Racial Solidarity is Inherently Anti-Totalitarian

For all the supporters of a state Palestine, of Israel, of the Latino community, of Black Lives Matter, Mecha, La Raza, the AdL, or the racial reconstruction of South Africa, Rhodesia or any organization, state, or group motivated by racial solidarity (even the Congressional Black Caucus and Hispanic Caucus), why in the world can’t they support the idea of White solidarity?   Why would they deny to others a right they claim for themselves?

White people need to wake up and realize that the real perpetrators of hate speech are the the moral posers who call white people fascists and racists and nazi’s and haters.  Anyone who calls a white man a “racist” is spewing hatred.  And if they say, “what if the are?” the the response is simply “are you justifying calling a black man a racial ephithet because they are?”  It’s the same logic.  They’ll howl and scream and refuse to listen, but that’s always the way it is with the left, the use logic when it works and use emotion and violence rationality doesn’t get them what they want.

Embracing the “racist” as legitimate is a mistaken as embracing the “N-word” as legitimate. The term is a pure pejorative design to accuse without proof or logic or rationality; it is a crime of thought for which no atonement can be made nor innocence proved. It is a term of accusation invented by the Great Accuser and should be rejected wholesale.  There is no way out of this mess until those who would be free of guilt manipulation wake up and reject this term wholesale.

What kind of hypocrisy is it to support racial movements for non-whites and yet tell white’s they are “nazi’s” when they do what makes sense to every other ethnic community?

This is so profoundly illogical and inconsistent that it is a testament to the blindness of mankind that million of whites go along with this non-sense.   White’s ought to be as self-organized and self-interested as every other racial grouping without apologizing for it.

Ditto for Christians.   Ditto for White Christians.

Here’s where we are going with this:

It is apparent to a lot of us (who are paying attention), that the viability of the United States as reconstructed after the Civil War (as a unitary state),  and then contrary to that  unification purposely destroyed the unifying factors that could have made this work, namely a strong majority of whites and Christians.   

So on one hand, Lincoln’s War suppressed political dissent and the ability to peaceably divide (to be diverse).  The Unions war was the ultimate expression of “intolerance” for other ways of doing things (this of course continues with our wars in the Middle East and the insistence on imposing foreign ways of foreign peoples).   And on the other hand, beginning in the 1960s, we purposely weakened the unifying factors of a White race and Christianity.  Diversity is good we were told, and the borders were opened (by both parties) and the Courts crushed Christianity has a central ideological factor in this country.

And we wonder now why we are tearing ourselves apart and the Left things this was a plot by White Christians.  No.  It was the destruction of a White and Christian nation/state that has made this empire ungovernable — it is mixing oil and water.

On the one hand, the government demands a uniformity of thought, laws, policies and now even speech (with Big Tech, Leftist NGOs, and the government conspiring to shut down honest dissent) and on the other hand welcoming every manner of foreign peoples and customs into the land and “celebrating diversity.”  

How does this possibly work?

It doesn’t.  There is no historical example in the world where you mix peoples and world views in one territory under one central government and still have anything remotely considering freedom and liberty.  And thus it is being crushed in the United States.   Additionally, the ideas of Liberty understood by the framers of the Constitution fundamentally different from how, say, the Japanese may conceive of an ideal society, or Muslim immigrants, or those from Central America.

Anything antithetical to the totalitarian impulse of Big Government is called both “extremist” or “racist.”   Any move to preserve Christian morals is suppressed by the Courts.  And God help the White person bold enough to speak for his people in the same why Mandela or King spoke for Blacks, or the Jews speak for theirs.  “It’s hate speech,” they say when a White says for Whites what La Raza says for Mexicans or Al Sharpton says for blacks.  It’s pure hypocrisy and ignorance and White liberal are the most guilty of this.  What kind of ignorance is that?

So the liberty is gone.  It’s over.  There is no freedom of association for Europeans to want to associate with Europeans.  But universities across America are creating places were Whites are not allowed, and are creating separate graduation ceremonies for non-Whites.   There is no freedom of speech for true dissidents, including White Identitarians, which would be the equivalent of a La Raza for Whites, a BLM for Whites, a state of Israel for Whites.  There is freedom of speech only for for those supporting the officially sanctioned narrative of “diversity and tolerance and inclusion” even in the face of the pure hypocrisy of their stance while they sanction those with other opinions.    

