An Establishment of Religion

A “religion,” is not just the notion of “God” or a Creator.  A religion is a world view,  systemic understand of our place in the Cosmos, where we came from and where we are going.   A religion has a set of core beliefs, and a priesthood to propagate and protect the beliefs. The major religions have have a core set of written texts that provide the intellectual foundation for that religions.

These are obvious in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and even Buddhism . They have priests, holy writings, ceremonies, and easily identified leaders and formal structures.

But there is one religion that stands over all the religions in this age, and it the one religion that does not call itself a religion.  It is the religion that has, with subtlety, reduced all other religions beneath itself by taking upon itself the presumption that it stands outside and above religions.  It imposes, almost unconsciously, on the world the idea that it cannot be questioned (as religions MUST not be questioned, for questioning the faith is to be anathema.  This Not Religion is, after all , a faith.  If one choses not to believe, they are not off the faith, not of the faithful, and not of the truth).

That religion runs our world.  It masquerades as non-religious.  It masquerades above all other “religions.”  It deprecates other faiths by saying “that is your belief system and ours is just the Truth.”  It has so penetrated and fundamentally owned this world that very few humans are able, conceptually, to grasp that this IS A RELIGION.

It is self-protective.

It has a set of holy writs and scriptures.

It has prophets and priests.

It’s prophets and priests jealously guard the priesthood and weed out unbelievers.

It has the power to declare anathema those who questions the faith.

It has the power to destroy lives, livelihoods and reputations.

It uses it’s power to do the same.

It has the power of life or death of the people it rules.

It has the power to enslave and incarcerate the unbeliever, the heretic, and the disobedient.

This religion is state supported — it is the State Establishment of Religion.

But it doesn’t call itself a religion.  Rather it will punish and ridicule anyone who dares call it a religion, because to call it a religion is to make it equal with all the other religions and that is profoundly heretical.

In fact, that is the one unforgivable sin in this Establishment of Religion — to call it a religion — to make it equal with any other world view or system of thought.  And heretics must be punished, mocked, silenced, ridiculed, and cast aside lest their ideas invade the hearts of minds of the believers and lead them astray.

This religion is so power that it goes without question in our world today.  Even the other religions remain silent, so in awe are they of the power of That Which Is Not A Religion — It  the Truth.

This deception is almost universal in the late Western world.   

This is the religion of the Universities today.

Their holy writs are their academic tomes written by their prophets.

Their priests quote them in their sermons — their teaching and papers.

They disciple new initiates and either grant them passage into accepted society with a latin sounding award (a baccalaureate).

No would-be priest can achieve rank who questions the fundamental truths of this religion — they won’t make it through a Ph.D. program and if they do they won’t get tenure.  Anomalies exist, but they only prove the point.

This religions demands  control over every institution of learning through the “accreditation” process.  No institution can grant state-recognized diplomas unless that college or school has proven with its teachers and libraries and textbooks that it is “of the faith” of the State Established Religion that Calls itself Not A Religion.

This Religion is wholly owned and controlled by the priests and prophets of the religion and the people (like in any religion) are forced without consent to obey the dictates of the religions and are forced to pay tithes and offerings (taxes) to enrich the Church and Priests and Prophets.

That Religion claims to be “scientific” and people swoon in awe and bow down.

The people don’t know that “science” just means knowledge, and we all have knowledge.

If pressed (an no religious leader wants to be be pressed on what is the “one true faith”) they will talk about the “scientific method” in which truth propositions are tested and validated.

And yet this religion rests upon fundamental truth propositions which are provably false.   

— It is provably false to propose that life comes from non-life. 

— It is provably false that entropy works in reverse.   

And this is the foundation of that Religion.

The priests and prophets will rage and rant and ridicule anyone daring to question that faith.  “Why, they are lunatics,” they say, and “uneducated, naive and deceived” and must be denied credibility in any and every forum public and private. They must be  relegated to a church in the country somewhere they have nt influence.  But should they run for office or run a bank or have some influence, the  Evangelists of that religion (the Press) will goad and belittle them and signal to the followers of the religions (even thou they think they don’t have  a religion) that they must be rejected because they have rejected The Fundamental and Unquestionable Tenet of the Religion that is Not a Religion.

And that’s they way it works.

We live in a world with a state supported establishment of religion that is “Not a Religion” run by the Priests and Prophets  of their Cathedrals and Churches (more commonly known as Universities ask Schools). 

 Their influence and subtlety is so great that some reading this won’t have any idea what I am talking about.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.

22 June 2019


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