Aftershow: Free Your Mind — Reject THEIR Hatred

  • They key to winning is freeing your mind from the tentacles of their poisonous narrative. This is why the hate free speech and why they are doubling down on “fighting internet hate.”
  • AdL IS a Hate Group: They are the quintessential example of hypocrisy — claiming to be “anti-defamation,” they traffic in defamation by inciting racial, ideological and religious hatred against those they disagree with by calling them “racists,” and other hateful terms.
  • A brief history of the decline of the Enlightenment — how atheist scholars destroyed the idea that man can “reason up” from a blank slate.
  • To control people, you control what they think. Everything else is a clean up operation. This is why the foundation of resistance is to open up one’s mouth and provide an alternate narrative. They cannot allow this, and that is why they define alternative narratives as domestic terrorism. As Biden said “you are killing people” if you allow an alternative narrative regarding COVID and “vaccines” on Facebook.
  • Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Holy Scriptures provide a counter-narrative to their hatred and death.
  • Once totalitarians take power, they do not willingly cede it. If the Constitution itself is deemed “racist,” they why should allow Freedom of Speech?
  • If those they oppose are “terrorists” and “racists,” why would they ever allow a fair election?
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