We live in the Big Lie, now.  Like sheep most of us just go along.

Sooner or later, thought, the Big Lie will collapse.   

Babel was a totalitarian system of one people and language and God personally intervened to destroy it.  At the end of the world cycle Babel remerges, but as iron is mixed with clay with peoples intermingle, it simple does not last.

As long at it  does last it will remain in rebellion against the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

It is the duty of Christians to understand this. It is the duty of Christian to resist that all encompassing spirit of Babel that lies when it says they believe in tolerance and diversity.   

Whoever you are, I applaud your loyalty to your bloodline (your ancestors and offspring and those related to you). This is the most natural thing in the world.  Never apologize for it.  And if you are not White, stop criticizing them for doing what you ought be doing— which is building kinship and loyalty within your people.   Totalitarian systems hate this because it (that racial loyalty) becomes a competing source of power and loyalty.  Thus, all racial solidarity is inherently anti-totalitarian.

We are not all one.  The United State has made this clear when white identity movements are demonized and non-white identity movements are welcomed and officially sanctioned.  We are not one when Christianity is effectively outlawed in the public sphere, atheism is imposed, and we open our borders to Islam.   This is the suicide of a country.   

And it cannot be reversed.

What will happen is what will happened when any empire collapses.  Division (which the Left is famous for inciting) has already devolved into a low level insurgency (from BLM murders to Anti-Fa violence) and then we break apart into factions and eventually self-segregate after bloodshed and violence.  Witness the old Soviet Union, the Sunni-Shia insurgency in Iraq, the break up of Yugoslavia, and the fierce violence between African tribes in Africa (they are not all one there either).

Recognizing that this is the natural and inevitable outcome of mixing iron and clay and building a Babel in defiance against the King, we must prepare for that future.

That future includes explicitly Christian peoples who will found their institutions upon the Truth of the Holy Scriptures, be it in Law, Education, the Family and general morality.  It is likely that these new nation-states will be racially more homogenous than less so.  In other words, the future holds  a rebellion against the policy of forced racial, cultural, and world view mixing being imposed, unwillingly, upon the people of the United States; and this isn’t just the mixing from open borders, but the forced integration of schools, universities, professions, and even neighborhoods and the suppression of Christianity.

No one asked for this.  It was imposed from above by little tyrants in black robes (called judges) who are the disciples of a religion led by  priests and prophets (commonly known as university professors).  It is all a closed system that does not answer to anyone but themselves — it is the perfect example of a closed religious hierarchy, much like the Catholic Church was in the Middle Ages.  It is so dominant that to question it’s supremacy is a heresy of the worst kind — the universities and their professors are sacrosanct— beyond questioning.   And this is the worst kind of religious system and it now rules with an iron fist over the United States and much of Europe.

When it is questioned or doubted, it (the religious system composed of our universities, their world view, and their priestly/professorial caste) hurl damnations back with all the fury and righteousness of any prophet or preacher for eras gone by.    But these new prophets (our professors and academics) call evil good and good evil and invert the entire narrative laid out in the Holy Scriptures.

It is a sick system in which some bloodlines can call the majority bloodline evil (as in, “racist”) and thereby extract endless rents (preference in housing, schools, jobs, business) and all the while never pursuing their own independent destiny as a worthy sovereign people.  It is an abusive relationship in which the one side (represented by the Al Sharpton’s of the world) are afforded every consideration and benefit by the majority whites while enduring the hatred of the same.  They call us “racists” and demand more benefits.  And we comply.  They call us the Oppressors and demand relief.  They call us Colonial masters and want r eparations.  But it’s a fixed game — the reparations and benefits and relief they seek can only be provided by the Whites — they can never do it for themselves as any truly great people would.   They cling to their position of “oppressed” and “victim” so that they can impose a guilt upon others and extract endless benefits while damning their benefactors and never seeking true independence because they have a good thing going.

A truly great and free people would self-separate and determine their own way in the world without a dependency upon another.  And so those non-Whites screaming loudest of victimhood will never grow up and go their own way because they like the ease of blaming others, in perpetuity, and extracting benefits.  This is weakness of the basest sort, but I look for the day when leaders of those races reject this forced abusive relationship and simply grow up.

