Education and Social Control

Aside from the family, schools are the most important social structure in a nation. Everything important (to that society) is written into their hearts and minds at the school. Thus we must focus on this.

Since the school is an extension of the family — since the “government” is not the owner of our children — the family must control the eduction of the children. Specifically, the father must decide and direct educational priorities even if he delegates the tutoring to others.

None of this happens today.

Rather, nameless “officials, experts, and professionals” decide what to do and parents have only the illusion of control. Our school board elections to virtually nothing except to create the impression that the parents have some input into their children education.

But this is entirely false.

All voters, with our without children, vote for the school board. Why are those who are not parents have any input into the education of children not their own?

Today is my children’s school, the Ten Commandments are illegal. On the walls, in place instruction as mundane as “Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery” there is a gay and lesbian club announcement. This normalizes what ought to be forbidden and rejected.

The school district locally decided to bus in children from outside the school district because they felt, apparently, that this district was not “diverse” enough. As if diversity was somehow a goal or a value.

The parents have little or not say in this.

Should the parents someday rebel and decide to put the Ten Commandments on the wall, or the end forced bussing, then there stands a man ready in a black robe somewhere to declare “illegal” such moves.

This exposes the illusion of democracy in America — we can vote for anything we want as long as the judges agree with it. And if we don’t vote for it, and the judges want it, they make it the “law of the land.” And most of us are fat and foolish enough to shrug our shoulders and go along with us.

We are no longer that land of the free nor the brave; we are slaves to a system we have assented to, a system anathema to the Law of Moses or a belief in God. And we did not vote for this nor did we even present it as an idea to our rulers.

Judges — men in black — imposed their will upon the people unilaterally. Once they controlled the schools (by outlawing the Ten Commandments, for example) generations arose that knew not the God of their forefathers. And so we have a country that revels in whatever is against the narrative provided by Moses.

Universities, of course, are the genesis of both teachers and lawyers when once they were the seminaries of preacher of the Gospel. Harvard, Yale and Princeton were all preparatory academies for men who would become preachers. And they still are, but just not of the religion of our forefathers. Instead the seed the minds of our youth with atheism and all that is against the guidance of the Scriptures. They replace the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures with other books but Marx and Lenin and Freud and whomever would claim “new knowledge” in the pursuit of a wholesale abandonment on the One Booke we all should be tutored in.

So have no illusion that our current system is responsive to the will of the people — nothing could be further from the truth. And we they crow about the “rule of law” realize they purposely ignore the first three words of the US Constitution and substitute unelected lawyers for “we.”

The ability to govern ourselves is so far removed from the average American that we insult ourselves to even contemplate that we have a say in our daily lives. We are programed by schools we have no say in, brainwashed by a TV and internet we don’t control, ruled over by judges we didn’t elect, and our “representatives” shrug their shoulders saying “what can we do?”

America is too big to be governed by one government. And it was never designed to be governed by one government. There were local governments that mattered. And the School districts were actually controlled by the parents. And county and State governments. But as time went on all power flowed to a distant, remote, and unhearing apparatus in Washington, DC. Rules were made by bureacrats and laws by unelected judges. Foreign governments and quasi-sovereign businesses (global corporations) had more say in what we eat that we do.

It is way past time to devolve the decision making back to the local level. And it cannot be done by the central power. Power exists to grow — it is a purpose in and for itself. Bureacracies exist to grow and feed themselves. Judges are not going to give up their power simply because they woke up one day and realized the imbalance of political control in America. This must be forced upon the bureaucracies and courts by local powers. Ideally this is done by local cities and states and counties and Sheriffs. We see some of this now with the “sanctuary” laws and the drug laws in contravention of federal drug “statutes.” But that’s just the beginning. That movement has to explode — we must strip off the central bureaucracies and courts powers we never assented to surrender.

The Constitution of 1789 is a great guide — it provides for minimal central control and strong individual protections. But all branches of our government have assented to the centralization of power and those distant powers no longer have the legitimacy provided by the consent of the governed.

Schools form the foundation of the moral and civic mind. Schools controlled by a distant and unresponsive government mold the students to obey that distant government “for their own good and safety.” Schools controlled by the parents will teach children to distrust distant powers, be self reliant, and obey the gods of their parents, not an atheism imposed by a single distant tyrant in a black robe.

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