On Milo —

I was contemplating, last night, the state of affairs in our once great nation.  I’m afraid the frog has fully boiled.  It’s not getting worse; it is as bad as it will be.  Don’t think we are in the twilight of our greatness — our greatness is gone. 

I don’t normally stick up for men who are homosexuals, since sodomy is evil. (I tried to find a kinder, gentler term than evil, but sugar-coating a turd is disgusting in and of itself).

I am surrounded by people-things who, with delight, will excoriate me for holding such an opinion.  Those same people-things will wax eloquent in defense of the surgical removal of male gonads accompanied by massive doses of estrogen — they call it good.  For to oppose self-emasculation is to be “transphobic,” they say.

Those people-things defend the destruction of children in public schools when they are taught that it’s OK to embrace a life-style of buggery, but they would call me out as a “homophobic” for pointing out what should only be obvious to anyone familiar with Moses’ story of Creation.

But enough about that.

Milo, the topic of this post, is fascinating — he is someone whom the Left should adore but hates: a gay Jewish man married to a Black man.  

And so I encourage everyone to read Milo’s recent speech Germans waking up and finally willing to speak out against the darkness in their own land.   

Here’s to Milo.  Read him. Follow him.  He’s dangerous:

But don’t, especially as Germans, allow guilt from the past and lies in the present to sabotage your future.

If you think I’m exaggerating about how they behave, here’s a quote from a 1943 Communist Party Directive: “When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable buildups, as fascist or Nazi or anti-Semitic, and use the prestige of antifascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them.”

I bring this up not gratuitously, but because where would such a tactic be more effective than Germany itself? This is name-calling of the very worst kind, an allegation of moral horror collapsed into a single two-syllable word that demands rebuttal.

When you call someone the n-word, the only person who looks bad is you. Not the black guy. But when you call someone a Nazi or a racist, you aren’t just calling them names. You are challenging them to disprove your allegation to the world while at the same time indelibly linking their name to something disgusting.

It is reprehensible and it is what your media to do you every single day.

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Cambria Has Not Yielded — and Never Will!!

So glad to see a brother strike back from a pagan’s blow: Cambria Will Not Yield is in force after a de-platforming attack.

Quotes from CWNY:

CWNY: “White people thrived under monarchies, and they have committed suicide in the democratic era, so I have no desire to see a democracy anywhere in the European world.”

(BAF says: “I’m a Monarchist; my King and Lord is Jesus Christ.  His Law, His rule, his Way; no syncretism with atheism.  Christ has no equality with other. The people are incapable of governing independent of the Creator and His Word, the Son of God: Jesus Christ is Lord of Lord and King of Kings.  When the people rebelled the earth swallowed them up.  So may it be today with the people and their Satan worshipping priests/prophets/professors in the universities.”)

CWNY: “White liberals try to conquer by assimilating the other atheistic religions denominations into his own denomination.”

(BAF says: “True, true, true.  The Liberal order mimics Nebuchadnezzar who allowed diverse customs as long as they bent the knee to a pagan empire.” Daniel 3)

CWNY: “You cannot defend a King [the Lord Jesus Christ] without defending His Kingdom [the bloodline who put the Cross on their banners].”

CWNY: “Let us be clear about old Europe and the brave new world we are facing.  The central event that created and sustained the European for centuries was the incarnation of Jesus Christ.”

Cambria Will Not Yield!



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By Blood and Faith

I support all the movements — Left and Right — that fight against what has come to be called “globalism.”  This is an ancient spirit, born after the flood as Nimrod conspired against the Almighty to keep mankind under one unified government. (Genesis 10:8, Genesis 11:1-9)

The spirit of globalism — one rule, one law, one morality, one conception of right and wrong, one people, efficiency on a global scale — is a continuation of the project of the Tower of Babel. (Genesis 11:1-9)

I support separation of bloodlines and languages Continue reading

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Why the West Hates Itself

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It’s OK to Be White

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Cambria Will Not Yield!

Cambria Will Not Yield, regardless of what evil men at WordPress do: https://cambriawillnotyield.wordpress.com

The more they attack his site, the more I’ll support CWNY.

If you are out there, CWNY, contact me and let me know how I can help. Your site, Christian Sir, will endure if I have anything to do with it. We will never yield.

That Which Endures.

Old Site: Cambria Will Not Yield.
WordPress Site: Cambria Will Not Yield

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They Are Coming For You, Church

Forces on the move will crush whatever is left of the Christian Church in America unless it wakes up. All the Leftist who rail against “hate” and “racism” are going to strangle the Christian church as soon as they are done strangling any person proud of their European bloodline or their Southern Heritage or who dare to declare that marriage is between a man and woman only. They are coming for you, Church. Stop acting so pious and pretty. Stop pretending that you can’t be sullied by the issues of the age. Too late!

They are the forces of hate — the Democrat Party, thePress, the Universities and Professors, the SPLC, Dead Mainline Churches who hate the “haters.”
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I Love Being WhiteThe Left isn’t intellectually honest enough to give a fair hearing to their opponents — they never have been. Anyone going through the university system should know this — they create words and terms that are vague enough (like ‘racist’), get people to believe in their validity, and then challenge people to prove they aren’t evil racists.

“Fritz, you’re a white guy. You want strong borders. You don’t like those little brown people from the south. You’re a racist and a Nazi,” I was told by a colleague.

In graduate school, where collegial discussion and freedom of thought are respected NOT! this she-devil spit at me across a table, “You’re a racist misogynist Nazi!” Why? Because I suggested that not all people used the term “lady” as a way to keep women down.

No one objected to her hate speech, which is exactly what calling someone a racist is.

Continue reading

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Wake Up, Christian!


Forces are rising in the United States that will not distinguish between Christian Orthodoxy and “racism,” and “hate speech.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center — the American hate group — identifies any group that is pro-traditional marriage, and resistant to Islamic immigration as “hate groups.” This includes the “Family Research Council,” affiliated with James Dobson of Focus on the Family. The FRC’s sin? They believe marriage is between a man and a woman only.

Hey, Christians, wake up!
Intolerance defines the Left — after decades of demanding toleration for their ideas, they are now intolerant of opposing ideas, designating them as “hate” and using their influence to force corporations (Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Google), universities, and governments to suppress ideas that challenge homosexuality, Islam, and Open Borders.

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Blood Matters

30 March 2019

I’m keen on pointing out that politics and religion mix; they have mixed, will mix and cannot be unmixed. Efforts to segregate “religious” ideas from moral and legal ideas are efforts to excise specific kinds of ideas (such as the Ten Commandments). It is sophistry, not rationality. Fallen man, like Satan, seeks legal and moral autonomy.

The literature from which a Christian’s ideas emerge ought to be the Hebrew Scriptures — the books of Moses. The Creator and creation are fundamental truths, in contrast to the theory of an independent self-existence (which is a Satanic idea promoted by the Priests and Prophets of our system — the university professors).

If the world talks about race and racism, I reference the books of Moses for context. So here it goes: Continue reading

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