Hatred of Whites is Real. It’s Growing. There IS a Solution.

I read something this morning that disturbed me deeply. So deeply that
my initial instinct was to pretend I did not read it. But I did.

And then I wanted to ignore it — and hope it went away.

But it won’t. I’ve run into this before and never really treated it
with the seriousness that it deserves. A rational person shouldn’t have to worry about ravings of the irrational, right?

But I cannot escape this so I have to deal with it head on.

Yes, I’ve written about the hatred towards whites that is out there.
But it’s always been in that context — a few kooks out there, no one can really take this stuff seriously.

But Hatred of Whites is mainstream now, even among Whites. They hate White people for the crime of being White and not being ashamed of yourself or your bloodline.

I should have taken this seriously years ago when I was in graduate school and a professor — very seriously — told his graduate students that all the problems in the world relate back to White European Men.

I shrugged it off to the idiocy of the academy — I went it grad school with eyes wide open. I knew already they hated Christianity; I am a Christian. So I was aware that I would have to do some mental gymnastics in order to navigate the system.

In retrospect I should have dug deeper. I was deeply versed in classical communist literature: Marx, Lenin, Stalin and the new versoins including Gramscii, Foucault, and the various Feminist theoreticians. No big deal.

I actually discovered something very interesting — the logical end of the Enlightenment experiment. This moment occurs when men give up on language as a purely representational phenomena and realize that language itself controls as well as offering tools for manipulating one’s intellectual world.

In any case, Christianity resolves that dilemna by recognized the centrality of Language in the human experience and the utter dependence upon language to make sense of anything — to provide meaning —  salvation from meaninglessness.

In Christianity, the Word does not just represent, it creates, frames, and controls.  Jesus Christ is the Word of God. He does nto just represent God, Jesus Christ is the Creator.  The WORD is not just representative, it is Creative — this is fundament to Christian theology.

A Christian world view resolves the internal inconsistency of the Enlightenment. And it did so two millenia before our modern linguistic theoreticians. (John1: 1-5)

Ahh . . . you’ve caught me straying again.

Clearly the French Enlightenment thinkers and classical Marxist were haters of Christianity — the Word of God.

But I’ve discovered (long known to others) people that make the elimination of the White race (commonly called genocide, except when used against Whites).  No one talks of the White Genocide in Haiti circa 1800.  And the Armenia genocide is avoided a topic of discussion since folks don’t want to criticize Muslims.  The Holdomor is virtually unknown in the West.

A Jewish professor at Harvard University name Noel Ignatiev spent his life time legitimating the concept of White Genocide.

I would tell you that had he written about any other race but Whites he would have been tarred and feather and kicked out of the university, but you already know that. Everyone knows that.  And that we all know that is OK to hate White people — and that it is expected for our institutions to hate White people — and that is an indication of how far we have fallen.

I love White people. I love White Culture. I love White lands. I love White Christianity.
I cannot apologize for this.

The Fifth Commandment — the Commandment that Jesus Christ singled out when he rebuke the Pharisees — honor one’s father and mother.   That is,  honor one’s ancestors.

I will point out that calling one’s ancestors “racists” is speaking evil of them.

It is anti-Christian to disown and speak evil of one’s ancestors. That is a fundamentally anti-Christian idea.  Honoring one’s ancestors is fundamental to all human identity and the Word of God demands this of all people.

Second, it is anti-Christian to atone for one’s own sins or the sins of others.
No amount of self-indulgent guilt-shaming — which is really moral posturing and public bragging — the kind of bragging that Jesus Christ warned against.   Remember the Pharisee saying his prayers out loud in the synagogue as  display of self-righteousness?  That  will absolve you or your ancestors of sin and it is what “woke” white people seem to practice, including evangelical Christians. Those that do these things are guilty of the kind of moral self-righteousness and hypcrisy that Jesus despised.

Jesus Christ delivers men from guilt — it is anti-Christ who wears guilt like a shawl over their shoulders as as signal of false righteousness.  And it is the anti-Christ who clothes men with this guilt.

These hypocritical posers (White people) rail publicly against racism (and Nazi’s and Fascists).  They engage in physical against White people in order to demonstrate their own righteousness.

It’s not only ridiculous, it is also diametrically opposed to the wishes of the King, Jesus Christ.

So, White people, you have to do a couple things here.

1) Recognize that the hatred of Whites is real and is deeply embedded in the American educational and political system.  Don’t pretend (like I did) that it is not real.
2) Reject self-hatred it all it’s forms.  Teach your children to honor their White ancestors.
3) Honor your Father and Mother — honor them by honoring their father and mother . . . our ancestors.
4) Reject the false guilt of the the new Pharisees — the just shall live by faith. You cannot  absolve yourself of guilt but self-flagellation — that is an anti-Christian (or at least anti-Protestant) idea.

There is nothing morally superior about self hatred. Assuming a false sense of guilt from  those who hate your ancestors is against the Commandment of Jesus Christ.

God created you. He created your ancstors. You are required to honor your ancestors.
Jesus Christ atoned for sins — to wear a shawl of shame around your shoulders is a funamentally anti-Christian act.

Now, I could go long on this.  I could acknowledge that Christianity is a White religion (which would greatly anger the majorityof Evangelicals while the anti-Christ SJWs would cheer), but this is a huge topic.

Yes, it is true that all the Scriptures written since the Resurrection are written in a European language and yes, the Gospel was specifically targeted toward Europe (Paul’s journies, Peter’s awakening, the Scriptures written in Greek), and yes the Gospel of Jesus Chrsit is available for ALL NATIONs/RACES/BLOODLINES including for the Jews.  Europeans have been uniquely responsible for receiving and they sharing the Gospel with the rest of the world — this is something we ought be proud of, and continue.

Hating White people is not a sign of superior morality — it is quite the opposite.

White people ought to consider repentingg of believing in  anti-Christ ideas and return to the God whose symbols is emblazoned upon their ancestral banners.

Christianity ought to be the White religion — it supports us and justies us and protects us
and validates us. It releases us from the guilt that the new Pharisees would use to contorl us.

Ultimately, the hatred of Whites is the hatred of Christ.

So let’s embrace this fact, return to our Monarch and let the heathen rage.

Fritz Berggren, PhD

PS: And, yes, Christianity ought be the religion of the Chinese, and the Jews, and the Nigerians and the Arabs and everyone else.  All nations (as distinct nations) ought to be discipled into obedience to the King of Kings. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess to the glory of the Father that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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