No Non-Radical Solution

It should be clear by now that Americans do not have a government responsive to their desires. Bluntly, we are a democracy in name only, we are a “constitutional republic” in name only. The Truth is that forces unseen and unaccountable make decision sin their interests and contrary to that of average Americans. Nothing could be clearer that the mass invasion of American by illegal aliens ENCOURAGED by the Biden Administration.

Other examples include the protection of homosexual marriage, tranny story your in grade school, FBI putting soccer Moms on watch lists, the unconstitutional surveillance of our private communications, endless wars (now in the Ukraine), the abolition of Christianity from the public sphere, and the normalization of debt-slavery for middle-America while huge banks and financial firms consistently are bailed out.

No one voted for these things.
Therefore, we are not going to fix these things by voting.

Once upon a time, Americans overlooked this anti-democratic arrangement as long as their living standards assuaged their desire for comfort. It is questionable how much longer this will last. The “regime” knows this, and that is why it has double down on out-lawing domestic dissent, and has turned the National Security state against American citizens.

These are facts.

What Americans have yet to discern is whom to blame, for there is enough to go around. “Confusing” perfectly describes attempts to sort out this mess, and that is on purpose. Multiple hidden hands — perhaps controlled by some ultimate power — keep us confused, guessing, blaming, angry, divided and completely unable to identify, close with, and destroy the Enemy of the American People.

Even defining “an American” is confusing. Since the immigration reforms acts of the 1960s, we have lived under the belief (and it isn only a belief – no historical analysis supports this belief) that once new immigrants arrive they quickly become “American” and we live happily every after.

When that belief ran into a wall of facts, those in power blamed not the immigrants, but the White and Christian Americans — those whose ancestors built America. “Racism,” we were told, “is the problem.” What that meant was “Whites are the problem — let’s get rid of them as a people, a race, a culture, and an identify.” And so that has truly been the policy pursed by those in power.

Instead of recognizing that mixing dissimilar peoples was not the road to utopia, the very people and that made America such an attractive place to move to were demonized. There is no mass migration to Somalia or Rwanda or Guatemala (as nice as that country is). No people moving to America want to be ruled by Africans or Moslems or Chinese. They come to historically White and Christian countries while the Hidden Power destroyed the White and Christian nature of White and Christian societies. Who are the people? Who are the destroyers?

No one comes to America to be ruled by tribal Africans who have been taught to hate the White race, yet the Hidden Power seeks to destroy the White and Christian nation. Who are they?

Entire libraries have been printed describing both the evils of communism — and by extension of the Left in general, as well as of “right wing” extremism whether of Hitler or de Gaulle, or the Spanish Republic. It has been said that the best way to control the Opposition is to run it yourself and there is growing evidence that many governments have created opposition movements simply to justify their own power. This is true from current accusation regarding the founding of Hamas by Israel to the growing evidence that the America police and intelligence services have instigating “right wing” attacks from January 6, to the alleged plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer. No one knows what to believe and that is the whole point. It allows those in power to govern as they see fit with no oversight from “we the people.” If Truth is destroyed the Enemy can never be wrong.

As a radical — a Christian radical — I can only offer you the radical solution. Instead of being ping-ponged around with fake news and government lies, society ought repair to Truth — the source of Truth as far as man can know it — to the Holy Scriptures. The Bible offers not just specific guidance (such as honoring one’s ancestors, moral temperance, etc) but the effect of Truth upon the thought of a nation cannot be underestimated. In other words, when a culture is Biblically fluent, that culture is wiser to the wiles of the Enemy, and less inclined to foolish lies and deceptions.

Who normalized the removal of Truth (the Bible) from our institutions?

There simply is no neutral “third path” by which humanity can all get along. The Hidden Power knows this — this is why they are hell-bent on purging the knowledge of the Scriptures from American society. With out that anchor — that map and compass — we are left confused, demoralized, weak and submissive.. All attempts to resist the corruption are met with jeers of ridicule and tidal waves of lies as we run in fear, cowardice and ignorance.

Why cannot we discern the truth as a society? Because we have fallen for the lie that there exists a neutral way, a “scientific” approach that is above partisan, religious, moral and cultural biases — this is the Big Lie.

The post-Christian West, once known as Christendom, has abandoned Truth. Therefore we are confused and ruled by evil people.

The Christian radical insists on getting to the root of the problem, not finding common ground which, generation by generation, merely strips the Church of the power of Truth.

His Word is Truth. That Bible we carry to church must form the conscience and world view of the societies we live in — that is the meaning of the Great Commission. The alternative is a society in which pederasty is normalized and children are hidden from their parents in order to sterilize, neuter, and sexually destroy them.

I don’t wait on the the masses to recognize the connection between the Bible and a whole society; I wait on the pulpits to wake up and tell the Truth in the church. There is no non-radical solution.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
October 2023

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