Right and Left: Yes, There IS Overlap

As divided as we are, I think there is more in common between the Right and the Left than we commonly recognize.

Speaking for myself (on the Right), the global and economic and system advocating a “rule of Law” and “universal human rights” is but camouflage for totalitarians who espouse only “one” right way to think, act, and live. Global debt driven capitalism destroyed middle classes in Europe and America (unaffordable housing and the decimation of local businesses). Local production is better that international production — Continue reading

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It was not an obvious move, for me, to strike out into dangerous territory, which is to mix religion and politics. There are a lot of conservative writers and libertarian, and right wing thinkers and communicators. On the other hand, there are a lot of “Christian” writers and podcasts. And there is, to be fair, some overlap. There are a couple of bloggers and podcasters that I follow that are political, conservative, and Christian, and are open about advocating for a political system amenable to those values.

I think I’m doing something different.

I’m not interested in “conservative” politics for its own sake, nor libertarian politics, and, although I’m an orthodox Protestant Christian, this isn’t about a personal conversion to this religion nor the generic spiritual teachings one encounters at church.

Ultimately this is a quest for Truth; and starting from that foundation of Truth to work out the implications for that Truth in time, in the world, in history, in society through the rise and fall of civilizations. Continue reading

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Organic Society and What Right and Left Have in Common

We are lectured constantly on the need to “compromise” in our politics in order to get along because it is “bad” to be so “divisive.” It’s funny, though, how that compromise is and always will be a compromise toward the Left. The Left calls for compromise on gun control, alien amnesty, gay marriage, social services, student aid and more money for education. It is never a compromise to move the agenda to the Right (less gun control, less money for universities, stricter immigration, the establishment of marriage between male and female only).

The Republican Party has been the perfect partner to the Leftist Democrat party — it has howled in outrage and yet faithfully “compromised” with the Democrats at every stage an level through out presidential administrations. Republicans truly are the “loyal” opposition to the Democrats. Continue reading

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Universities ARE the State Establishment of Religion

There is no such thing as a non-religious order. The current religious order is a secular and atheistic order that, as a matter of dogma, asserts that this is not “religious.” Attached to this assertion of irreligiousity is a presumption (ingrained in the masses by our public school system) that the non-religions order is superior to and above that of the religious order.

But if religion is understood as a system of beliefs and a faith, then there is no such thing as a non-religious order. The secular bedrock of American education (and thus of all proceeding endeavors of mankind) is a deep and profound belief system. It is no more “scientific” than a Christian world view except that it self-deceives by claiming to be “scientific.” Continue reading

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I was called in by the Prime Minister. He asked me what to do. His country was a failure. Mired in debt, they had borrowed money from the foreigners for decades with no hope of repayment. Bankrupt, because the poor got poorer and there was no industry or agriculture to tax. High unemployment because, like most countries, they bought into the idea of open borders and free flow of trade and commerce. Cheap foreign goods drove small business into bankruptcy. They bought the lies of the world powers: “go into debt,” they said. “Open your borders,” the urged. They accepted foreign aid which drove farms out of business: they could not compete with free grain. Ninety percent of the farms ceased production, rural families urbanized and lived disease invested hovels. Tuberculosis exploded. Everyone wanted more. No one had anything to give. Foreign aid did nothing but cement institutional poverty for generations.

“Sir,” I said, “since you can’t sink any lower, there’s no downside to doing something different.”

And I laid it out to him.

“First,” I said, “democracy is a sham.” Continue reading

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Babel Must Fall

Globalisms is a term used to signify a process by which the entire globe comes under one set of rules, one set of rights, and one set of understandings how things are supposed to work (in the minds of the elites who set up this system). They (those elites) talk about a global system of law and universal human rights. It is the imposition of a world view upon everyone regardless of how they feel about it.

The benefits (per its advocates) are “rule of law” and “human rights;” and who could possible be against laws and rights? These memes claims a universal allegiance — laws and rights! But like most things, the devil is in the details.

Readers of this blog are already aware of how “rights” is nothing more than a rhetorical lever to move he debate to a different position without allowing the “opponents of human rights” to have a voice. Because, to opposed “universal human rights” is to be “racist,” or “sexist,” or some equally evil and non-definable sinner in the eyes of the duped and the globalist. Continue reading

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Prophets and Professors

There is a reason Jesus Christ commissioned us to go out and preach the Gospel to all nations (blood lines). People believe things based upon what they hear. Simple. No one is omniscient and we all rely up on the word of others to determine what is true. There isn’t enough time or bandwidth in our lives to figure out for ourselves what is true. That’s why we have “education” — it accelerates that process. But not all that is taught is true, not by far:

Many of us believed a fat old white man somehow fit down the chimney every Christmas Eve carrying a huge sack of gifts, and that somehow he made it to every chimney around the world traveling by a sleigh towed by flying reindeer.

When we grow up we are taught another lie: that life comes from non-life and that entropy works in reverse. These are the foundations of Evolution. Our teachers believe God is a myth and that there is no Judgement Day — they say that only eternal nothingness awaits us in the grave. These are the stories/myths they tell without any proof at all. This is their “gospel.”

There is a certain attraction to a God-less and Judgement-less existence — it means we will never be called into account for our lives. It seems innate in us that no one wants to be told what to do, and I think God allowed for that — he would have willing children, not mindless slaves.

The truth? Judgement is eternal, final, and all encompassing — no one gets away with anything. God knows the thoughts and intents of the heart; no excuses ever. All becomes clear and made right on the Judgement Day.

There is a class of people called teachers who are paid wages (from our taxes) to teach the “truths” of life and the world we live in. We may not think of them as religious teachers or priests or prophets, but the fill the same role: they teach — propagate — “truth.” Public school teachers are disciples of greater teachers — they were accredited by university “professors” who granted to them a public distinction of authority — a “degree” of education. Continue reading

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Free Thyself

It is hard to overstate the case of the demonization of Americans by the Democrat party the Left, and our media outlets. Hillary Clinton, when running for office, channelled the values of her peers; it rolled off her tongue, in public, so calmly, so matter-of-factly, and so simply:

“You know, just to be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric. Now some of those folks, they are irredeemable. But thankfully they are not America”

Hillary Clinton, 2016

Elites (like Hillary) truly consider themselves better, smarter, and more intelligent that the rest of us. They are so influential that 99% of Americans would agree that it is wrong to be all the things she defines as un-American and deplorable:

To be called one of those things is an act of dehumanization — none of the protections of the Constitution apply to you. You are illegitimate and therefor outside any protection from harm. Youcan be fired or jailed for committing thought crimes . “Hate crimes” are thought crimes. Kill a man for his shoes and it’s just murder; kill him and utter a forbidden word while you kill him (and then take his shoes) — that’s a thought crime and unforgivable. Continue reading

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What Happens?

What happens when people get so frustrated and they just can’t take it any more?

What happens when the traditional paths of dissent are closed?

What happens when you do all the right things, follow the rules, obey the law, respect the authorities, and you are so utterly silenced that you have no rights in a system that claims to care for you?

Continue reading
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Camille Paglia

Always one of my favorites. Atheist, Democrat, Lesbian. Prophets aren’t just holy men — they wear our clothes, speak our language and live our lifestyle.

Camille Paglia:

“I have been trying for decades to get my fellow Democrats to realize how unchecked bureaucracy, in government or academe, is inherently authoritarian and illiberal. A persistent characteristic of civilizations in decline throughout history has been their self-strangling by slow, swollen, and stupid bureaucracies.”
Continue reading

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