What Were They Doing At Epstein Island? Collecting Sea-Shells?

Who visited Epstein Island. What were they doing there?
–Collecting seashells?
Federal agencies knew for decades. They protected Epstein and visitors until they could not. Epstein murdered to keep him quiet. Maxwell convicted of something by a softball prosecution— she may get a new trial on a technicality.
— No sea-shell collectors are even called as witnesses.

BLM/Anti-Fa riot across multiple cities. Press and Pols laud them as peaceful protestors. Prosecutors refuse charges of arson, assault and insurrection. Do not forget CHOP.
— January 6 folks sent to prison without trial.

These are our lives and our children and our land. It does not belong to the rich, the politicians, the foreigners, the bribed, nor propagandists.
We will have it all back.

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