Notes on Jeremiah

Live Sunday morning — notes on Jeremiah.

Also: If only we had as much loyalty to our own race as we seem to have this false loyalty to those who call themselves Jews.

Fritz Berggren, PHD


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Next Week’s Paycheck

  • A discussion of the current domestic war.
  • There is no third path — that was Satan’s deception then, and it remains a deception now.
  • Honor is real; many non-Christians have honor to face the onslaught of evil in our time while many Christians and Pastors remain enslaved to their own cowardice.
  • The cudgels of guilt and shame that they beat us with.

Fritz Berggren, PHD

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Shaping the Battle Field in this Civil War

I enjoy Steve Bannon’s cold opens on Warroom because they acclimatize us to the hatred, vitriol, insouciance, arrogance, and animalistic rage of those who hate us. The closer we got to November 2024 the more they lose their collective minds.

“Crazy, jerks, death cult, fanatics, christian nationalists, anti-democratic, insurrectionists, justifying violence for their political goals” — it is all there. Every possible term than can demonize conservative and Christian Americans they have already used.

It was once taught in University that calling groups of people pejorative’s was a tactic of de-personing as a prelude to genocide. Seems they don’t teach that any more but surely those middle-aged demagogues have not forgotten.

We are bad, in their minds. And “bad” does not begin convey the irredeemable nature of American conservatives so their rhetorical cudgels descend from there: “bigots, enemies of democracy, enemies of the rule of law, enemies of the Constitution, unAmerican,” — the list goes on.  We are “Enemies.”  This is crystal clear.

What does this mean for you and I — we “conservatives?” It means exactly what our professors told us (some generations ago) what it means — we are being set up for a culling, a genocide, a mass incarceration, total unpersoning.

When I was a middle-schooler I recall the teacher asking us whether it would be proper to kill Adolph Hitler when he was a child if we knew what he was going to do. And the answer, he lead us to believe, was a definite “yes.” They are calling us Nazi’s and Fascists and Hitlers to shape the moral battleground in a way that will justify our extermination.

Is Civil War nigh? If not, then we have already surrendered to an illegitimate regime.
Is a government legitimate when it actively subverts the very document that’s its own legitimacy rests upon? No.

States are rallying their own troops to protect the US border from an invasion that has been wildly promoted by the current President. Hundreds of political prisoners rot in jail (the J6ers) while the Anti-Fa/BLM crowd get away with murder, arson, vandalism, riot and even secession (remember the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone?). Blacks get away with open murder when their victims are White, while Whites endure unequal treatment under the same laws.

If Christian Resistance is not nigh, then we shall go into that dark night as cowards, deserving the fate they have in store for us while our God and ancestors shall be eternally ashamed.  And, we shall have no offspring to even remember our names.

Their demonization gives cover to the people who will vandalize your home, kill you, beat you, and throw you in jail. This won’t be just Anti-Fa and BLM, but it will be some federal law enforcement as well, if not “UN” forces. Or, federal troops perhaps made up of the 20 million new arrivals — Ukraine just started doing this — they would be more that happy to “suppress insurrection” on behalf of the Biden/Harris/Obama regime.fine

If you and I are not really human (a their rhetoric  implies), we forfeit any right to the protections of citizenship. We are, in their minds, crazy jerks who are anti-democratic members of a death cult trying to overturn the Constitution. (Yes, they used those words).

None of this is trending toward a peaceful resolution. These are not the sayings of Anti-Fa, and BLM— this is what corporate America is saying — the MSM — and most university professors.

My point? Please mentally accept today’s reality — that is the only way you can even begin to protect yourself. The kinetic war began in 2020 as Anti-Fa/BLMs burned our cities and the administrative state refused to take orders from a duly elected President. They are not the “democrats” they claim to be. They are prepping the battlefield for what is to come by utterly demonizing, essentially, Whites and Christians.

We must recognize that it’s too late for reconciliation. Getting along, to them, means the complete surrender of Christians and Whites to their relentless demonization, violence, law fare and excommunication from civil society. To them, getting along requires Conservatives to grovel and supplicate before them, to give them everything they want including our children and grandchildren. We must agree with them at every point. Kill yourself, even (as many of them have suggesting that Whites must do).

Then you will get along with them. Is peace worth that price? Don’t delude yourself — nothing less will satisfy the Beast.

Many have surrendered to their own shame; even if life is better for you, what does that do to your children and grandchildren?

We owe God and our grandchildren our own lives in resistance to the evils of sodomy, transsexualism, rape (physical and psychological), demonetization, and genetic annihilation. Debt slavery and death (the Jab) are now — we suffer under it as cowards and fools.

If you consider yourself a man, resistance is your minimum duty. (Many women are braver that some of the “Christian” men I have seen).

Preachers, where are you? Avoiding controversy? Preaching the same old sermons while the children of your parishioners grown blue hair? Can not you see that we Christians have failed to speak up against the evil because we have prostrated ourselves before our enemies in hopes of an earthly peace?

Jesus Christ was not cowed by their name calling. He warned us that this was coming. If you prefer to get along with them instead of fighting then you are no brother of mine and, heaven forbid, you may find yourself and enemy of God (James 4:4).

We are at war — it’s time to shed our cowardice and stand to. And it all starts with what comes out of our mouth. As the sodomites used to say: “Silence equals death.”

Fritz Berggren, PHDworse biden
22 February 2024.

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Condemning God

  • The old Babel is today’s “no nation, no borders.”
  • Pastors condemning God.
  • If the Jew don’t hate you, you’re doing it wrong.

Fritz Berggren, PHD

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Awkward Moment of the Judgement Day for the Pastor

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Artificial Intelligence, Censorship, and Evangelism

  • Will AI bring Obama’s desire to “curate the news” to reality?
  • What to do about it.
  •’s “woke AI” and John 8:44
  • The greatest censorship tool is self-censorship by Christians and Pastors.

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How to Control the World

In many ways Tucker’s interview with Benz describes the techniques that fulfill the mission of creation “Truth Regimmes” that Foucault talked about. This goes hand-in-hand with my live thestream on Rumble Sunday

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Why Should God Save America?

The utter failure of modern evangelicalism. A church ashamed of the words of Jesus Christ. The mandate is to bring discipline to entire nations, not find accommodation with Christ’s mortal enemies (the Jews).

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Christian Evangelism IS the Formation of the Overton Window (or it should be!)

Going LIVE at 10:00 AM Mountain:

This discussion links Christian evangelism with Michel Foucault’s “Regime of Truth,” Gramsci’s “cultural hegemony,” the “overton window,” and time allowing, some breif thoughts on master practioners of the game, the Frankfurt School.

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Fritz Berggren: A Personal Journey

  • How did Fritz Berggren arrive at the place he is today?
  • Fritz Berggren, not a brave man.
  • The evangelical church and irreversible commitments.
  • Does the church even like Jesus Christ?

Fritz Berggren, PhD

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