Are You A Judeo-Christian? Find Out Here:

Are you a Judeo-Christian?
This quiz will help you find out.

• Which Epistle was written to the churches in Africa?
• Which Epistle was written to the churches in China?
• After the Resurrection, which Scriptures were written in a non-European language?
• How many homosexuals did Jesus appoint as Apostles?
• How many women did Jesus appoint as Apostles?
• After Christ’s Resurrection, were any Scriptures written in Hebrew?
• How many times did the Jews call Jesus a Jew?

Answer to all of the above: None, Zero.
If this offends you, you may wish to consider yourself a Judeo-Christian.

Every Scripture written since the Resurrection was written in Greek — a European tongue. Paul wrote letters to European churches. Even the letters to the seven Churches in the Revelation are European churches (colonies of Greece). Even “Hebrews” was written in a European language and it warned against Jewish influences.

Is the Gospel Eurocentric? Yes.
Should we apologize for this? Never!
Even the Jews prophesied this “He is not going to the Dispersion among the Greeks, is He? To Teach the Greeks?” (That’s exactly what he did via his Apostles!)

Typically, this offends Judeo-Christians.

Hatred toward the White Race — the endless accusations against Europeans — continues the enmity that began in Genesis 3:15, was displayed in the Gospels, the Book of Acts, the Epistles, and finally in the Revelation.

Jesus Christ — the Galilean — told the Jews he would strip the vineyard from them and give it to a different ethnic group. As demonstrated above, it went to the Europeans. The Europeans, in turn, were faithful in the vineyard and spread the Gospel to the rest of the world. Spain’s successful works to evangelize the New World are a perfect example of this.

Unfortunately, Judaizers have infected the Christian church with their leaven. Purge your heart of unbelief, European — that alone will be our salvation. Return to Jesus the Galilean, the Son of God, who cursed Jewish leadership and their Judaism.

Jesus Christ loves European Man.

27 December 2021
Breckenridge, CO

PS: Judaism is Anti-Christ; ergo, “Judeo-Christian” is Anti-Christ-Christianity, every bit as evil as the Judaism that Christ warred against and Paul warned against.