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Pastors As Friends of the World

14 September 2023 Why are Pastor’s seemingly immune from concerns over the direction of the country and the world?  Global warning, CBDCs, masks, lock-down, suspension of Constitutional rights, disease, WEF, UN, One World Government, Trannies/Homos invaded grade schools, open borders, … Continue reading

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The Church and the Traditions of Men

(Above on Rumble) The evidence that the church lacks power is seen in the condition of our country. Dr. Berggren posits that we have been overcome by man-made traditions that have diluted the identity of Jesus Christ. On Brighteon: https://www.brighteon.com/349b10e8-0537-4241-b36b-aebdff24e494 … Continue reading

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Changing the Narrative is Real Power

Power lies in driving and directing the Narrative. The preacher (that’s you!) is called directly by God to drive the narrative for all the nations. Christians have self-censored; they are weapons unloaded in this great contest. Only YOU can unshackle … Continue reading

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