What Happens?

What happens when people get so frustrated and they just can’t take it any more?

What happens when the traditional paths of dissent are closed?

What happens when you do all the right things, follow the rules, obey the law, respect the authorities, and you are so utterly silenced that you have no rights in a system that claims to care for you?

Ask the battered wife.
Ask the beaten kid.
Ask the desperately poor and downtrodden.
Ask those who are constantly reminded of their deplorableness.

When the normal or acceptable avenues of redress are closed, pressure builds up. Sometimes there is a reaction.

Sometimes the beaten wife strikes back and kills her husband.  But not always.
Sometimes the beaten kid runs away or dares to fight back. But not always.
Sometimes the desperate riot  But not always.

Today some French have had enough and they are rioting.   Macron appears surprised.  

All across Europe there are protests brewing, baking, and boiling.    Too many people in too many places have had enough and are starting to organize.  Their opponents are not their fellow countrymen, it is the elites who have allied themselves with others global elites.  They rule in a smarmy smugness over lowly bad-thinkers; those who cling to their guns and religion, the deplorables, the ignorant inbred rubes, the intolerant, the people who reproduce and work and obey and whose ancestors fought to make a nation and now whose voices are condemned.

The elite, those fake leaders of democracy,  define “democratic values” only in terms of the most foreign conceptions imaginable: free global trade, free migration, freedom from faith and family, freedom from land and clan.   They hate the people — the real people.  They invent a fictional people they claim to support and claim to be their champion.  When will we stop believing their lies?

   To divide is to conquer. To strip a man of history and land and family and language and that  which was once  his own is to reduce him to rubble — powerless to protect himself and what once made him whole (family, land, faith, property, heritage).  

Should a man dare stand up and speak against they elite (and it is becoming more clear who they are) they are denounced with all the usual terms.  

How dare they speak agains their betters!  The fact that they dare is proof that they need to be suppressed, beaten, impoverished and crucified on public pillories of slander and shame.   “Racist!” “Homophobe!”  “Hater!”  “Intolerant!”  And they are cruelly and mercilessly suppressed for daring to speak, daring to tweet, daring to write, or youtube.  And they aren’t even violent, yet. 

And so here we are today in western nations that claim to be tolerant and diverse, yet demand absolute intellectual submission to universities professors and the powerbroker  in the press and media, government, and corporate culture.  

To speak freely is to endanger one’s reputation amongst the conformists, and that in in turn  leads to the worst kind of repression: the soft repression of closed opportunities in the power centers of a nation (the government, the media, big business and the universities).  

We are all in this pickle.  The elites understand what may come.    They fear the very people they claim to represent and will fight tooth and nail and blood (our teeth and our nails and our blood) to stay in power.   They tax us to pay good salaries to obedient functionaries to keep the people in order.   Every regulation and rule, every law and court, every media outlet and classroom is a tool to foil unapproved impulses.    If we vote wrong, there are lawyers to persecute the victor, or a pliable court to insultingly tell use that we are  not permitted to make bad-think policies, or an obedient employer who will decide our services are no longer required.

So the kettle warms.  The water bubbles.  Bad-thinkers are publicly crushed — “made an example of” — is the proper term.  We fear and tremble.  The elite  screw the lid tighter  hoping it won’t explode, hoping we keep it all tougher, hoping people  submit to their betters.  

They know history.

Not all grievances are vented nor righted.
Not every battered soul has redress.
Not every people rises up against oppression — there is much to loose.

But one can hope.  
And when it comes, it won’t come cheap for either side.
This kind of cleansing comes only with blood.

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