The Serfdom of America

The world as we know it is ending. Fools, the ignorant, and the rich don’t care. Some of us fall between the gaps here, neither foolish, ignorant nor rich. We worry.

We worry what happens when the happy money runs out. It is a “who is going to pay our paycheck” kind of worry. When the whole fake pyramid scheme falls apart, the rich will retire to their ranches in Montana, their island retreats in the Caribbean and their yachts in the Mediterranean. The rich never go hungry.

The poor will riot and burn and blame everyone but themselves. The rich will try to get the less rich to stamp out the rioting. It will work in some places. In others the cities will burn.

Happy money isn’t real money — it’s paper money and digital credits in an electronic database that the account holder does not control. That’s not real. The “Fed” keeps putting money into the government account — infinitely. The fractional reserve banking system is great for bankers and those deep in hock. And if you can trade debt fast enough you can make a lot of money.
But for those neither lazy, rich, ignorant, nor foolish, the system is stacked against them. It’s hard to buy enough land and a house without owing your future to a bank. And should you be frugal enough to pay it off, you are still renting it from a government who will kick you to the sidewalk if you don’t pay $200.00 per month (or more) real estate “tax.”

Call this capitalism if you want. I think it’s more a government syndicate — a monopoly on money creation and control — that benefits bankers and governments and punishes anyone who wants to control own their own destiny — a home, land, and the means of production. By whatever name, it empowers government and bankers — not families.

Cheap loans means price inflation for any real asset. What was once purchased for the cost of one year’s income is now four five, or six times the average annual income. And people still buy homes. They think they will keep going up in price. They’ll never pay them off. They are renting their home from the bank. They don’t own this wealth. The only own the risk of a price collapse for that home — should the price collapse, everything they paid on that home disappears and the bank repossesses it.

Capitalism? No. This syndicate (government and banks) controls ownership of private property. Private property is not in private hands — we rent it from the bank. The same with a car. If we cease to pay, they are repossessed. The payer, however, retains all legal liability to pay for their Chevy even if it is wrecked, stolen, or is a lemon. And the bank is never liable for damages if it is wrecked.
That is not ownership of property. This is a government/bankers cabal that keeps prices high and interest on their debt ever increasing. It is debt slavery. Increasing housing prices means never paying off a mortgage, increasing property taxes, and forever out of reach ownership of substantial assets. Should a man save, he risks (as we found out in the Seventies) theft through government induced inflation.

If one adds up the percentage of income a household pays toward taxes, interest and debt you’ll see what slaves we are. A bank, on average, will lend as long as your debt burden is less than one third of your income. Taxes (State, local, and federal) add up to 30% of your income. So — lucky you — you get to keep a little less than 40% of your income. Don’t you feel good about this?
This is called peonage. If you don’t pay, either the bank or the government will kick you out on the street. This is the reality of private property ownership in America. I’m not quite sure how this is worse than slavery; as a slave, you don’t pay rent or food or health care. It’s all provided. In our system, we have all the burdens of slavery and none of the benefits.

The earth is full. It’s tied together with TV, banking, trade, money, air travel, and increasingly global law. Those who control the top are incredibly powerful and rich. It is in their interest to keep it stable and together. Those at the bottom are fine with it as long as they get a bigger TV next year and make just a little more money.

But when that merry-go-round stops, there’s going to be some very upset people. Upset people can be controlled only one way — violence. Castro knew this. Stalin knew this. Mao knew it. The Communist Party of China during Tianmen square new it. Are we going to enter a new dark age of totalitarianism? It’s by no means impossible — rather it is likely. Despotism is the historical standard — not the liberty of a free people.

The global project is to build the modern Tower of Babel: come let us build the global economy together, lest we be divided across the face of the earth.

What about America? Will America be free?

Despotism as a way of understanding life is deeply ingrained in American culture. We submit to internal travel controls. The TSA frisks us and searches our belongings before travel. Your name is run to see if you are “wanted.” You can’t drive anywhere without a registered, licensed vehicle and a valid ID card that any law enforcement officer can demand to see. Nobody objects, because it seems so “reasonable.” After all, we want to be safe from criminals, terrorists and extremists. We can’t rent a motel anywhere in the US without a valid credit card — so anywhere you stay on the road is logged and recorded by the banks who work in consort with law enforcement agencies who flag credit cards of suspects to track them down.

Don’t think this doesn’t happen — it’s standard procedure.

Schools put RFID chips on kids to track their movement. From age five and on. Thus, totalitarian control is normalized. Everything you do and read and write and search for on the Internet is cataloged and can be used against you. That’s the new “normal.” If arrested, the first thing they’ll do is seize your computer and cell phone.

