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Aftershow: Race War

Part Two of Ethno-Nationalism, focus on the White race, the Christian race. King David had ruddy skin and beautiful eyes — He was White. Jesus Christ as the Son of David. The first public act of Moses was to engage … Continue reading

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Genocide Against the White Race

Jews advance the genocide of the White Race. Christians, either side with what Jesus Christ said, or forsake Him utterly. No middle ground. Be serious or go home. https://www.theburningplatform.com/2023/12/03/hard-proof-of-a-highly-organized-long-planned-global-covid-vaccine-genocide/

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Aftershow: Historical Change is Upon Us

— Genocides in History — Animated Maps — Europe and America — Conservative Newspaper calling for Martial Law — If US is down,can NZ, AUS, CAN, GB  survive? —Holodomor

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Covid, Genocide, and Preparing for What’s Coming

 Covid and the Jab Genocide is real — from the French Revolution to PolPot, Stalin, Mao and coming soon for the “irredeemables,” “deplorables,” “facists,” “antivaxxers,” “white supremecists,” etc. What they call you signals what they intend to do with … Continue reading

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