangs and the fights and more division.

About those guns: Continue reading “It’s More Than Just the Guns”

Billy Graham

Kathie Lee Gifford reacts to death of Rev. Billy Graham

“My whole family came to Jesus through the Billy Graham organization.”Kathie Lee Gifford shares her personal journey and relationship with Rev. Billy Graham on Megyn Kelly TODAY.

Posted by Washington Free Beacon on Wednesday, February 21, 2018


No Christianity Without Christian Nations

The Necessity of A Christian State

Summary:  There can be no Christianity without a Christian State.

The Pilgrims and Puritans came to North America and established Christian forms of government — explicitly Christian.

Fast forward to 1789 with the adoption of the US constitution which, though compatible with Christianity, was influenced by non-Christian ideas.

As atheism grew in our churches and universities and became the established religion — what is taught by professors (those who profess) is the established, tax funded religion/world view.     Thus it is illegal to pray in schools.  It is illegal to have the Ten Commandments in public places, including schools.  It is illegal in much of Europe, Canada and the US to criticize sin (including homosexuality) or Islam. Continue reading “No Christianity Without Christian Nations”

Mass Shootings

Been there done that.

I’ve lived in countries and cultures with Zero Tolerance for weapons. Any weapons. Pistols, revolvers, shotguns, single shots, bolt action, semi-automatic.

I lived on the front lines of Mexico’s border zone.  It was and remains 100% illegal for a Mexican citizen to own a firearm of any kind in his own country.

But the narcos have access to rifles, “assault” rifles, grenade launchers, revolvers, .50 caliber machine guns and everything else out there.  The average Mexican is just a potential victim. Continue reading “Mass Shootings”

God hated Babel

Kids are smart and I don’t talk down to mine. I ask them questions, like, “what is racist?”

“Dad,” one son said, “when you call someone a racial epithet, that is racist.”

“OK,” I reply, “but what raises the use of a racial epithet from rude or inconsiderate or boorish to ‘racist?’  Racist is a  special word — it is the unforgivable sin in our culture.  Why is calling a man an epithet worse than killing him?  And, why can Negros call negros the ’N’ word but others may not?”

To dear daughter I asked, “do you believe it is right to impose your morality of someone else?”

“No,” she replied, “of course not, that’s just wrong.” Continue reading “God hated Babel”

The Serfdom of America

The world as we know it is ending. Fools, the ignorant, and the rich don’t care. Some of us fall between the gaps here, neither foolish, ignorant nor rich. We worry.

We worry what happens when the happy money runs out. It is a “who is going to pay our paycheck” kind of worry. When the whole fake pyramid scheme falls apart, the rich will retire to their ranches in Montana, their island retreats in the Caribbean and their yachts in the Mediterranean. The rich never go hungry.

The poor will riot and burn and blame everyone but themselves. The rich will try to get the less rich to stamp out the rioting. It will work in some places. In others the cities will burn. Continue reading “The Serfdom of America”

Blood and Faith

Welcome to Blood and Faith.

These are the two foundations of culture.   These are the twin pillars of communities.  Without these foundations, there is no meaning.

The Left has a faith.  Part of their faith is to deny that it is a faith.  They claim it is “scientific materialism,” but it is neither scientific nor materialist except when it is convenient for them.  Marxism, socialism, social justice progressivism is  more than a faith, it is a hard core religion that demands total submission and obedience.  That faith is worse than wrong — it is evil. It dehumanizes those within it.   

All believe, even if they don’t think they believe and take their cues from stories that are told.  Legends, literature and lore create the foundations of our lives.  Even a “scientific” world view depends upon a creation myth — the idea that somehow life emerged from non-life and somehow entropy consistently  works in reverse. Continue reading “Blood and Faith”