America Has Fallen

In my lifetime we have witnessed the complete transformation of a once free country into a model for tyranny and despotism.

1) The Rich become the Uber-Rich.   Mega-corporations are favored over  Mom-and-Pop businesses and Chinese manufacturing is favored over American workers.  The Middle Class — owners of small business — are devastated by house arrest orders (masked as COVID precautions) and crushed by rising debt-loads on cars, colleges and mortgages.  Financial independence equates to political independence and the Uni-Party appears united in crushing the political independence of those they do not control.

1.5) As a corollary to #1, billionaires and the Uni-Party use their power to crush free speech (not advance it) and suborn a natural democratic process in which actual citizens vote and speak their  minds. Insurance companies withhold coverage, banks close accounts, business break contracts in order to undermine political speech (Amazon yanking Parler’s servers).

2) Free Speech is dead.  Anyone not adhering to the globalist progress agenda is de-platformed, including democratically elected politicians (as ex-President Trump was while he was still in office).

3)  Congress and the current administration accuse half of America of terrorism. The Capitol is surrounded by military forces to defend them against Trump supporters while real mobs loot and burn around the country.  Some how the FBI has no idea who is in charge of BLM/Anti-Fa (or, rather, is protecting them) while a coast-to-coast dragnet will find every American who showed up in Washington on January 6.

4) Governments, in concert with “private” business (that are dependent upon government largesse)  are in the process of requiring internal travel documents to move about in the United Sates (under the mask of Covid precautions).

5) The military, academy, civil service and private businesses are purging mid-ranking salarymen solely for their politics — not for criminal acts.  But the big-wigs  get away will running private servers to run classified emails, make millions from their official positions,  and somehow Jeffery Epstein was a one-man and one-woman operation. 

America has fallen.  

The sooner we recognize this, and act accordingly, the sooner we can repair our reputation in the eyes of our ancestors and descendants.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
13 February 2021

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