Teachers can’t teach kids at school unless they have graduated from a government approved (politically controlled) university and one must teach the government approved (political controlled) curriculum that does so very little to inculcate liberty, individualism, Christianity, or pride in our own heritage and history (unless it is not White nor Christian) Rather it is an inculcation in “rights,” grievances against Europeans, social justice and other totalitarian themes.

The communists were consumed with the “rights of man,” and “social justice.” They used those moral themes to crush individualism, liberty, religion and cultural differences wherever they ruled. With violence. Anyone who disagreed was shot (at worst), imprisoned, sent to re-education camps (mandatory EEO counseling is similar to that), their children were removed and sent to better homes and schools, their membership in the communist party was revoked and therefore they lost their good government jobs. This isn’t much different than revoking a Top Secret clearance because an employee harbors anti-government sentiments. Without a clearance one ceases to be employable in many government agencies.

The FBI has “anti-government” agitators on their list of potential domestic terrorists. Not a word about Muslims. Anyone anti-government is “extremist.” We are at war around the world against “extremism” and our daily political rhetoric demonizes those we disagree with as extremist. Pretty much anyone voting Republican is liable to be called an “extremist” and a “racist” and a “misogynist.”

Wake up — we are already way down the road of political control over speech and the government targeting of political dissenters — look at our universities!
Hate Crimes and Hate Speech are one of the hallmarks of this totalitarian age. We’ve been mind warped into thinking that it’s somehow worse to murder someone because they may not like Black people (but whites hardly ever kill blacks, unless it is by a cop in self defense), but it’s less-bad to murder over a new pair of Nike sneakers. That’s insanity.

Murder is murder. Every man has the inherent right to hate people for whatever reason he wants to hate or not. Yet we have reached the place were we criminalizing thought. That’s what “hate crimes” are all about. How does one outlaw hate, which is just a thought? Yet we’ve done it.

Black man kills “Whitey” because he’s “The Man,” the Oppressor. Hate crime? It shouldn’t be. It should just be murder. Anyone has a right to hate White folks — they can do that. Go ahead and kill him in your mind. Kill him for real and you should be charged with murder — not an extra twenty years added on because you hated him because he’s White. Criminalizing hate is an indication of how far down the road of totalitarianism we’ve already gone.

Hate-crimes are thought crimes. We all forgot the prophet George Orwell, who in Animal Farm said so succinctly that all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. We’ve had prophets in our midst warning of where this would taken us, and we are going over the edge with nary a whisper.
We have “zero tolerance” in corporate and government American for “hate speech” and “sexual harassment.” Anything said or done immediately threatens your ability to survive and support your family. The heavy hand of forced control over our moral opinions is unbelievable should we view it from half a century ago, and none of this was done by a vote “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” These strange and foreign rules have been imposed by unelected “judges.”

And our Congress doesn’t have the cojones to impeach them. That’s why people don’t vote any more — it just doesn’t matter.

Go to a university, those  hypocritical institutions of “free speech and tolerance.”  Start up a student group that aims at outlawing homosexuals marriages (which were illegal less than a decade ago). See what happens. Not only would your student group be denied, since it is “intolerant,” but likely you will be kicked out of school yourself.

Why don’t we hear more about it? Because so very few people are willing to lose their jobs and education over some moral principle. Totalitarianism is winning — we want our TV sets and just a little more money.

America is way down the road of serfdom today.

The average American either doesn’t own a home or is so far in debt over a home that it will never be paid off. How is this liberty? How is this freedom?
The President will open the borders to foreigners but won’t close them to protect Americans. It is upside down time.

There is a core of American’s who know what is happening. They are neither rich, foolish, nor ignorant. They work hard. They pay taxes. The struggle to make ends meet. They see their country being stolen and are upset. But there is just enough money trickling through to keep them quiet.

American is not unlike ancient Rome. Rome’s seething massed could only be controlled by free games in the Coliseum — the more violent the better — and cheap bread imported from abroad. Without amusement (A-muse means not thinking) and cheap bread it would all collapse. We are them today. TV, a-muse-ments, and just enough income to keep the wolf at bay.

A world without video screens would be a better world. People would have to learn to read and write in order to receive political ideas and communicate them. The rigorous process of writing and reading will make totalitarianism so much harder to propagate. Our video-addicted culture mimics the ancient Roman circus. Wipe out the videos and we return to a time of thought and rational discourse — not images impressed directly into our brains.

But we have our games and bread. Once these go it’s game over for America.


First, we need to define “us.”

“Us” is not the world. We (however we define that) cannot be the “global community,” “Man,” everyone on the planet. That is the current global project. That project insists upon the extinguishment of differences and the imposition of a single global morality and worldview.

This global project embraces diversity and tolerance as well as your local university embraces diversity and tolerance — it’s all a Big Lie. So it’s OK to have a Black Student Association that celebrates its African roots. Those African roots included slave owners and slave merchants selling their dark skinned neighbors to the Arabs for centuries before the Portuguese showed up in their little wooden sail boats but they so conveniently forget that.

