Inversion, Truth, and Genesis

On a long drive this morning I listened to Vox Day and Black Pigeon.   Vox Day talked about “inversion,” which is the act of, essentially, lying on a civilizational scale.

Calling biological males a “female,” and expecting the entire culture to go along with it is an act of “inversion.”  Convincing people that entropy works in reverse (the theory of Evolution) is inversion.   Calling evil (like homosexuality) good and good (male/female marriage) evil is inversion.

The most important Scripture in the whole Bible in Genesis 1:1 — “In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”   From this position flows all other truths.

The big inversion imposed is that man created God to explain the inexplicable. This is inversion.  This is the Big Lie.

The Greatest Truths are in the book of Genesis.  If you cannot embrace the truths of Genesis then nothing that follows makes any sense at all.

If we “evolved” from non-life, and if entropy actually does work in reverse consistently over eons of time, and if we are morphing into stronger, smarter higher forms of being, if we are trending toward transcendence over death itself, if we are basically good and getting better, then of what use the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  None of that makes sense any more.

But since entropy, in fact, NEVER works in reverse, then you can dispense with the inversion of “Evolution” and get back to basics.  

Satan the Deceiver masquerades as an angel of light.  The old devil has a special delight in distorting the foundations.   So when Moses laid it down in Genesis, Satan works devilishly hard to “invert” it.


— Creation is inverted to Evolution.

— Male/Female marriage is first inverted to no marriage at all — divorce — and then re-imagines it as a union between two males, or two males and a female, and then it will be with an animal or a robot.

— The Garden, where God placed man, is inverted to an urban lifestyle.

— Patriarchy is inverted into either matriarchy or just chaos, divorce and family anarchy.

— Work is inverted to non-work.

— Nations (sharing the root word of natal, for birth) are inverted to “civic nationalism” with is a contraction in terms — a nation, by definition, is a blood line.

— Separating the nations (at Babel) so that they have distinct cultures and traditions and times and boundaries and, yes, even distinct mental and physical attributes is inverted to to a universal blending and the abolition of nations and all the beauty they carried.

— BEING a Man is inverted to self-castration and hormonal poisoning (transexuals).

— Bearing children and raising them is inverted to self-sterilization, abortion, and  industrial scale child care.

All this is taught in Genesis.  This dead culture has completely inverted the guidance provided by the Creator.   We torture our own nations to death, not only intellectually, but spiritually and physically.

Where are the Christians in this?  Praying quietly in a corner somewhere, convinced that the highest virtue is not to “offend” anyone.  

Where does preaching the Word in season and out of season come in?  Does the church preach only that which does not offend Satan’s children?  (Or is that question  too offensive to ask?)

The world is messed up in large part because the Church abandoned the truth in Genesis, made allowances for the lies, and the rot is now too deep to cure.

The death of nations has occurred, and with it the end of the goodness and uniqueness found in late European Christendom.   Inversion is the norm and 90% of the people don’t even know it — they contemplate in a sea of lies and cannot even recognize purity and truth are any more. (Romans 1:28)

The good news is that Fate has a way of, in the long run, collapsing evil empires (intellectual and historical)  and allowing something new to come along.

We are far into the collapse.  When cities like Detroit, LA, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Paris, and Stockholm cease to be fully livable and attractive because of either disease and feces or the violence of invaders — whether welcomed or not! —  then things are bad.  We’re not coming back from that when the leaders whole heartedly cling to the very ideas that got them into that cesspool in the first place.

What are the policies to cure this?

This is not a “policy” problem.
This is a Truth problem.  And if you, Christian, don’t now the Truth yourself (as told in Genesis) who will tell them?

Others will step in and fill the gap.  And they will preach and teach things closer to the Truth without acknowledging the guidance of Genesis.  Because they know in their heart the truth. (Romans 1:19)  They will insist on the validity of bloodlines (nations), and male/female marriage only, and the goodness of gardening and farming, and desirability of one’s own language and culture and traditions.  They will reject the total de-racination of human beings, stripping a person of all that made them robust and strong and resistant to the evils of “inversion.”  (In other words, they adhere to the principles in Genesis more closely than so many churches today.)

Oh, wait — they are already in our midst.  They are the Amish and the Mennonites and the Old Russian communities in Alaska.  They are men in Japan who are fiercely proud of being Japanese and resist invasion by others. They are  European identity groups  (anathema to the Inversionist). Without even the Bible they instinctually know that they are dying as a culture and people.  To live they know that their people and traditions and culture and language must  resist destruction and refuse to be shamed into submission by the totalitarians of de-racination — the project of the Left  — the project of Satan.

Where are the Christians in the mix? Why, they are renouncing anyone who dares fight the de-racination of mankind.  They are supporting the Inversionists. The Church is part of the problem.  

So, Christian, embrace the truths laid out in Genesis.  If the pagan’s recognize it, why can’t you?  Make a difference.  Be willing to ruffle the feathers of hate groups like the SPLC,  the LGBTQ things, and other SJWs.

Once a culture embraces as true that which inverts Genesis, it is all over.  Be salty.  Tell the truth.  That is a revolutionary act.  And that, in the end, is why they crucified the Christ.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
16 June 2019

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