Repentance: Undoing Eve’s Arrogance

Bottom line, repentance is undoing what Eve did. Eve placed herself in a position to judge God. She rejected the Word from her husband Adam, was “evangelized” by Lucifer, and decided she could make the decision herself.

Repentance is undoing what Eve did — it is an intellectual humbling where you acknowledge that you can’t figure this out, that you must accept by faith the Word of God.

Also, all men have “scriptures” from which they derive their ideas. The atheist has his Scripture just as much as the Christian. They have their televagenlists, too.  It is folly to think that you are not a man of faith just because you are an atheist.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
9 Sept 2020

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One Response to Repentance: Undoing Eve’s Arrogance

  1. larryzb says:

    Yes, but people need to govern their religious fervor with reason.

    Today, ideology is a substitute for religion for many people. Ideological fanaticism has led to hundreds of millions of deaths in the past 100 hundred years.

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