God Targeted Whites for Redemption

The Gospel of Jesus Christ was sent specifically to Europeans after the Resurrection.  Europeans would be — and were — the people who would be faithful in caring for the vineyard and bringing forth the fruits thereof to the Glory of God.  (Matthew 21:43)

“they fought naked and their wounds were plain to see on the whiteness of their bodies.”

God specifically targeted toward Europe — Whites — for salvation;  this short article will argue why that is true.

The heart of the argument lies in whom the Scriptures were written to.  The Scriptures were written in only a European tongue (Greek) after the Resurrection. They were written to European peoples.  No longer would the Scriptures be written in a Semitic tongue — Hebrew was utterly replaced by Greek.

Perhaps Christ’s parable of the two sons is applicable — the first son refused and later repented.  The other son initially agreed to serve his father, but then turned away. (Matthew 21:28-31).  Is that not the story of the Jews who utterly rejected God? John 8:44-59. And of the Europeans who, though pagan, returned to their Father? 

Paul wrote his Epistles to Europeans.   They were geographically, linguistically, and morphologically European.  Paul’s epistle to the churches in the region of Galatia went to a White Celtic people.    The people living in the region of Galatia, in central Anatolia,  were Europeans and they spoke a Celtic language.   Even the name “Galatia” is called Galatian because it will peopled with Gauls.   Roman writers called the inhabitants of Galatia “Gauls or Celts.”  “The term ‘Galatians” came to be used by the Greeks for the three Celtic people of Anatolia.”   The term Anatolia, and even Asia, reference the “east.”  As in, that eastern area of the Greeks (Anatolia).  Ditto for Asia — it was they eastern areas of European settlement, specifically in relation to the European Greeks and European Romans.  

There were White, says the Roman historian Livy, “they fought naked and their wounds were plain to see on the whiteness of their bodies.”  


Anatolia was the center of the Hellenic (Greek/European) world for centuries after the birth of Christ.  What we now call “Turkey,” or Asia Minor, was  European.   “The north-western coast of Anatolia was inhabited by Greeks . . . from the 20th Century” before Christ (B.C.).  Galatia, spoke a “Galatian variant of Gaulish” until the 6th century A.D.

All of the Churches to whom Paul’s Epistles were directed were European churches. 

On cannot name a single Epistle written to “the Jews,” nor to the “churches in Judea,” or Jerusalem.  They do not exist.  The Epistle sent to the Jews was Jesus Christ Himself — the very Son of God appeared  directly to them. They had the first right of refusal.  Even the Great Commission instructed the believers to start in Jerusalem, and then go to the uttermost parts of the earth. 

And yet the time of the Jews was over.  God gave them one generation — forty years — to repent and they refused — and so God sent an army and burned the city of murders. (Matthew 22:7)

Were the Jews replaced? Yes, utterly, just as Judas the Jew was replaced with Matthias, and Hebrew was replaced by Greek, and the care of the vineyard was stripped from the Jews and given to a different ethnic groups.  The twelve original Apostles, save one (Judas the Jew) were not Jews — the angel of God called them “Galilleans,” and not Jews.  The Father of Jesus Christ is not a Jew — that is without argument to a Christian (but questioned by Judeo-Christians).  At the day of Pentecost, the entire world recognized the believers as Galilleans as distinct from Jews. 

The post-Resurrection scriptures were written to those who speak Greek — a European tongue.  This alone is  overwhelming evidence that God Almighty targeting the Europeans for the Gospel. 

 Jesus Chris — God in the flesh — identified himself specifically in terms of the Greek (European) language: “I am the Alpha and Omega,” He says.  These are the first and last letters of that European language.   Three times in the Revelation (Rev. 1:8, Rev 21:6, and Rev 22:13) Jesus Christ defines Himself in terms of the Greek Language — the  “Alpha” and “Omega.”  Why?   Jesus could have dropped those letters and just said  “the beginning (arch) and the end (telos).”   The Logos of God personally identified with Europe after the Jews disowned Him.

God Almighty could have easily inspired Peter, Paul, John, Luke, Matthew, Mark and others to write in Hebrew or Egyptian or Parthian or Arabic.  The gift of tongues, regardless of one’s position on it’s present day utility, is unquestionably a sign of the infilling of the very same Holy Spirit that inspires the writer of Scripture. Surely God the Holy Spirit could have just as easily inspired John to write in Chinese, Mark in Egyptian, Luke in Hindu, and Matthew in an African language.  Wouldn’t that be fair? Wouldn’t that be “inclusive?”

