Why I Am Not a Conservative

There are those who want to build a society friendly to Christianity but not offensive to non-Christians. I used to be one of them; I thought there was a way to do this. The goal was to build a society that is “conservative,” has “family values,” honors one’s history and is “constitutional” but not explicitly Christian. It was considered that coalition building was practical; that survival — getting that safe space — trumped other considerations.

I thought, “that kind of society works — an anti-Marxist society.” But it does not work. “Conservatism” is another false religion — it is a political philosophy that rejects the explicit acknowledgement that Jesus is Lord.

It took a while, in my mind, to accept that the role of evangelism is to bring discipline to blood lines (nations) so that those nation-states (like ancient Israel was supposed to do) would serve God corporately, in time, over history, dominating a geographic area. It took a while to realize that syncretism does not work — syncretism is surrender over time. Syncretism is the leaven of the Pharisees.

Some Christians want a society friendly to them, but “tolerant” of others in order not to create enemies. Some don’t want to offend those who hate their God, some perceive it as a tactic to achieve a greater good.

Israel tried that route, too. After all Moabites were from Lot, Abram’s brother — why not get along? Solomon sought peace with Egypt, why not marry Pharaoh’s daughter? The United States, though founded by Pilgrims and Puritans, accommodated atheism (the ideas of the so-called Enlightenment) in our educational institutions and fundamentally subverted this land. And now we serve Satan (Satanism isn’t the worship of Satan, it is the non-worship of Jesus Christ).

If there was one rule the prophets repeated over and over and over it was “do not make peace with those who hate God. Don’t marry them. Don’t accept their ways, laws or worldview. Make no peace with them. War against them. The day you “tolerate” their rejection of God and God’s Law is the day you start down the road of enslavement to them. If you open your heart, your land, your bosom and your family to them, they will enslave you.”

And that’s exactly what happened to the United States. Now Christians seek permission to preach the Gospel and willingly submit to laws outlawing the Gospel.

Why is the Gospel not preached every morning in second grade?
Why are the Hebrew writings not the foundation of a university education?
Why — Harvard, Yale, and Princeton — did you reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ for atheism? You were founded as institutions to prepare ministers of the Gospel but you rejected that glorious heritage to pander to atheism. Why did you exchange gold for dross, and silver for dirt?

Syncretism is Satanism.
We’ve done the experiment of “getting along.”
It doesn’t work — they win, we lose.

It’s all in, folks, or all out.
The historical experiment of syncretism is over — both ancient Israel succumbed to it, Europe succumbed to it, America succumbed to it — why surrender before we’ve even begun to fight? Because we are afraid to fight? Whey don’t want to lose our lives? Because we’ve been taught that getting along is better than standing up? That’s certainly not what Jesus did, nor the Apostles and Prophets.

Count the flags of Europe with the Christian cross on it and asks yourself “how well did accommodating atheism work in this countries?”

I am a Christian.
I serve Jesus Christ.
He is my King, my Lawgiver and my Judge.
Why is it, exactly, that I’m concerned about not offending those who reject my King?

Christians must come to the place where they know that their King, Jesus Christ, owns the nations (the blood lines), the history, and the geography of the planet. Jesus owns it all and waits for the Church to bring discipline to those blood lines such that they would serve Him.

It is not our job to create a non-offensive environment for those who reject Jesus Christ as their Lord; this includes religious Jews, Muslims, Atheists and polytheists (Hindus).

It is our job to create a non-offensive society for the Lord of All Nations.

That means, “I don’t care if you are not a Christian, the seventh day is a day of rest and you can’t have your business open.”

I means, “I don’t care if you are an atheist, we are putting the Ten Commandments on the school house walls and opening the day in prayer. To Jesus Christ. In the Name of Jesus Christ.”

I means “I don’t care if you are a Muslim, this nation-state rejects Mohamed.”

Conservatism is a religion of nothing. It is a form without the power. It worships the husk but not the corn.

Jesus Christ is King. Let’s act like it. Make nation-states that offend those who reject our King, not nation-states that tolerate those who reject his Kingship.

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