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Religious Exemption to Covid “Vaccination”

The following is from the religious accommodation request I submitted to my employer:

1. Please describe the nature of your objection to the COVID-19 vaccination

I have a fundamental religious objection to any person or entity demanding that I accept involuntary and unknown medical procedures for which I do not consent. This is a violation of my conscience as a human being, a violation of God’s ownership of my own body and an illegitimate specific demand. The coercive “executive order” is illegitimate as it reduces all persons to but chattel of the claiming authority (in this case the Biden administration). Since I am scientifically unfamiliar with the substance and method of production, I cannot render an informed consent on the goodness of the substance (aka “vaccine”) other than understanding it is not milk or wheat or apples are any natural thing we all know as food. Asking a person to “trust the science” is a religious demand. As a Christian, I trust in God. Pedantic, droning, and overbearing demands to “trust the science” has become recently a cultish dogma used to shame people into submission — this I cannot and will not do. Continue reading