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Aftershow: Half-Time Report

It’s half time and the Left has dominated yards rushing and time in possession. Yet, the Left has woken up a giant around the world. Momentum has shifted. Now the Left must counter with another Covid or a War.

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Religious Exemption Approved

“They” approved my request for a religious exemption from the Jab. Here is the case I made: I’m not sure if it is good or bad that it got approved.  Does this “exemption” exercise  set the precedent that we … Continue reading

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Human Hybrids, Vax Submission, The Purge, and Joining the Resistance

”Mixing of Kinds,” also known as human-alien hybrids The Purge (forcing political free thinkers into poverty) The Danger of Joining big organizations (Go Local, go Meatspace, Instead) Rebel Leader One (Jesus Christ was the original Insurrectionist against Satan‘s government)

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Covid Vax Requirement Means . . . What?

What, exactly, is the “vaccine requirement?” The observable truth is that it changes every month. One jab. Two jabs. Now with a booster shot. Vax loses effect after six months. Boosters every six months? Will Covid change (yes)? So the … Continue reading

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Men, Subservience, Covid, and the Cult

Men do not owe unlimited obedience to any earthly authority. The obedience and submission currently demanded is what a cult does — shame and guilt manipulation coupled with enforcement mechanism that exile unbelievers from society (travel bans, employment bans, etc). … Continue reading

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