But I doubt it will happen.  Only the greatest peoples can do this.  The Jews did this — they left Europe and started their own ethnic nation state and good on them.   They should be emulated, but it takes a brave and determined people who cling deeply to their bloodline identity to forge this difficult path.    And then, to, blood alone is insufficient— one must share a faith and vision of the past and future to build together an independent and self-sufficient people.

Europeans are not one people — as the multitude of nations within Europe testify.  And even when they are considered so, there was Catholic and Protestant (both subsumed by the general atheism of this age with is too weak to resist the invader).   And French speaking and English speaking, as the Canadians can testify, and other languages.

A nation must have more than a common bloodline and language. It must be a common vision of past, present and future and for the Christian this narrative comes from the Holy Scriptures — it cannot come from any other place for a Christian people.  And so the Whites in North America will have to divide — clearly tens of millions (including nominal Christians) will assault with vigor the idea that Jesus Christ is really Lord of every nation.  

I would rather a thousand warring nations/states than one monolithic global totalitarian system.  It must collapse.   Let Muslim be Muslim. Let Christian peoples be Christian. Let the Jews have their own nation/state (as they already do).

But the general amalgamation of all into a forced blending and total suppression of all meaningful differences is antithetical to the Narrative provided by the Almighty  — this is the significance of the Tower of Babel, which God hated and destroyed.

Let the nations arise and the enemy be scattered.

If God has intended all to be one, he would have rewarded and blessed Babel. If we want us to speak one language, he would not have divided the tongues.  If he had wanted a borderless world, then why did he with such painstaking preciseness lay  down the borders not only for the nation of Israel, but even for each of the twelve tribes within Israel.  Borders and bloodlines and nations are a feature and design of His Great Narrative.

Finally, to claim “we are all the same” in this era is not dissimilar to the claim of communists that “we all share the wealth.”  Russia and China learned the hard way that people really cannot be remade into the “New Man.”  I think we are seeing outbreaks of this realization  in North America and Europe, too, where people are waking up to the false promise of amalgamation and universal brotherhood.  In a hundred years (perhaps after a 100 years of race war) we’ll finally wake up and say “yeah, that was a really stupid idea.”

Right now, though, we have to fight our way through it.  And the goal is  the emergence nations states that bring glory to Jesus Christ by adopting the legal, historical, and moral narrative of the Holy Scriptures into the very foundations of their corporate identity and institutions.

We march through Daniel 2:41-43 and boldly continue the project of Daniel 2:44.  And indeed, this has been happening since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ some two millennia ago.  And though times seem dark now, that is the course of history and should be familiar with any reader of the Hebrew Scriptures.  Satan trembles as the Church awakens.  The Church,  in its ease and compromise, has slept with the Enemy,  and has compromised away the gains our forefathers made in the establishment of Christian nations and peoples.

It is not the purpose of the Gospel to convert individuals and abandon nations — all nations, as nations, are to be preached to, and then discipled should they choose to bow the knee to the King.  When God chose Abram, it was to make many nations — not just individuals.   

The Church is sick of self-diagnoses and spiritual self-centeredness. God does not care about you as much as you think he does — you are not the center of the universe.  God cares about nations — entire nations.  This isn’t about you feeling better or going to heaven — it is about conquering the nations of the world by the Word of Jesus Christ.   The vision of the Church is vastly too limited — it should be converting nation states to be Christian states — the entire institutional framework of a civilization — not cowering in corners waiting for the day to come that they fly away while justifying our own impotence by assuring ourselves that things will get worse as this era draws to a close.

Non-sense all.  The work must be to establish Christian nations whose state (the mechanics of governance) reflect the narrative (legal, political, history, moral) offered through  the writings from Genesis through Revelation.  Anything less is an abandonment of the Great Commission.

41 Just as you saw that the feet and toes were partly of baked clay and partly of iron, so this will be a divided kingdom; yet it will have some of the strength of iron in it, even as you saw iron mixed with clay. 42 As the toes were partly iron and partly clay, so this kingdom will be partly strong and partly brittle. 43 And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.
44 “In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.(Daniel 2:41-44)

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
8 September 2019

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