You Fascist!

(I originally wrote this in August 2017).

I think this summer [August 2017] will be remembered as the start of the second US Civil War.

Sounds melodramatic.  But that’s what I think.

Hard to say how it will unfold.  Do we get distracted by another foreign war and rally around the flag?  I don’t think so.

I think the Left has gone to far. They are Marxists.  Zero loyalty to our history or constitution and they hate the White Man and all he stands for.  Time to stop pussy-footing around on this and just say it.

And the whiter a person is, the more shrill they become in order to signal their virtue on overcoming their privilege. Don’t they realize how weak that really makes them?

And our spineless so-called conservative lawmakers (in the GOP) are scared to death to defy the Left for fear of being branded with a scarlet “R” on their forehead.

Not to mention most of the bureaucracy.

Colorado Springs is pretty conservative, at least compared to DC.  Still, they ran one group out of town here, for being white, basically.  Obama’s old church and Louis Farrakahn and BLM and Occupy and Anti-Fa . . . aren’t they “hate groups?”  No.  Why? Because Obama approves, the Democrats approved, and they are blessed by our press, universities, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

My position is that there is no point at which the Left will be happy.

Free speech is gone for the Right — they can’t even hardly have web sites or meetings or peaceful gatherings without the violent Left physically attacking them and calling for murder.

The Right is suppressed with government condoned violence (Charlottesville). Ditto on so many college campuses (when Milo or Coulter visit).

Of course the Left loves in when the KKK shows up — their virtue signaling goes orbital and they can justify violence just because they are there and no one will stand in their way.

And will just get worse.  All the buildings will be renamed, painting taken off the walls, statues removed, flags torn down.   Even in public schools the US flag is considered offensive in some cities and grade school kids can’t wear the American flag on a T-shirt in places.

This morning I read that Gov. McAuliffe (Virginia in August 2017) is banning public gatherings at one of the statues for 90 days.  Why not 190 days? Or ten years?

My employer bans non-Leftist speech already.   If I say something that could potential offend Anti-Fa, SPLC, or the Democrats, my speech must be reported to the federal government.  All supervisors are required to report politically incorrect speech to the federal government, otherwise their employment and careers are at risk.

We are already “there” if we define “there” as a point at which we’ve ceased to be a free people.

Do we roll over and try to get along?  What is this “white privilege” crap?  If I thought “racist” was a legitimate term (and I do not), I would call it “racist.”  The fact that it is not called “racist” by the Left proves the inherent illegitimacy of “racist” as a logical term.  The term “racist”  is a signaling tool that  permits people to hate political dissenters.

Until this is recognized,  the hearer and the user of that term are intellectually and politically bound.

The Left gets a total pass on violence (Ferguson, Baltimore, killing cops, calling for violence, doing violence) and the Right has the IRS go after them, the press go after them, web sites taken down, censored by Facebook.

Small businesses that choose not to make a cake for Sam and Stan getting married are hauled into court.

But the Left?  Are they getting hauled into court for shutting down web sites or cancelling paypal or credit card processing?    (of course not).

Are they getting investigated for burying search results to support a Leftist agenda?  Of course not.

Are the leaders of Occupy, Anti-Fa or anyone get investigated for trying to overturn the government?

Was Obama chastised for encouraging violence by the Left? Of course not.

Hillary?  No again.

Even gun stores have had their banking and credit-card privileges shut down.

Churches are ridiculous — if they aren’t on the Left already, masquerading in self-righteous hypocrisy, they are completely silent, preferring “not to offend” so they can “preach the Gospel” (so they claim).

They are blind.  How does one preach the Gospel of their is no sin that requires atonement?  Is Jesus just a good luck charm now?  Pretty much.  If someone was to say that “He is King and Ruler over every Nation” they’d be accused of being Fascist and Euro-centric and Jew-hating and Islamophobic and on and on and on.   Churches are pretty much salt-less.  Good for nothing.   Are their exceptions?  Not many.   No enough to make a difference.  Don’t believe me?  What’s been the trend in our country for the last several generations?

