White and Christian Nations

Why not just Christian Nationalism?

The Almighty explicitly divided the races at the Tower of Babel.  The Almighty changed the languages in order to reinforce that division.  The Almighty confirmed the multitude of tongues on the day of Pentecost — He could have given Christians all one heavenly language be He did not.  Acts 17:26 says that God “made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation.  God created the different ethnicities and He separated them. 

Borders are beautiful — God implement borders BEFORE the fall of man (at Eden) — they are not a results of man’s sin.   The ancient nation of Israel, were ethnically, religiously, historically, linguistically, and genetically homogenous.    They were to be an example for other nations.

God did not create an ethnically distinct female human and introduce her to Adam. IN fact, Adam explicitly rejected those unlike himself. So Eve was literally his bone, his flesh, and his genetics. Biologically they were closer than brother or sister.  Abraham married his half-sister.  Isaac and Jacob married close cousins.  All true nations share a common ancestor.

The ethnos of Israel had fixed borders, and the tribes within had their own borders.  The animals went on to the Ark as kinds and left the Ark as kinds. God set up borders and boundaries and times

We are rebuilding a modern Babel and the devil and his children thrive where there are not borders, or boundaries.  Read the Book of Esther about how the Jews (the devil’s children) thrive in multicultural empires and begin murdering those they dislike.

We cannot escape the patterns laid out in the Holy Bible.

Why Not Just White Nationalism?

A nation requires a common understanding of what is right and wrong and what is real and true and what is a lie.  Mere genetic commonality is insufficient.

Within the tribes of Israel there was discord because the tribe of Benjamin adopted a more “tolerant” morality. Benjamin embraced homosexuality and turned a blind eye to rape and murder. The other tribes either had to normalize that evil, or fight a civil war.  They correctly chose to fight a bloody civil war in order maintain their covenant with God.

This is not dissimilar to our situation today — we will either swear explicit oaths of allegiance to Jesus Christ and His Law (The Ten Commandments) or we will continue into the sewer of our own depravity and accompanying tyranny and evil.

Unfortunately, the Church has sought a “new morality” that does not offend the Jews and other antichrists be welcoming “diversity” and moral “tolerance” like Benjamin did.  Civil War is preferable to accepting Benjamin’s evil culture.  Please read Judges 19 and 20. 

See this posting here to explain the current failure of peaceful coexistence.

What About Other Races and Religions?

Yes, of course.  Discipling the Nations IS the Great Commission. The Church has allowed the Gospel to be reduced — atomized — to a barely recognized individualism.  That is not the Biblical model or mandate. We are to bring discipline to entire nations;  the ancient descendants of Jacob/Israel were to be an example.  We have surrendered nation building to Satan’s children, unfortunately. We need to revive this essential component of the Gospel and live it out first in our own Christian ethno-nations.

I lived in an Arab and Moslem nations.  I lived in Hispanic and Catholic nations. I’ve lived in a vaguely Christian Black nation.  Borders and boundaries and a homogenous cultures are necessary (but insufficient) ingredients for national success.  To the extent that counties allow ethnic and religious mixing you create conditions ripe for exploitation by small minorities (see the Book of Esther) to wreak havoc.

We really cannot all get along.  Ask any extended family if they “all get along” and the answer is likely qualified in some way.  Modern America still has homes with fences around the yards. Our own homes for our blood kin (wife and sons and daughters) and fences between neighbors is mere common sense.  Extend this to countries as a whole — it is common sense as well as the Biblical model.

I would love to see and assist in the creation of many different African Christian nations in Africa.  They will require an ethnic/tribal and Christian homogeneity. Ditto for the varieties of Asians.  The Japanese are under no illusions that importing millions of Chineses or Koreans (let alone Somalis) will “enrich” their societies. The “cultural enrichment” forced upon White societies has ben coerced and has done us (the Whites) no good at all and is in fact a plan from the Devil (and his children) to genocide the White and Christian race.

White and Christian Nationalism with defensible boundaries and borders and common languages and heritage and history and values are the only defense against our own genocide and are the minimum actions necessary to please our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is the White race that brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world over that two thousand years, it is any wonder that Satan (and his synagogue) would destroy us?

Fritz Berggren, PhD
5 October 2023

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