True North

True North

There has to be arrows pointing true north.
People can be lost.
People can choose to be lost.
People can choose to go their own way.
But there has to be arrows pointing true north.

True North can only be pointed out by a people who know the Hebrew and Greek writings, the Bible, and are willing to be seen and noticed. 

Wandering souls cry out for true north in their hearts.
Who will tell them where it is?

Christians are the only arrows that can people which way North lies.

The lost will may follow the right direction if they are shown it.
They may repent and follow the narrow path.
Or they may decide they really didn’t want to know true north after all.

Christians will be judged on whether or not we offered that Arrow.
Or whether it was too much trouble to tell them they were off track.

This blog is dedicated to True North as far as I know it. 

Fritz Berggren, PhD
The Ides of October Anno Domini 2019

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