A Church . . . A Command Node for Taking Over a Civilization

  • A church should not be a social club; it should be a command node for taking over a civilization — centers of excellence in promoting a Christian world view.
  • A church should not provide religious branding for BLM, SPLC, and ADL.  
  • A church should be feared, it should not beg for friendship with Jews, Atheists, Muslims and Homosexuals.
  • The church preaches another King, Jesus Christ, who is Lord over every government on earth.  
  • The church would never apologize for Europeans, who brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations; it should be their advocate and defender under our Monarch Jesus Christ.
  • It is not possible for a church to apologize for the words of Jesus Christ: John 8:44, Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9, Matthew 23:33-34. If they do, they are Judeo-Christian and should be avoided.
  • Jesus Christ is The Patriarch — he appointed no women as leaders of His movement, not a single apostle.  A real Church embraces this; a Judeo-Christian social club apologizes.
  • The Church abhors homosexuality — it is an inversion of the first chapter of Genesis. Social clubs with rainbow flags should be avoided, they are Judeo-Christian, not Christian. 


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