I told  (deleted), who insisted on talking about the “white trash”  who voted for Trump, that I was a Trump voter — one of the few in my work who would admit it.

He asked “why”?  And I gave him my schpeel.  “Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, queer phobic . . . are words used to denounce people based on their opposition to Leftist politics.  They are equivalent to calling a black man the “N” word — those terms denigrate and dehumanize people  –  completely delegitimizing them.  They are rhetorical tools, and very powerful.”

They are slippery words, that defy precision, and thus are used without accountability.  Any college kid can slander me as “racist” simply because I’m white.  That’s what they are taught these days.  And “Islamophobic” because I say “hey, there’s another Muslim attack in Europe.”  Or “homophobic” because I teach my kids basic biology.

I said “I can’t even have this conversation without the fear of some one filing a report on me with the Federal Government — isn’t that the kind of thought police we denouced in the old Soviet Union?”

Prediction:  all the tools we use overseas are coming back to be used against Americans.

  • We’ve already seen the militarization of police forces (good or bad, that’s what’s happened).
  • We’ll see people’s relationships and communications triangulated to monitor extremist political associations.
  • We’ll see economic sanctions on people just like we put sanctions of foreign people and foreign states. ( Oh wait, that’s already happening.  See above.)
  • People will start reporting churches as “hate groups” because they preach what was not too long ago standard Christianity (already happening).
  • Pastors will get arrested for preaching the Gospel (like in Europe and Canada)
  • Parents will have their kids removed from them for “child abuse” because the won’t let little Johnny wear dresses.
  • Schools will rat our parents for teaching intolerance.
  • Then this will affect people’s employment and education.

We’re already there.  Kids are already being taught, in places, that being white is wrong and they should “discover” their gender identity.

And anyone who disagrees with this is racist and homophobic, the great “sins” of our messed up country.

And we are taught that the Puritans were intolerant;  they don’t even come close to a Leftist society in which aberrant speech is the unforgivable sin that requires public shaming and social ostracization.

Even being white requires some sort of  ritualistic, public self-debasement to prove oneself “pure.”   Surely the Puritans are laughing in their graves.

EEO laws only protect those in “protected categories;” no protection for straights,  Whites, Christians, and males.  Trust me on this, I’ve had this conversation with federal attorneys who have made enforcing EEO their calling in life.

And “diversity” is the biggest lie of all — who are allowed diverse political opinions?

  • Not white people who are proud of their ancestry.
  • Not right leaning homosexuals (Milo or Peter Thiel)
  • Not right wing women (Coulter)
  • Not conservative Blacks (from Ben Carson to Judge Thomas to that Sheriff from Milwaukee).
  • Not  hispanics who are “supposed” to be to the Left because, well, that’s how Hispanics are expected to think. (kind of insulting, no?)

They all have ideas like I do — so they just call us “fascists” now.

That’s the latest power word from the Left:  “You Fascist!”

That term is conveniently vague yet evokes intense emotion and repugnance. Just like their other power words.

And the “government” doesn’t even have to do all the work. .

In our “efficient” economy there are fewer employers, and more large employers controlling our lives. State, Local and Federal government’s already have draconian speech restrictions.  So do schools, from pre-school to kindergarten to high school on through college and graduate school. The largest employers do too, because they’ve been blackmailed by the likes of SPLC, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton.

Where are we to retreat to in order to “compromise,” and “get along” and “show tolerance?”  It is all a one way street toward Leftist oblivion.  Think Venezuela. Think Cuba. Think the old Soviet Union.

We have become what we used to loathe.

This nation has been subverted from within by Marxist intellectuals (our college professors).  They have poisoned the minds of our youth since the 1960s and now the fruit has ripened.

Either we’ll fight this, or we don’t deserve to be a free people ever again.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
August 2017

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