The Holy Spirit chose Greek uniquely as the language of the New Covenant — this cannot be dismissed as mere convention or convenience to the historical context. Is not God the God of All History? Does not His Holy Spirit inspire men to Speak in tongues?   God the Holy Spirit abandoned Hebrew and replaced it with a European tongue for the post-Resurrection scriptures.  It is said the Jesus Christ mostly spoke in Aramaic — surely the writers could have used Jesus’ language to record His Word if they were so inspired.  But even Aramaic was destined to be replaced and Jesus Christ spoke in Greek (I and the Alpha and Omega) on the Isle of Patmos — that was not a translation from Aramaic — He spoke very specifically in Greek. 

Romans, Corinthians, Thessalonians, and the European churches of Anatolian (Ephesians, Phillipians, Colossians), — these are all European identities.  They are not Chinese nor African nor Semitic.   All seven Churches in the Revelation were European/Greek churches.

Regarding “Hebrews,” it is the most robust and utter defense against the judaizers, which Jesus Christ warned against.  The Author of Hebrews does not write to “Jews” nor “Judeans,”  The author (inspired by the Holy Spirit) is writing to those who can read a European language.  Though the book is conventionally titled “Hebrews,” the author did not address the letter “to Hebrews,” other than in ages past God spoke “to the fathers” but in these last days last days has spoken to us in His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom He also made the world. (Hebrews 1)

The Author of  “Hebrews” rejected all judaizing influences that reduced Jesus Christ to a token of religious sentiment.  This tokenism  infects modern evangelicalism and is most widely represented by churches and “Christian” leaders who seek “inter-faith” accommodation with anti-Christ religions (including Judaism and Islam and our modern secular Pharisees — SJWs). 

“Let’s tone it down,” they argue.
“Let’s not offend,” they say.
“Let’s find agreement,” they plot.
“Let’s be a solution to discord,” they justify.  

They are friends of the world and betrayers of Christ, like Judas.  They are the cowards and unbelievers in Revelation 21:8.  The are the slick Judaizers whom Paul railed against. 

It may be that Hebrews was a final call to the Jews of the Dispersion — those Jews who had departed Judea and were already living elsewhere, having abandoned their ancestral homeland and seeking out a new land.  It’s not as if Christ did not want the biological descants to Abraham to be saved — He gave Jerusalem one generation (forty years) to repent  before he utterly wiped that evil city off the face of the earth in A.D. 70.   Yet the terms were unquivocable: “Our God is a consuming fire,” and how shall we escape hell “if we neglect so great a salvation.” (Hebrews 2:3).  

Jesus Christ is no one’s equal — even the Angels of God worship Him. He is the Creator. There is no more full-throated exaltation of Jesus Christ than what we call the Epistle to the Hebrews — He is the heir of all things through whom also God made the world, the “radiance of God’s glory,” and “the exact representation” of God’s nature.  Jesus Christ “laid the foundations of the earth,” existed before Abraham, and is the Judge of the souls of all men. Hebrews is Anti-Judaism.

You cannot find in the Holy Scripture any accommodation for “inter-faith” outreach, nor accedence to the Judaizers, which have plagued the Church since the beginning.  Paul himself, formerly a Jewish zealot, was exceedingly passionate about resisting the influence of Jews and railed even against fellow Apostle, Peter, in defense of the Gospel.  And THIS is why God entrusted  Paul, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to write those great theological works in the Epistles.  John,  acknowledged as the closest to Jesus, gives not one iota to the Judaizer — He identifies them as the anti-Christs.  And it is through John that the Revelation is given to those European Churches in European Lands in a European Language!

The Europeans are the ethnos that Jesus referred to in Matthew 21:43, “the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a ethnos producing the fruit of it.”  So it is the Europeans who take the Gospel to the New World and into Africa and the Far East.  Europe becomes Christendom and Christendom spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the rest of the world.

And this is why the Serpent hates Europeans, White people.  “So the dragon was enraged with the woman, and went off to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.”  (Revelation 12:17).

Satan hates White people in the way he hates virgin women (who remind him of the Virgin Mary, the Woman of Genesis 3:15.   He cannot attack Christ directly, so he goes after those who represent Him (Revelation 12:17, Acts 7:54-60). 

Is this hatred extended to non-White Christians? Yes, witness of the genocide of Christians in Africa today as the Moslems seek to eradicate Christ’s believers.  Ditto in the Middle-East under ISIS and the Taliban.  Post-Christian (Judeo-Christian) nations assisted Satan by removing “secular” leaders so that virulent anti-Christ movements could complete the genocide. 

There is a long history of this — the Armenia genocide and the Holodmor.

