Welcome, Members of Congress and Dept of State

Welcome, Department of State, and welcome, Members of Congress

In response to public  demands by the U.S. Congress and Department of State employees for my immediate termination, I offer the following:

#1). Who did the Swastika? That was big news in July of 2021. Where is the perp walk?  Why no follow up on this? Surely this is of interest to Congress and employees of the Department of State.

#2).   Normalizing and promoting LGBTQ to school children is child abuse.  It is the sexual and psychological and slaughter of children.   There is nothing “scientific” about transgenderism — no chromosomes are changed from XX to XY or vice versa.  

#3) Regarding “antisemitism;” in the Words of Jesus Christ:

For those who think I’m taking Scripture out of context, see this.  I’ll stand by the Word of God —  no apologies.

In the Blood (of Jesus Christ) and Faith (in His Resurrection),

Fritz Berggren, PhD

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