But it’s forbidden for a Fraternity to have a Confederate-themed party, regardless of how deeply the Confederacy is interwoven into the history and ancestry of it’s members. Some histories are “against univeristy policy.”
Can one really outlaw one’s history and culture? Selectively, universities and governments are doing just that.

Diversity and tolerance have always been a lie. Those terms are rhetorical levers — hidden fulcrums — designed to move the conversation from one point to another. They are used to introduce new discourse and outlaw, exclude, crush, denigrate and dehumanize speech they disagree with. This is the game of the “diversity and tolerance” crowd.

Diversity and Tolerance is the Big Lie in which some ideas are more equal than others. It is the very heart of totalitarianism, the moral foundation of crushing political dissent and imposing a truly foreign morality and political philosophy upon this civilization.

No, we are not one. No, we can’t all just get along. Defining thought as “extreme” is a step shy of outlawing it, which is what EEO laws, tolerance and diversity policies, and hate speech laws do.

Does the Internet foster freedom? It first glance, yes. But does it really? Don’t you think Google, Facebook and the rest of them data-mine your contacts and categorize your speech for purposes of control? Of course they do. Don’t you think Google sorts search results for it’s own ideological advantage? Of course it does. Google and Yahoo partnered with the Communist Party of China to suppress dissenting speech there. All it needs to do is bury links to ideas on page three of the search results and they are practically non-existent.
The military measures a potential enemies capabilities, not intentions. We’d be foolish to trust Google with “Don’t be Evil” when their understanding of morality does not derive from the Hebrew scriptures. Measure Google’s capabilities. Then contemplate the Internet’s potential totalitarian control.

People get along only when someone surrenders. This rhetorical battle is ideological warfare waged upon those who refuse to be fools, and brave enough to stand up and say “the Emperor has no clothes.” Tolerance and diversity are lies — both are intolerant of dissent and effective weapons to suppress diverse points of view.


So define who you are. American? Fine. Texan? Fine. Black Muslim followers of Farrakhan? Fine. (At least they know who they are). Then when Ceasar can’t control you through bread and circuses, who are you going to turn to for food, protection and leadership?

Once upon a time the Southern States seceded from the Union. The totalitarian impulse lead Lincoln to crush the rebellion violently. Can it be done again?

We don’t know. I don’t think today it can be done. The stage is not yet set for us to “dissolve the political bands” that have connected us together. But it could be coming?

A Nation must be defined. After Babel a Nation was defined by language. Ethnic differences followed — diversity grew with disunity. The Tower was the first totalitarian impulse to control the world and limit diversification.
Normally, peoples have emigrated. But where to emigrate today? With whom does one consort to emigrate? How am “I” defined? Is that definition sufficient to bond with others to form a Nation?

Are there yet free and open places to colonize? If so, is it free of competitors? Is there no global potentate to intervene an make things acceptable to themselves? Emigration today would require a yes to all of the above.


Military/Political leadership is required of every Nation ever in existence. At the end of the day, liberty comes through violence. Peace rules only when an enemy is vanquished. The United States has a grand tradition of producing warriors — men who fight well. Military institutions remain one of the greatest of America’s strengths. In contrast, Iraq (itself not a Nation) has a military that has no foundation of self-belief. They have nothing to fight for — no ideas, history, traditions or ideals that truly unite them. That’s why ISIS is wiping them out. Islamic fighters are brave and fierce — they have a core of identity and beliefs they will die for. The Iraqi identity is not something anyone will die for.

The concept of a citizen-soldier is fundamental to a free people. The keeping of arms, the bearing of arms, and the existence of a militia is fundamentally the people’s power.

There is no liberty without armed citizens. Call it is right if you want, but it is only a right because violent men have made it so. Don’t lose it because you fear violence — from violence came your liberty.


A Nation has to believe in it’s own self worth. It must believe it is special, unique, worth propagating and worth dying for. Without those attributes a Nation is not. The ideological struggle in America today — badly lost by European Christians — pits the erasure of national identifies against a global identity with none of the attributes necessary for a Nation. This leads us back to the Tower of Totalitarianism.

The foundation of Nation identity is language. When people couldn’t communicate they sorted themselves into groups and moved apart — gave each other distance — and continued to diversify culturally, historically, and ethnically. What was once three men became thousands of languages and peoples and nations. That is diversity — not the sham we have today.

Is a re-sorting of peoples possible? Centralizing forces are strong, the Tower project was the initial instinct. An external event imposed a strong centrifugal force — a diversity of languages.

Can some other event prevent a collapse upon a centralized totalitarian impulse? Plague? Technical collapse?  Economic collapse?

I don’t know.  We shall see.  I’m an historian, not an optimist.

Fritz Berggren
October 2014
Matamoros, Mexico

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