Podcast: Biden,Prepping, Dems v. Repubs, and Cemetaries

Biden: Who is running the show?  Clearly he is intellectually limited — who is calling the shots behind the scenes? When will this be addressed?  They know but they aren’t talking about it.

Prepping: Life Insurance is a “prep.” The Boy Scouts say  “be prepared.”   Prepping is just a hedge against a potential future outcome no different than buying life insurance or having and extra can of gas for your car.  It is a low cost hedge against an unlikely future outcome.  Anyone who buys life insurance is a “prepper.” Hedging against possible future bad outcomes is wisdom and prudence.

Democrats versus Republicans: What’s the difference? Not much.  Rs have been the “loyal opposition” to the Democrats my whole life-time.  It’s a marketing gimmick — Fox News and the Drudge Report. Did someone blackmail them?

Cemeteries: They add balance to life, they are a physically representation of mortality in a culture that pretends death never comes.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
21 March 2021

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