And now at the consummation of the Ages,  Satan, who was unable to accomplish with fleshly armies of Mongols and Ottomans and African Musselmans — the extermination of White Europe — of Christendom, has done it by invading the Church itself with the evil judaizing heresies that Jesus, Paul, John, and the Author of Hebrews warned of.

The “Apostasy” that Paul warned of prior to the Anti-Christ, is coterminous with the abatement of Christian Europe — the decline of Christendom.  Even the replacement of “Christendom” with a secular “the West” is evidence of this apostasy.   Christendom allowed itself to be Judaized.  Europeans, like the Jews, tokenized Jesus Christ, and reduced Him to inoffensiveness.  Christendom, like Peter, feared the Jews and so tried to accommodate them just as Paul accused Peter of doing two thousand years ago and just as Hebrews and Galatians warns against.  This “Compromise” is the leaven of the Pharisees — it is utter poison.    Christ is reduced one step, and then another, until He is as irrelevant as portrayed by modern evangelicals. 

Hatred against Whites, even by Whites, is ultimately hatred against Christ.  The source and origin of hatred agains Whites directly stems from the enmity of introduced between the Seed of the Woman (Jesus Christ and all those baptized into Jews Christ) and the seed of the serpent, most strongly represented by the Jews, but not exclusively. 

The destiny of European Man is to be of the Seed of the Woman — in Jesus Christ. If they refuse this, they will be enslaved to the seed of the Serpent (John 8:44).  There is no third way.  Accommodating the anti-Christ is slavery.

 The Jews, like the character in Revelation 17 and 18, live “on many waters,” representing many different nations.  The ride the beast and believe they will never be touched.  Judeo-Christians reinforce this perception — Christians resist it.

 Judeo-Christians are loved by the Jews for they have sought friendship with the world, are ashamed of the words of Jesus Christ.  The greatest sign of worldliness is to tell an anti-Christ people (the Jews) that they are God’s Chosen people.  Thus, Judeo-Christians have become Jews.   At the end of the age, even some of the elect will be deceived — we are there.

Christians are  always hated by Jews — for they hate our Christ.  European man must reject Judeo-Christianity and return to the robustness of Him whom even the angels of God worship. If you do not know the power of angels, consider Thor and Odin and Thanos in our modern movies — they fall on their faces before Jesus Christ and worship Him.  Jesus Christ created those flames of fire — they are mere candles in comparison to the greatness of Him who sat down at the right hand of God.

Ezekiel 37 — the Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones — has nothing to do with anti-Christ Jews.  It is about a final revival of the children of Christendom in the lands of Christendom.  This Satan fears — his hour is late.  So that dragon and his seed seek to consume the children of Christendom.  

Our King returns soon — let us call our brethren back to the purity of belief in Jesus Christ. 

Christendom resurrected!

Fritz Berggren, PhD
January 6, 2021

Afterword: What about Non-Europeans?

God will indeed have worshippers form every “tongue, tribe, people, and nation.”   Saul was a Jew who repented and became Saul. One of the very first converts was an Ethiopian —  so important was his conversion that an angel told Phillip to travel to find him.   The book of Acts records Simeon “the Black” (Acts 13:1) playing a leadership role in the early church.  The Gospel was to be preached first in Judea and Samaria and then to the uttermost parts of the earth.   But none of this overrides the simple targeting of European man to become Christendom.

God has no interest in equality.  God has his “chosen” people.  God does not owe fallen man “equality” in whom He choses.  Clearly he rejected the sons of Ham and specifically (through the prophet Noah) cursed the children of Canaan. “Is that fair?” you ask.  “Fair” is a term used by people who want what someone else has and use guilt manipulation to acquire their desire. It is a process of accusation which says “if you don’t give me what I want you are guilty of the sin of “unfairness.” But unfairness is no sin: Or does the potter not have a right over the clay, to make from the same lump one object for honorable use, and another for common use?

Notions of “equality” should be discarded. Satan sought equality with God.  Christ, on the other hand, “though existing in the form of God, did not consider equality with God as something to be grasped.  If equality or equity of outcome was a Christian idea, then there were never have been a prohibition against covetousness under the 10th Commandment, nor would there be a separation of sheep and goats in the Judgement Day.

The Accuser of the brethren — Satan — teaches his own seed (Genesis 3:15 and John 8:44) to accuse others of crimes that are no crimes at all. The entire panoply of Satan’s sins reside in these words: “racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, queerphobic, divisive, supremacist, intolerant, Islamophobic,” and most of all “anti-semitic.”  Judeo-Christians obey these man-made precepts; Christians do not.

Is this writer being “divisive” or “supremacist” for seeking the benefit of Europeans?  Like Paul, like his epistles, and like the Holy Spirit as show above, Europeans are my mission field.

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